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  1. starry_solo

    Trading: ISO Stunning Silhouette Ariel, have Rapunzel for trade

    I think I might have it. If you don't find a trade within the next week or so, I can start looking.
  2. starry_solo

    I just Discovered PINANDPOP

    lol @Connies_Hobby Jenn from P&P has been here for a while. Many of their pins are from Pin Trading Database. @ryanfury gave P&P permission to use the data from PTDB
  3. starry_solo

    Destination D23

    My guess is that it's a way to get more money, lol :D Cuz it's not like they are letting the members line up for free. They are selling "shopping only" tickets.
  4. starry_solo

    Sold/Ended: Joey Chou Disney Parks Pins and Mystery Sets

    I believe these will also be released on Shop Disney
  5. starry_solo

    Open Game: Who wants to play a game?

    randomizer #2, just in case
  6. starry_solo

    Open Game: Who wants to play a game?

    randomizer #1
  7. starry_solo

    Sold/Ended: Spectacular Pin Game including DEC, DSSH, WDI, Artland pins and many more!

    OK, good, I was able to open the game correctly from Tapatalk. I couldn't tell!
  8. starry_solo

    A Whirlwind weekend!

    OMG, glad you are ok! And what, a basement in Jersey?!
  9. starry_solo

    Open Game: Ideas Needed for Next Pin Game(s)

    I think you should consider the timing of games. For some time, it seemed like as one game ended (or was close to selling out), you were putting another game out. I think it was around the holidays. Maybe space it out a bit, like give it a month in between games ending and the start of the...
  10. starry_solo

    Looking for Opinions on this Inside Out Beloved Tales

    We don't have it for all, but when the fake BTs / DTs came out, someone posted a comparison and I got permission to use the pictures
  11. starry_solo

    Wanted: Pokémon TCG Trades?

    I have some that came in McDonald's Happy Meals...are those good? :D
  12. starry_solo

    Looking for Opinions on this Inside Out Beloved Tales

    @noone have you checked this? Here's a picture of the real vs fake that I was allowed to upload:
  13. starry_solo

    2023 Limited Edition Dolls

    I'm trying to decide if I want a second Mulan doll with a similar dress/style.
  14. starry_solo

    Trading: DSSH Mystery Bags - Disney+ and Marvel DSSH (ISO)

    I am looking for the Disney+ Series pins (the round ones) plus two of the other Marvel DSSH pins that people got in their mystery bags and didn't want. I have other Marvel and non-Marvel DSSH pins that I got in the mystery bags as well as a couple Artland pins. for the Artland pins, I would...
  15. starry_solo

    Edinburgh Pin trade meet up

    @Disneyqueenuk is in Scotland :)