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  1. Brandy714

    All pins in this post $5 each!

    The I-spent-too-much-money-at-Disney-World Sale! All pins $5 each plus $3 shipping for up to 4 pins. Buy 5 or more and shipping is free!
  2. Brandy714

    Be Our Guest Dinnerware

    I'm heading to WDW in Jan, and wanted to know if they still had this dinnerware collection available for purchase. I remember seeing it in the gift shop near Beast's castle the last time I was there, but that was almost 2 years ago. I would be grateful if someone could let me know!
  3. Brandy714

    NBC Pluto as Zero Pin

    Looking for this pin for sale or trade: Please let me know if you can help! Thanks!
  4. Brandy714

    I'm back, everything's changed, and I'm confused

    Well. The pins have sucked me back in. I love them too much to give them up, so I'M BACK! But PinPics is confusing now. Is there a good how-to post somewhere? And what happened to the feature here at DPF that allowed you to search your wants/trades with another member? I'm assuming it's not...
  5. Brandy714

    Designer Princess Dolls, Animator Dolls

    Sale cancelled.
  6. Brandy714

    Vinylmations! Lots and lots of vinylmations!

    Hello everyone! Hello again to those that I know, and hello to the people I haven't yet met! I've started collecting vinylmations again, and wanted to see if anyone wants to trade some for pins. I have lots of pins available, and lots of VM wants that can be found here...
  7. Brandy714

    Hello again pin people!

    Hi everyone! I've missed you guys! I hope you've kept the drama to a minimum while I've been gone. ;) I've decided to collect Vinylmations again, and have tons of pins for trade if anyone wants to work something out. Here is my vast want list...
  8. Brandy714

    Entire Collection Priced to Sell

    I have decided it's time for me to move on from pin trading. Everything listed in my traders is for sale. Prices do not include shipping or PayPal fees. Many of these pins are from my personal collection, so I may or may not have the card. If this is important to you, please ask before...
  9. Brandy714

    Entire Collection Priced to Sell

    A couple notes: Due to overwhelming interest, I am asking that you do not PM me for prices. I will list pins as I have time, and ONCE THEY ARE LISTED, you may PM me your requests. For those of you who have already sent me PMs, I will do my best to reply to those, but at this point, I am making...
  10. Brandy714

    Why didn't they have this when I was a child?

    I'm half tempted to buy this for my empty spare bedroom! No, I don't have any kids... but do I count? :)
  11. Brandy714

    Temporarily closed due to internet issues.

    Temporarily closed due to internet issues. Hey everyone! My pins are taking over my house, so it's time to clean out my traders! All traders are for sale! I'll be adding to this as I have time. In the meantime, if you see something you like that isn't listed, please feel free to PM for a...
  12. Brandy714

    DSF Brave Pins

    I'm looking for someone who can help me get the DSF Brave pins. I'd be willing to trade or buy (with extra for your time!). Please let me know if you can help! Thanks!
  13. Brandy714

    May I present to you... my AMAZING UP BOARD!

    I'm SO so pleased with how this turned out... just had to share it with you all! :) :) :)
  14. Brandy714

    Reveal/Conceal Portraits

    I'm trying to complete my Reveal/Conceal Portraits series. I only need 3 more. Will trade or purchase. Any help is appreciated!
  15. Brandy714

    Traveling with pins

    Just to preface: this may be a silly question. For those of you who have traveled with pins on a plane, how do you take them? I don't mean pin bag, etc, but do you check them or carry them on? I would be hesitant to check them due to the possibility of lost luggage. But I also have this...
  16. Brandy714

    Naughty & Nice Stitch Collection- Finished! :)

    Finished product!
  17. Brandy714

    Jessica as Evil Queen

    I have this pin up for trade: Pin 66021: - Jumbo Halloween Series Jessica as Evil Queen Pin Right now, I will ONLY accept the Beloved Tales I am needing in trade for this pin (except for Fantasia). PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO CONSIDER OTHER TRADES AT THIS TIME. Here is...
  18. Brandy714

    Jessica as Evil Queen

    I just received this pin in the mail after purchasing it from eBay: Pin 66021: - Jumbo Halloween Series Jessica as Evil Queen Pin The listing stated that the pin was on the original card. Unfortunately, when it arrived, there was no card. I have contacted the seller...
  19. Brandy714

    Walt Disney World Resort Attraction Letters Framed Set

    Does anyone know if this is still available for purchase? I thought about buying it when I was at WDW in January, but didn't end up getting it. But I'm still thinking about it... any info would be greatly appreciated! If it is still available, would I be able to contact Disney directly and have...
  20. Brandy714

    Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Scrapbook Paper?

    I'm looking for Haunted Mansion creepy wallpaper scrapbook paper to use as a background for my HM pins. Does anyone know if such a thing exists?