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  1. MaidMarian

    Sold/Ended: DLR June Pickups - at cost

    Could I be put on the list for the 45th Anniversary Electrical Parade pin, please?
  2. MaidMarian

    DLR February Pickups - at cost

    Please add me for the Donald DLR Easter pin? Thank you!
  3. MaidMarian

    DLR January Pickups - close to cost

    Could I be added for the 2016 Oswald, please? :)
  4. MaidMarian

    Japan/Tokyo Pin! Minis, PTDs, Princesses, check it out!

    I would like the Donald and Daisy from the Imagination Gala set, please. :)
  5. MaidMarian

    2015 PTD Discussion Thread - NEW PINS 12/4/15

    Yep! At least, I wasn't able to find any.
  6. MaidMarian

    2015 PTD Discussion Thread - NEW PINS 12/4/15

    Finally! King Richard!! :daisy: I didn't really think it would ever happen, lol.
  7. MaidMarian

    Tokyo Disneyland Donald and Daisy Sweet & Tasty Days pins

    I know this may be a longshot, but if anyone is going to Tokyo Disneyland and is willing to pick up the Donald and Daisy Sweet & Tasty Days pins for me, please PM me? Thanks! :)
  8. MaidMarian

    Disney Ducks Hidden Mickeys

    Thanks so much! :daisy:
  9. MaidMarian

    Disney Ducks Hidden Mickeys

    I'm looking for all the Disney Ducks 2015 Wave A Hidden Mickeys. If anyone who gets them at Disneyland would like to sell or trade them, please PM me! Here's the list of pins I need: Darkwing Duck Scrooge McDuck Ludwig von Drake Launchpad McQuack Daisy Duck Ludwig von Drake Chaser Thanks to...
  10. MaidMarian

    Has there been any official info on how the diamond releases will take place?

    So do we know for sure there are fakes? Which ones so far?
  11. MaidMarian

    Ever wonder what pickup pin mail looks like?

    Wow! Thank you so much for all the trouble you go to for us, Sean!
  12. MaidMarian

    Ducktales is Coming Back!

    *shrieks* :daisy:I just found out about this and was checking to see if anyone had posted yet. I can't wait! I'm so excited about the news about the comics, too, as I've been planning on reading them for the first time. :) In my heart of hearts, I'm hoping it will be 2D.
  13. MaidMarian

    Pins vs clothes

    It's a reference to the Holy Grail of legend, and it refers to the highly-sought-after and difficult-to-find pins you want to add to your collection.
  14. MaidMarian

    Pins vs clothes

    Sadly, we must be clothed. Otherwise I don't think they'll let us into the parks. :(
  15. MaidMarian

    Who here is a Robin Hood fan?

    I was the lucky recipient of the Robin Hood coin pin! :D Thank you so much, David!!
  16. MaidMarian

    February DLR Release Runs - Close to Cost + Shipping

    I really can't believe the prices. If it were just the starting/BIN prices for unsold pins that would be one thing, but they're actually selling. Surely the edition sizes will eventually have an effect and it will calm down. Well... until they do, I'm out. :/ Sean, I'm really sorry you had such...
  17. MaidMarian

    2015 Pin Releases: Let's help each other know about them.

    The Beauty and the Beast one uses the same stock art they have used on most of the promotional stuff for years. I like the music theme but I am trying to be careful about how many pins I pick up with that artwork on it; the pin itself has to have something else to make it stand out. Anyway...
  18. MaidMarian

    How does it work?

    If you read the rest of the thread, you'll see she's no longer sending the list out because it's not up-to-date.
  19. MaidMarian

    February 15th Surprise Pin Release at DSSH

    That's what's so unfortunate -- the Belle pin I got from the princess calendar set had smudges all over inside that I was luckily able to clean off, but the pin itself was so beautiful and heavy, really high-quality in look and feel (though the inside could have been more glossy, imo). Lots of...
  20. MaidMarian

    DSF Villain Calendar Discussion - December Release - Stabbington Bros/Mother Gothel

    I would love to know this too. I'm hoping for a Prince John and Sir Hiss, myself. Kind of hope there's no Gaston and Lefou because sadly I'm on a break from Beauty & the Beast, lol. edit: Actually the Sheriff of Nottingham with Trigger and Nutsy would be pretty great too and kind of different.