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    Sold/Ended: Entire collection sale: Peter pan

    Oh my goodness there are some grails here for sure - will come back to the thread if still open when I can afford ! Otherwise good luck :-)
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    Pop ups are back!

    Yep - I've got them too. How bizarre and frustrating haha :lol: . I'm on an iPhone / safari set up
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    Sold/Ended: Mostly DLRP quick sale for dental work

    * Some Tinker Bell pins & white rabbit Easter are pending ! Thanks for your kind messages :)
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    Can enamel / paint just ´fall off ´ ?

    Hmmm that's super good to know ! Thanks. I'm pretty sure it's real but if someone wants it for their collection it isn't really "pretty". Should I bin it ?
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    Can enamel / paint just ´fall off ´ ?

    So the title is relatively self explanatory. It's about a DSF pin that I received from another reputable member on this forum a LONG time ago (not even sure who it was but I know I had/have no doubts about the person's honesty) with a whole "section" between gold lines that has no colour...
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    Sold/Ended: Mostly DLRP quick sale for dental work

    Thank you for your kind words ! :D
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    Sold/Ended: Mostly DLRP quick sale for dental work

    2 Belle OEs are gone and frankenweenies are all pending :-)
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    Sold/Ended: Mostly DLRP quick sale for dental work

    5€ for these cute OEs [/URL][/IMG] Feel free to contact me with any questions ! :-)
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    Sold/Ended: Mostly DLRP quick sale for dental work

    2€ (YES TWO EUROS ONLY, perfect lanyard traders) [/URL][/IMG]
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    Sold/Ended: Mostly DLRP quick sale for dental work

    [/URL][/IMG]. 14€ Per pin in this pic
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    Sold/Ended: Mostly DLRP quick sale for dental work

    Hi everybody! I haven't been on the forum for a VERY long time, but I hope every one is well DLRP trading is getting bigger and bigger but is very exciting for those who enjoy the challenge of actually purchasing the pins - was quite different (relaxed let's say haha) on this side of the...
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    ~~~prayers needed~~~for Debbie ( tinkerbelle1956)

    Prayers and pixie dust definitely being sent your way. Get well soon and keep us posted lovely !
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    Shoutout to all the DPF members in Paris

    Thanks for thoughts and prayers. Jessa and I are fine, I live pretty close but luckily stayed home on friday, but it is all very scary. Thinking of all of the other members and thanks again to the whole community xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
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    An insearch of thread for me! :D UPDATED!!

    Have you been able to get the Olaf pins at the end ? I don't know if you have connections in Paris but at least a couple of them are still available !
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    Hi to all of my old pin buddy's

    Hey Pauly ! We had some good conversations in the chat room back in the day ... Welcome back :-)
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    the Good Dinosaur Paris Preview!

    Oh my goodness that is so awesome ! I wish I had known about that yesterday haha :-) Congrats !
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    any have these to trade

    John and Michael definitely exist as Paris refresh lanyard pins, but they are in my mothers collection so can't offer a trade right now, sorry ! Nanna might have been released but not in the same year
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    No longer available

    I will take tinker bell if you ship internationally !!
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    Custom Shoes Auction!

    Oh la la I love this idea. I feel outbid by the first bid already so I won't try for the moment ;-) Best of luck and I might be back if I decide to trade my 'big' pins ☺️
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    Attractions to begin and end your Disney day?

    At DLP we always go get fast passes for space mountain, and very often we do it while waiting for the fast pass time (fast passes are not really that popular in Paris so it's always a time not too long away). And at the end my cheri likes rock and roller, but I prefer having a Starbucks or...