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  1. BugCatcherJenna

    ISO - Brave / Tangled / Frozen

    Hello, everyone! I haven't been on here in a long time... but! I am looking to obtain some more pins for my collections. Mainly looking for the Brave pins in my signature, and the pins listed below. My grail pins at the moment are... Brave Beloved Tales Brave Adventures by Disney (any/all)...
  2. BugCatcherJenna

    Featured Artist Collection 2008 - Sleeping Beauty - Castle Jumbo

    Pin 64358: DLR - Featured Artist Collection 2008 - Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty - Castle (Jumbo) 10 trading / 141 want I have not seen this one for sale/trade in a long time.. Please comment or PM here if interested. Does not come with original box / card. Good condition, only thing is on...
  3. BugCatcherJenna

    Grail Mail. :')

  4. BugCatcherJenna

    Co-op "Once Upon a Time" Japan pin set.

    (picture from pinformation on facebook) This pin set is currently being shipped to me. I am just awaiting it in the mail... may take 3-4 weeks for it to arrive. If you have a problem with the waiting time, then please do not partake in this co-op. I will update this thread to let everyone...
  5. BugCatcherJenna

    Mexico Duffy Outfit / Pins

    Hi guys, I am looking for the WDW, Epcot Mexico Duffy outfit. I'm not sure if it is sold out or not... but if you're around or in Epcot I would really appreciate you looking for me! I am also looking for these matching pins... Mexico Duffy from the 7 Min-Pin set! (yes, I have one...
  6. BugCatcherJenna

    Duffy zapped by Suzziesue!!!

    Eekkk!! Thank you so much!!! I love them!!! Especially Mexico Duffy... He has a special place in my heart. haha!! I can't thank you enough, thank you thank you Suzzie! :) Here's what she sent me!... An adorable note, and a HKDL Duffy sticker... and then 4 Duffy pins! :) Here's all my...
  7. BugCatcherJenna

    $5+ Pins, Rapunzel, princesses!

  8. BugCatcherJenna

  9. BugCatcherJenna

    Happy birthday to erika! (crushedbubbles)

    Let's all wish our dear, great friend Erika a wonderful, and amazing birthday today!!!!!
  10. BugCatcherJenna

    omg... zap mayhemed...

    I am just... I cant even... :anxious: There are no words, other than thank you to everyone... I never in 1000 years thought I would get this one!!!! but I love love love it. Kristine (Psycho Pixie) , Erika (Crushed bubbles), mysterious pin donators...
  11. BugCatcherJenna


    Thank you so much to Pin-A-Colata for sending me this amazing pin to add to my Brave collection... Thank you, thank you, thank you x 100000000000000!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this pin!!!!!!!! I cant wait to have the rest of the collection. Only 9 more pins until I am a completest!! :D
  12. BugCatcherJenna

    Monster zapped by Selen!!!!!!!!!

    I got the package today, and I looked at the address "TEXAS?" and I was thinking "I didn't order anything...." I got a little suspicious... :suspect: So, I opened the package... and inside I found a precious Ariel note, that read... "Dear Jenna, Here are 2 new friends for you. I hope they...
  13. BugCatcherJenna

    Zapped by Docfish!!!!!!!

    You always know its him when he adds a smiley face to the print out of the conversation you have with him! LOL... He sent me the Tangled dreams pin!! I am so excited!!!!!!! I would add a picture here but my phone is acting up... :"( Thank you so much!!!!! I love this pin!!!!!!! Its going...
  14. BugCatcherJenna

    for sale: Possibly... Mother Gothel LE 17'

    Long story short, there's someone selling this in a lot and I'm only interested in the other doll. She would be $400 that includes shipping to the USA only. Nothing is set in stone yet, I am still trying to work something out with the seller. I would need the money ASAP.. but comment if you're...
  15. BugCatcherJenna

    Designer Fairytale / Snow White BAG / Lithos

    Limited edition of 500 Is there any interest in this bag? My DS has it in stock, and I will be willing to pick it up and ship it (within the usa, inter shipping is too expensive... unless you are willing to pay... its a big bag..) Price may change depending... but I am thinking around $95 +...
  16. BugCatcherJenna

    Zapped by a mystery LINDA?

    I am really embarrassed right now, because I know a few Linda's on here... and I don't know which one of you sent me this package!!! If it was you, then please do let me know so I can thank you properly!!!! Well, Thank you so, so, so much! I really, really love the UK pin! Its SO pretty...
  17. BugCatcherJenna

    Mail from Tokyo!

    Thank you so much for the great trade, tokyodisneydad (I sent your package out a week or so ago, It should be getting to you soon!) Wally and I did a surprise trade recently! This is what he sent me! 2014 Princess calender / agenda! I love this, it is so adorable! I am going to start...
  18. BugCatcherJenna

    A big thank you to PoohLady5!

    AKA Crystal, who zapped me these two wonderful pins... I really love them, and appreciate the thought!!! Hugs all around!!!
  19. BugCatcherJenna

    Does anyone look like this while reading some threads here??

    Because I certainly do!!! lol!!
  20. BugCatcherJenna

    Thank you, Hollie!!!!!

    The beautiful Hollie sent me this package, and I got it today!!! Thank you so much! Love you x 1000000000 Made my day a lot brighter! Heres a close up of the beautiful art work!