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    Changing My Email for DPF

    Posted this in Help Desk thread, but know this might be seen by more people here. How do I change my email for DPF?
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    2018 PTD Discussion Thread - UPDATED 12/18/2018

    When I called yesterday afternoon, I was told Queen of Hearts is sold out. Other two are still there.
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    My D Pins and Collectibles PT Event 9/1-2/18

    I will be there Saturday.
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    2018 PTD Discussion Thread - UPDATED 12/18/2018

    Got Toulouse & Queen Leah for trading. Took me about 1/2 hour to go through line. When I left DSSH at 1:30 PM, I think line was down to at least the stage door in esplanade.
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    DSSH Solo pins

    Be on the lookout for emails if you ordered pins online. The delivery date won't be accurate until UPS actually gets the package and scans into their system. DSSH is packaging everything now, so might be a few days before UPS picks up everything up.
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    2018 Pin Releases

    Does anyone know what time the Star Wars marquee sold out? I was able to get, but the email I got shows my order was completed just shy of 9:10 AM. I am afraid that by order completion time crossed with the sell-out time and I won't get the pin.
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    Help with acme order

    I ordered stitch and ariel/eric golden magic series pins. Got an email 12/15/17 saying pins are expected mid-January. Haven't gotten pins yet or received any more updates. They said weekly shipping updates will be posted on Facebook. where on Facebook do I look? Is there an email I can...
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    Do you live in Southern California? You could try selling your pins at Frank & Son. There are a couple of people I know of that might buy from you. Make sure you have your pins organized by Open Edition and Limited Edition. You won't get full retail value, but at least you'll get something...
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    2017 Pin Releases

    Timeerkat, Attina is sold out. It was not in the case when I went in to buy Baymax. I had a number over 200.
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    Question about Pin Pre-ordering Pinopolis

    If the release is in November, when will pins ship? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Pop ups are back!

    I'm having problems, too. However it seem to happen when I'm on Internet Explorer. I am logged in on Chrome right now with no problems.
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    Pop ups are back!

    Was just able to log in. No pop ups, thank goodness!!
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    2017 Pin Releases

    I am surprised, too! It's going to take awhile to give out numbers.
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    Finding Pin on PinPics

    Yes, thank you.
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    Finding Pin on PinPics

    I have a DS pin from 2009. It's an LE250. The front has a maroon flower with yellow background. When you open it, it shows stitch's head on a spring (gold enamel directly on pin). It has a pretend yellow/blue handle on it, kind of like a jack-in-the-box. Can't seem to find it. Any help...
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    Pop-up Ads

    Starting to get pop-up ads again on DPF, including that my Flash Drive is out of date and need to click to update. Have been able to click out of them. I know my computer is fine.l I'm posting this in hopes that this can be taken care of before I can't get on at all. Has anyone else been...
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    Official docfish2u Disneyland area party updated! May 6, 2017

    I know that a flyer was given out to a few select people at the pin release at DSSH last weekend. Unfortunately, I did not actually look at it, but agree with timeerkat that it's for a pin event in Anaheim I believe in June. I'm with timeerkat that someone associated that flyer with David's event.
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    Official docfish2u Disneyland area party updated! May 6, 2017

    I certainly hope there are no problems. I am a DPF member and personally know some of the DPF members coming. I'm sure we can keep our eyes & ears open to anything and report to David.
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    New annoying virus-y ads?

    The virus problem disappeared yesterday afternoon, but started having problems with pop-ups. Cleared my browsing history this morning and now everything is okay with my computer. Also checked my phone this morning and seems to be fine now. Didn't do anything with my phone, so hoping Cicada...
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    New annoying virus-y ads?

    I'm still having problems on my computer using Windows 7. At least now it looks like it has gone from wanting to update my Flash Drive and showing it's a virus to pop-up ads.