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  1. Anisemurphy


    So the Perseid Meteor Shower is due to peak between August 11 and August 13. I put a message out to my potluck group suggesting a very VERY casual trip out to Joshua Tree to watch the meteor shower and do some astrophotography. It was just supposed to be a quick trip. I don't hike, and I...
  2. Anisemurphy

    Pin Diet

    Seriously need to go on a pin diet..... but I don't wanna..... ugh....
  3. Anisemurphy

    Was it something I said?

    Without getting into much detail, the end result of me replying back to a post on FB was for the original poster to suddenly delete the post. I know I can be blunt and tact is not something I have much of. I guess some people just don’t like getting a reply that doesn’t fit with their wants.