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  1. noone

    UPDATE 3/23 Oh well. - Voted for Cocoa!

    I kinda think they should have customized the brackets so the non cat dogs were up against each other and likewise the cats were against cats and dogs were against dogs and then let the best cat, dog, and other fight it out for favorite :)
  2. noone

    2023 Pin Discussion

    They do still have this cute pooh though ;)
  3. noone

    2023 Pin Discussion

    Wow, i didn't even think about there being AP's. Cool beans :)
  4. noone

    2023 Pin Discussion

    Hmm, could they include PTD's?? That would be cool :)
  5. noone

    DSSH Surprise Releases

    Just saw this so i read its like $125 for a mystery bag of five pins, but the pins have been previously released? So then are these pins that have been sitting at the store that no one purchased but were available or do they keep the pins that people don't buy on release day somewhere secret...
  6. noone

    Open Game: Another Giveaway in Honor in Sabrina

    tagging @momin.ator I really appreciate your friendship and kind thoughtfulness. USA ;)
  7. noone

    The Return of the Pins That Are Just Wrong Game!

    No worries ;) I just wanted to make sure i didn't upset anyone. I just thought the pin looked a little "Goofy" LOL
  8. noone

    The Return of the Pins That Are Just Wrong Game!

    I actually like the movie alot:). But this pin left out Goofy's socks and elbow and kneepads that would have made it easier to know goofy was wearing clothes. And i think max should have been a little less right on top of Goofy's head thats all ;)
  9. noone

    The Return of the Pins That Are Just Wrong Game!

    What on earth is going on here? It looks like Max going to crush Goofy's skull. And while were at it is goofy even wearing any clothes or just red straps?
  10. noone

    Southern California Pin Trading Events - 2023

    My little car doesn't have alot of ground clearance and struggles with the driveways at this center. There is one driveway thats fine for me but the other two are harder ;) If i was in a mini van or suv i wouldn't notice it at all. :) I had no idea they had done events here before, pretty...
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    Open Game: Giveaway in Honor of Sabrina's Memory [FREE] ENDS 3/18 at 12 PM PST

    I'd love the pooh pin if its available :tigger:
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    Southern California Pin Trading Events - 2023

    OooK, that wins the award for least likely place for me to expect a pin event. That location used to be a used book store back in the day. Its hard to imagine a pin event there but I bet its a completely different layout now. Still wow. I may have to pop in on this one. As a heads up for...
  13. noone

    Destination D23

    Thanks for all the info. I am one of those folks who just assumed it was the same event on both costs. Sorry you all get a smaller event, on the bright side you get bigger parks and more of them ;)
  14. noone

    Southern California Pin Trading Events - 2023

    Where do they hold it when its not raining?
  15. noone

    Sabrina / Teddy_Ruxpin

    I really wish the "like" button had an option for sad tears . So thankful for this place to grieve together.
  16. noone

    Trading: Five pin exchange

    How fun to get pinmail on vacation :)
  17. noone

    UPDATE 3/23 Oh well. - Voted for Cocoa!

    Voted, man thats a tough bracket too. Hope she wins :)
  18. noone

    Southern California Pin Trading Events - 2023

    Thanks so much for making a new thread :) Just curious but how much did people end up having to pay for those el cap tickets?
  19. noone

    PinPics - New Format / Big Site Changes!

    Okay.... this..... is.... Argh 1) The pins don't show up in grid as having been marked grail, you don't seem to see it unless you click each pin. 2) Assuming you do click its the tinyest mark i can imagine. And thumbs are associated with "likes" in social media usually on comments or okay...
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    Southern California Pin Trading Events - 2022

    Also found these: