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  1. Carlosar33

    Sold/Ended: Disney Pins for Sale! Starting at $10.

    Updated 11/09 Cross Posted on facebook and Instagram. Please message me and comment if you see anything you like. Shipping is $3 flat rate ($8 International)
  2. Carlosar33

    Sold/Ended: So many pins for sale!

    Cross Posted. Please comment and send private message. Shipping is flat rate- $3.
  3. Carlosar33

    Sold/Ended: Over 1,000 pins! ($15, $20, #25 and +)

    Hi! I'm helping out a friend sell all her pins. She is really ill and is trying to get rid of her pins. I have gone through an labeled all the pins with different colors to reflect the pricing. If you are interested please message me and comment ASAP. I am cross posting these on Facebook and...
  4. Carlosar33

    Looking to trade for pins from my wants list.

    Hello! Let's do some trading! I am looking for pins from my wants pinpics carlosar33. Let me know if you are interested in any of my pins. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Carlosar33

    Traders for Sale! $10 off $100

    MASSIVE PIN SALE Standard shipping flat rate $3 Free shipping for sales over $30 Spend over $100 and get $10 off! Each pin $10.00 Each pin $15.00 Dumbo PTD: $140.00 Louis PTD: $50.00 Fifi PTD- $30.00 Tiana PTD- $25.00 Facilier PTD- $55.00 Scrump PTD- $50.00 Angel PTD- $35.00 Boogie PTD-...
  6. Carlosar33

    Trading Ariels for HTF ariels.

    Hello, I am looking to trade some of these pins that I'm pulling from my collection for other Ariel pins. I am mostly interested in pins from my or gf wants. On3luv88 or carlosar33 Let me know! Happy trading.
  7. Carlosar33

    Trading Night Oswald Variant, Mike Variant, Mike and Agent P. Trading for pins.

    Looking to trade for pins. Please check my pin pics. Let me know if you have pins from my wants. Or what your offer is.
  8. Carlosar33


    Want my signature image to go to my pin pics. .... Test Trial #1
  9. Carlosar33

    *MOST WANTED* DSF FROZEN SET, Marquee, Stained Glass Elsa & more. Ends Mon, 12/8.

    Hello, Welcome to my first Auction! Up for auction is the entire set from the first DSF Frozen release. Pin Pics #- Descriptions- Wanting/Trading Pin 98699 DSSH – Frozen - Marquee - 499/52 Pin 98697 DSSH – Frozen - Anna & Elsa - 388/43 Pin 98698 DSSH – Frozen - Olaf - 255/42 Pin 98700...
  10. Carlosar33

    Updated 11/29 Pins for sale!. DSF, PTDs, WDI, Frozen, many HTF and much more!

    Will post updated pins-
  11. Carlosar33

    PTD sale!

    Posting new Thread with pin sale.
  12. Carlosar33

    Pins for sale! $4 and up

    Pins are $4 each or 3 for $10. + $2 shipping. These pins are $10 each. +$2 shipping. Happy buying.
  13. Carlosar33

    Let's do some trading! Updated 12/1

    Hello I am looking to trade for pins from my wants. Please message me if you have something from my PinPics. Mine is carlosar33 and my gf is on3luv88 Thank you! Happy trading!!
  14. Carlosar33

    Bay Area Pin Meet Tomorrow!

    Come trade! Tomorrow Sunday, June 22nd 2:00pm-6:00pm Almaden Sonoma Chicken Coop 5925 Almaden Expy. San Jose CA 95109
  15. Carlosar33

    Piece of Disneyland History, Window to the Magic and much more

    A Piece of Disneyland History - Limited Edition 1000 Muppet Vision 3D - $25.00 Snow White’s Scary Adventures - $20.00 Toy Story Mania - $20.00 Pinocchio’s Daring Journey - $20.00 The Little Mermaid - $35.00 Jungle Cruise - $35.00 Splash Mountain - $15.00 Haunted Mansion - $35.00 It’s a...
  16. Carlosar33

    Hello all!

    Hello! Finally got around to introduce my self. My name is Carlos and I recently started collecting and trading pins. I was lucky enough to go to D23 this year and make many new friends. Got to hang out with a lot of y'all overnight trying to get the Designer Fairytale Couples Pins and Art of...