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  1. Psycho Pixie

    My LEGO habit needs your help!

    Alright all my wonderful pin friends! I have been one very busy Psycho Pixie! I am sorry to not have checked in as often as I planned, but well, life does kind of take over know what I mean? As MANY of you know, I am a bit of a lego freak. And I am instilling that habit in my kids too. lol...
  2. Psycho Pixie

    Clash of Clans anyone???

    Up to 8 peeps in my clan for clash of clans.... Anyone else playing who wants to join? clan Wiggy Wildlings ANY level can join.
  3. Psycho Pixie

    is technology taking over our life ?

    I voted yes. But not because I think we need to STOP developing technology... There will always be room to improve upon what we have, make it better faster safer or whatever... However There does come a point where we need to ask ourselves, "WHY do we need this technology that we are trying to...
  4. Psycho Pixie

    Clash of Clans anyone???

    So... My Clan Wiggy wildlings now has 5 pin people *including me* Come on... you know you wanna join... Its fun. and I take good care of my clan buddies, donate lots of good troops whenever you ask. Joooooiiiiiiiiin usssssssssssss.
  5. Psycho Pixie

    DSF Frozen Pins

    Just an FYI folks... his prices he is asking are below eBay recently sold prices... Those are great prices.
  6. Psycho Pixie

    ***frozen*** dsf dsuk dlrp oe le

    well... MOSTLY firm. lol contact me with a decent offer.
  7. Psycho Pixie

    ***frozen*** dsf dsuk dlrp oe le

    A co-op for this set of pins is being attempted by Merryweather. Contact her ASAP for information. The co-op thread link is here...**-Tentative-Coop-for-Psycho-Pixie-s-Frozen-Pins-**&p=719971#post719971 We have had some rather sudden...
  8. Psycho Pixie

    A new kind of Ebay Scam: Read & Weep

    Wow... that is SLICK. Can you also file a police report for the $$??
  9. Psycho Pixie

    Clash of Clans anyone???

    Thank you!!!! Good to meet you!!!
  10. Psycho Pixie

    An "observation" post

    But Daaaaris!!!!!!! My horse collection and my frozen collection and and and.... are ALL equally loved and thus my "main" collections. lol ;) In all seriousness, it was nice to open up this thread and not see major drama erupting.
  11. Psycho Pixie

    Clash of Clans anyone???

    I know I cannot be the only person out there who plays Clash of clans... It's ok, if you don't want to admit it, your secret is safe with me! However, I did JUST create a clan that I want to be filled with people whom I know rather than a bunch of strangers. I started it for family and friends...
  12. Psycho Pixie

    docfish2u pin trading party update

    HUGE change in plans for us David.... A friend had to shift their birthday party and chose this Saturday.... This is not a birthday we can miss.... It sucks. I am sorry!!!
  13. Psycho Pixie

    just so you know, I sat and stared at the crawly bug for like... 5 minutes.

    just so you know, I sat and stared at the crawly bug for like... 5 minutes.
  14. Psycho Pixie

    your inbox is full.

    your inbox is full.
  15. Psycho Pixie

    How To Guide: Pin Pic's Trade Assistant

    This needs a serious update since the pinpics upgrade occured.... If anyone wishes to update it, just put your changes in a reply and I can update the O.P.
  16. Psycho Pixie

    Pinter VI: Return of the Pin Trader!!!

    You should watch at least the first Tinker Bell movie before Pirate fairy. However, I like all of them. The second movie, about the lost treasure is the LEAST likeable one but it also talks about blue dust. Blue dust is a primary feature of the Pirate fairy.
  17. Psycho Pixie

    24 hour event in May

    I wonder how they will work the black outs? Many passes at DLR are blacked out the 24th but not the 23rd.... will they kick you out at midnight? Will they just not let you in if you show up at midnight? Hmmmmmmmmmm
  18. Psycho Pixie

    ATTN: Heidi Kelley

    problem solved please close.
  19. Psycho Pixie

    24 hour event in May

    what 24 hour event in may?
  20. Psycho Pixie

    Question Regarding pin-traders in park

    VERY rarely throught the last 4 yrs when I wear a lanyard at the park... I mean VERY VERY rarely, maybe 2x in 4 years ok? Has a random guest of the park asked to trade on my lanyard. Weather it was a hidden mickey lanyard or my show off lanyard. At the area traders are using now... all bets...