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  1. bretu

    WDW Springs pin meet

    Does anyone have info on the pin trading meet tomorrow at B Resort and spa ? Near the Disney Springs.
  2. bretu

    Fantasy pins and pin prices

    Are fantasy pins causing values to drop? Hoping to have a friendly discussion. Get everyone's opinion. Thanks
  3. bretu

    DLRP PTN pins with out numbers

    A seller from China is selling ( Pin Trading Night Mad Hatter , Prince John, Russell, and Pascal ). All with out a number on the back. Any info would be appreciated.
  4. bretu

    pin pics not working?

    I can not connect to Pin pics. Anyone else having problems?
  5. bretu

    Disneyland Nightmare Event

    Will this event be well attended? Last year we went to the Tiki Room Event and it was a sell out but the pin trading was sparse at best. Do you think there will be more pin traders this year? Why are these events not well attended?
  6. bretu

    Star wars weekend pin gatering Saturday

    If you are going for the first weekend of star wars and would like to have a pin trading gathering, let me know.
  7. bretu

    Were is Mr. Toad

    We were at WDW Haunted Mansion on Sunday and Mr. Toad was missing from his pedestal in the pet cemetery. Anyone know were he is?????
  8. bretu

    Pin Trading at D-23

    Does anyone know if there will be a pin trading area at D-23?
  9. bretu

    DPF Pin Auction

    Any idea when the DPF pin auction will be?
  10. bretu

    WDW Fantasyland pins?

    Anyone have any info about the release of the new Fantasy land pins. I was told Dec. 6th, but still nothing on ODPT.
  11. bretu

    Things that make you go HMMMM

    How do you get 1000's of Hm pins to sell if you live in Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States.
  12. bretu

    WDW POMH Ghosts

    Anyone know if there are any Lonsome ghosts left at WDW DTD.
  13. bretu


    Got my FrankenWeenie pins from disneystore today and love them. Can't believe they didn't sell out.
  14. bretu

    Pin 25545: Disney Auctions - Masterpiece Series #1 (Pluto Howling)

    I have two pins from this set, Pin 25545: Disney Auctions - Masterpiece Series #1 (Pluto Howling) and Pin 25896: Disney Auctions - Masterpiece Series #1 (Boating Ducks) Both pins have wavy gavels on the back. Was this normal for this set, thanks. P.S. other than that they match the pic on...
  15. bretu

    Counterfeit Alert

    Please be aware there is a seller on Ebay who is selling Disney Auction Pins with the hologram missing. "Disney Pin Cinderella Trying on Slipper & Prince LE 100" "Disney Pin Dogs With Stitch & Dodger Le 100" Check them out. Pins shipped directly from China
  16. bretu

    Are there Counterfit Vinyl's

    Just wondering if there are reports of counterfeit Vinyl's. Noticed someone posted that they got a Rapunzel of Ebay before they were released.
  17. bretu

    Disneystore no longer producing pins!!!!

    We were informed by someone in merchandising that called to inform their department that they will no longer be producing disney pins. Sorry for the bad news!!!
  18. bretu


    I looked this morning and not one pin in the new arrivals section. Does anyone know if they are stopping selling Disney Store exclusive pins?
  19. bretu

    Buyer Be Ware

    There is a seller on Ebay who sells 6200 hidden mickey pins a week in lots of 25, 50 and 100. They say they trade for them at the parks. They are averaging $4500.00 a week. That's $180,000.00 dollars a year. Disney Ebay and the IRS are pitiful if they can't see whats going on. Seller is from...