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  1. noone

    Places to stop on roadtrip in USA

    Wish I had some helpful info to add but the only things I know out that way are along the coast, or Hershey, PA which doesn't match up with where you want to be (but it is fun to see where the chocolate is made and see the hershey kisses lamps lining the street). Hopefully someone will chime in...
  2. noone

    New (less) USPS tracking coming

    Thanks so much for sharing this! Ugh. UPS just did the same thing, been waiting a week for a package and the only info they give on "tracking" now is that "label created" "shipped" "on the way" "delivered" oh and i got a "delay" marker two days before it was due and then the due date shifted...
  3. noone

    Meet Sophie!

    Awww, congrats ragdolls are the best, so snuggly. Hope she settles in and adopts her new family quickly :)
  4. noone

    (UPDATED with birth announcement!) Health updates and REALLY EXCITING NEWS!!!

    Congrats on the good news and blessings :tigger:
  5. noone

    Help with Archiving/Saving My Blog?

    happy it worked for you :tigger: Just remember it only catches the page that you are on and you will need to click through each page to capture everything :)
  6. noone

    Update on Dad

    Still praying, and glad to hear you were able to get the treatment option that you guys were wanting :)
  7. noone

    Pin Pics down

    This worked for me, i just hard copy printed my pins from the main html at 60% made about 4 pages for each 100 pins but i got the full titles and pics for everything. Anyway clicking through the link like you mentioned put me straight into my account which is weird because I never logged in...
  8. noone

    I MADE THIS: The DPF Craft Thread!

    I was just about to post a double take on Sega on a gameboy, you beat me to it. Sonic was on the gamegear i think it was called, got one somewhere off in never never storage land LOL. Sega had the full color portable at the time, but was huge size wise and gameboy was THE portable but...
  9. noone

    Help with Archiving/Saving My Blog?

    There may be a much simplier way to do this, but one way is to visit the page and go up and click "File" "Save As" and then you can save the html of the site. Likely it will only save the web address of the photos, so if the site was ever lost you would have to go back and re-insert your images...
  10. noone

    Update on Dad

    Praying for you all and the doctors too.
  11. noone

    Revenge of the 5th

    Wow, i'm having flashbacks to years ago waiting in line for hours at DLR for a yoda pin, actually hours later i got two just in case. And the revenge of the fifth goofy too. i was just starting collecting back then but man that was a crazy crazy long line through DTD. scanned the net quicly...
  12. noone

    Are these threads missing?

    Missing the threads where various folks were asking for encouragement and prayers for various things they are going through. Praying all the medical apts for folks went well and the situations are getting better for all.
  13. noone

    Are these threads missing?

    someone will need to copy this info to the main "state of the forum" thread or at least tell them on that thread to check in here so the person trying to set up the forum gets this info ;) Everything from the last three 2019-2021 years appears to be gone in Anything Goes though.
  14. noone

    DPF "State of The Forum" - April 2021

    Hmm, i just tried to reply to a post by clicking quote and it didn't show up as a quote in the reply box like it used to. So i'm not sure how that works now. At any rate i was trying to say Hi back to you mominator :tigger: :lgm:
  15. noone

    The collection I bought (revisited)

    I'm starting to think i have a problem with the rides i like disappearing LOL. Liking your flicks fair, francis, redwood creek, goofy bounce house, christmas fantasy and superstar limo pins. Hmmm looks like all i'm missing here is a rocket rods LOL. unfortunately my collection is not out for...
  16. noone

    DPF "State of The Forum" - April 2021

    Hmm, Anything goes section is missing all of 2019, 2020 and 2021 posts. :eeyore: but glad to see that the disney emoji's survived :) Off to look at the rest of the forum. PS - what is reaction score and points about? PPS - thrilled all my pm's survived :tigger: UPS - may i assume we all need...
  17. noone

    Buying vs Trading

    First i totally recommend reading up on scrappers, fakes and counterfits. And keep in mind i think there is isn't a person out there that doesn't still get had with a fake or a poorly made real pin now an again. When i first started i went to DSF now called DSSH and went to releases a couple...
  18. noone

    Not so live from Hollywood

    it looks so tiny on the card....
  19. noone

    Oh Oh, Did I lose my PinPics account?

    I wonder if there was something to the site, i mean since they have Memberships that cost money now, there could be something to worry about if you were someone that sent pinpics money throught there site at one time. For some reason I don't trust them to have had really good encription or...
  20. noone

    Oh Oh, Did I lose my PinPics account?

    Okay in the catagory of overly wishful thinking.... perhaps they are in the process of transfering over the login/password files to the new server/system/website? Which is supposed to also host the new forum. (I almost said that all the way through with a straight face) PS - if they do...