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  1. colorwindpainter

    ISO zootopia pins

    Hi hi I'm currently ISO zootopia pins. Here are the ones I'm currently looking for. Thanks for looking. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. colorwindpainter

    Hunchback of notre dame pins!

    my boyfriend and I have decided to start a combined collection together. We both have a deep love for the movie hunchback of notre dame and have decided to split up the pins so we can both show our love of the characters and still collect together. So we've decided that Quasimodo, Frollo, and...
  3. colorwindpainter

    Anna PTN & Oswald le 500 blind box for Elsa PTN.

    Title says it all. I'm trading my Anna PTN pin or my le 500 Oswald vinylmation blind box for the upcoming WDW Elsa PTN. Lets help each other out. Thanks.
  4. colorwindpainter

    Tangled collection//**updates**

    So I know I've made a thread about my tangled display board but I don't think I've ever actually shown my whole tangled collection. So I thought I'd show you guys here one of my all time favorite collections that I am so proud of. I truely love this movie and what it means to me... I hope you...
  5. colorwindpainter


    HELLO DPF!!! I AM CURRENTLY ON THE HUNT FOR THE NEW BRAVE BEAR PIN TRADING NIGHT PIN!!! normally I can find current pins pretty easy but for some reason this pin is eluding me... if you have this pin or know someone who has it for trade or sale pm me!! I can buy it or trade for it. ****when...
  6. colorwindpainter

    New tangled pin display!!!!

    My boyfriend traded for a custom tangled board that a guy was selling at the Disneyana show!!!! I LOVE it so much!!! It's a great way to display my dangle pins and collection and helps save room in my books. Its a pretty good sized pin board I got MOST of my tangled pins on there... I still...
  7. colorwindpainter


    So I spent Friday-Sunday at the crown plaza hotel for Disneyana's winter show... I had a lot of fun and got some great things for my collections. I'm so happy. :) here are some pins my boyfriend and I traded for for my collections... I love all my lockets and getting my hidden mickey Peter Pan...
  8. colorwindpainter

    Mulan//Brave DLRP locket pin...

    My friend missed the Pocahontas locket but got me an extra brave locket and I have one mulan locket that I'm willing to trade if I can get the Pocahontas locket. Please let me know if we can make a trade thanks!!! :meeko::meeko::meeko::meeko::meeko::meeko::meeko::meeko::meeko::meeko::meeko::meeko:
  9. colorwindpainter

    Chinese New Year of the horse pins!!!

    Hi so I'm really excited cause starting January 31 it will be the new year and this year is the year of the horse!!! (Which is my birth animal) so to commemorate this year I want to collect the Chinese New Year pins celebrating the year of the horse. I bought boxes of the zodiac mystery set...
  10. colorwindpainter

    Or trade: Pascal & Pixar puzzle pins!

    ***I'm willing to trade any of these pins for the Merida Pixar puzzle pin or the new Maximus zodiac horse pin. Please let me know what trade you think would be fair...*** on to the sale: DSF pascal pumpkin pin $20 pixar puzzle piece le 900(mike monster inc.) $15 pixar puzzle piece le 900(dory...
  11. colorwindpainter

    Pocahontas collection extended!!!

    So Im super excited!!!!! I just got a new brooch for my collection... So I thought it'd be fun to show off my extended Pocahontas collection.... My Pocahontas brooches!!! Hope you guys enjoy!!! Thanks for looking.
  12. colorwindpainter


    So because I'm completely mad I went to Disneyland yesterday to try and finish Christmas shopping and I came across the animation #4 vinylmations which I've never seen before and MEEKO is in the set! So I've decided to put up a want thread of vinyls I'm particularly looking for. If you have any...
  13. colorwindpainter

    Wax family Christmas zap!!!! ((pic heavy))

    This thread is all about the amazing wax family and their extreme kindness!!!!! So as many of you may already know... The wax family are generous people throughout the year and have made a lot of people very very happy with their overwhelming kindness... Well they decided to do one bigger and...
  14. colorwindpainter


    I'm looking for help with finding the 17 inch le Elsa doll that I missed ( my friend mayumi was a sweetheart and helped me get Anna.) and the WDW two pack Anna and Elsa vinylmation set and an Olaf vinylmation. If you have any of these for sale or trade at a reasonable price please pm me and...
  15. colorwindpainter


    Here are the last of the tangled pins im looking for... i know these pins are expensive and unfortunately I can not afford to pay it all at once, if someone would be willing to work a payment plan out with me that would be wonderful. Im also looking for some tangled podms to complete my...
  16. colorwindpainter

    Tangled//frozen grails...thank you thank you!

    I want to give a huge thank you to some of my friends on this forum. First off they are the kindest sweetest people ever and I love them dearly. They know how to make me happy and we can be silly together and have tons of laughs. I don't know if I'd have been able to survive these past few...
  17. colorwindpainter

    For members I owe...

    For the members that I owe pins... Or in tokyodisneydads case lanyards... I am truly sorry for my delay in posting out your items. Please bear with me!!! I have been having an extremely rough couple of months with family members health problems. At D23 my father had a stroke and was in the...
  18. colorwindpainter

    Triple pascal mail day. And a meeko.

    Yay! So I've been having an extremely bummer week but these lovelies came in the mail today and made my day a bit better... Cause come on how can you not love pascal in all colors. I also got this beautiful meeko brooch in the mail today too. Isn't he a beauty?
  19. colorwindpainter

    Keeper pin haul. :) img. Heavy

    So I never updated my recently acquired keepers... here is my keeper haul from D23. Amazingly enough most of these were acquired by trade. Also at D23 I finally got the super allusive and last pascal podm I needed!!!! The lovely red pascal scene!!!!! These are the keepers I got from the most...
  20. colorwindpainter

    Pascal booster set variations....

    Soooooooo because I am a nut about pascal I love collecting all pins of him including his variations. So when I heard there was a purple variation of him I decided to just get it cause well how do I say no to the little guy. But when I compared my pink variant to my purple variant and the pics I...