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  1. tiggeriffic

    2023 Pin Discussion

    That would be an interesting collection to see if you have any interest in sharing. :tigger:
  2. tiggeriffic

    Framed DLR map puzzle with DLR PODH pins!

    Wow, beautifully done! :tigger:
  3. tiggeriffic

    Pulse free December pin with order

    Are they going out of business?
  4. tiggeriffic

    Older PTD Question

    Ah, ok! Thank you so much!
  5. tiggeriffic

    Older PTD Question

    Does anyone know if this is an official DSSH PTD or is it some kind of fantasy pin?
  6. tiggeriffic

    Figment919 - Going to be on the sideline for awhile

    Hoping for a speedy recovery!
  7. tiggeriffic

    Sold/Ended: DLP Black Cauldron Pins (3)

    Any chance that anyone here would be able to get the three Black Cauldron pins that were just released at Disneyland Paris? I could buy them or trade, either things I already have or I can possibly get to DLR to get any current LE pins they have there. Thanks in advance!
  8. tiggeriffic

    Updated HM Letter Board

    That is very nicely done! :tigger:
  9. tiggeriffic

    2022 DSF/DSSH Pin Trader Delight Thread

    Maybe covid was keeping people away more then?
  10. tiggeriffic

    2022 DSF/DSSH Pin Trader Delight Thread

    As of about 3pm today Tagalong was still there. The shop was crazy crowded, more than I've ever seen it other than for pin releases or the old PTD immediate flip days.
  11. tiggeriffic

    Mail Days Post

    What is that tin for?
  12. tiggeriffic

    2022 Pin Discussion

    THIS is why I asked about it. :tigger:
  13. tiggeriffic

    2022 Pin Discussion

    Can someone explain the Robin Hood transformation design to me?
  14. tiggeriffic

    Our first ever (DIY) pinboard!

    Nicely done! :tigger:
  15. tiggeriffic

    2022 Pin Discussion

    Can anyone show the DSSH ones?
  16. tiggeriffic

    2022 Pin Discussion

  17. tiggeriffic

    2022 Pin Discussion

    None of these instagram links are working for me. Is it because I don't have an account?
  18. tiggeriffic

    2022 Pin Discussion

    Paris gets some nice pins that are super different. Those Pinocchio ones are great!
  19. tiggeriffic

    US States

    That's a really fun collection! I wonder how they chose the character for each state. Congrats on completing it! :tigger:
  20. tiggeriffic

    Epcot Tribute Board

    That's a great collection! Nice pins and they are well displayed! :tigger: