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    Fantasy pins and pin prices

    I am with you. I haven't bought pins for a few months now. Fantasy pins have been great for reducing my pin addiction. :)
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    PTD - fake or real? Scat Cat

    Sven PTD by ice seller on ebay. :eek:
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    WDI Pressed Pennies

    Still looking. :lgm:
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    Complete 16 Pin Set of Tsum Tsum Pins!

    I'll add to my bid -101292 LM Puzzle King Triton
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    Complete 16 Pin Set of Tsum Tsum Pins!

    Here's my bid :) 107554 - Geppetto PTD 102282 - Alice Teapot
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    For DPF members $7.50 each pin!

    PM sent
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    Hi, I want to trade or purchase Villaintines pins. Currently, I don't have any :lol: so I need all of them. :) PM me please.
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    WDI Pressed Pennies

    Still looking to trade or buy! :)
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    WDI Oaken, Felix Toys for Tots, Lenny PTD

    Looking for WDI Oaken, Felix Toys for Tots, Lenny PTD. Check out my traders, also open to buying. PM me, thanks! :)
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    DSF Tron Pins

    Thanks for your help everyone! :)
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    Frozen DCA World of Color for Frozen WDW Gingerbread

    Still looking to make this trade, thanks!
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    DSF Tron Pins

    docfish2U - thanks for the response! Good ol' supply and demand. Guess I just thought there wouldn't be that much demand for LE 500. :)
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    DSF Tron Pins

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping some can answer my question. I'm really curious. Why do the DSF Tron pins sell for so much? The Tron marquee is LE 500 and usually sells for $200 or more. It seems strange, any ideas? Thanks! :)
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    Frozen DCA World of Color for Frozen WDW Gingerbread

    Hello, Anyone interested in trading their WDW Frozen Gingerbread for my DCA Frozen World of Color pin? If we have other matches, would love to trade additional pins. PM me, thanks!
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    Does anybody have pin 99918 for trade

    I also have that pin along with other hidden mickeys you need. Let me know if you want to trade. :)
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    Wanted Villain Stained Glass

    Hello everyone, Looking to trade for the soda fountain stained glass set with Yzma, Jafar, Hades and Cruella. Also willing to buy. Please PM if you're interested in trading/selling. Thanks!
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    NBC Golden Marquee value? Please help!

    mkat27 - what do you collect? :)
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    Surprise Olaf DSF Pin Set

    Here is the size difference if anyone is interested. IMO, there is no way the surprise Olafs should be selling for more than the WDI Olafs. Just throwing that out there... :)