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    DPF Member Cheat Sheet 3.0

    Updated! :)
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    DPF Member Cheat Sheet 3.0

    Updated! :)
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    DPF Member Cheat Sheet 3.0

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    DPF Member Cheat Sheet 3.0

    Updated! The list should be current to this point. :)
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    Completed Game: Magical Mashup Giveaway

    Don't give it another thought, you're the one being outrageously thoughtful and generous with your giveaways. It's always frustrating when real life has the poor manners to intrude on fun things like pin giveaways. I do hope everything is sorted and as okay as possible?
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    Good Vibes Request

    Prayers, hugs, and pixie dust are on their way to both of you. Hoping the surgery is short, successful, and he has a quick and complete recovery. Please continue to keep us updated and take things one day at a time.
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    Oogie Boogie Bash 2021

    Remember that nobody else knows how the wig used to look, they only know how it looks now - and it looks adorable. I happen to agree with @momin.ator in that you can't go wrong with purple hair. Have a fantastic time at the event - we'll be waiting for pictures showing how fabulously fun it was...
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    Wanted: Unable to post in Sales/Wanted or Trading thread

    Sorry for the delay, I didn't receive a notification that I was tagged in this thread and I just now saw your request. I took a look at your account as you requested and I can't see any reason for your inability to post using your mobile browser. It might have something to do with the forum hack...
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    Completed Game: Magical Mashup Giveaway

    Thanks for another great game, @summerskin - your generosity and kindness never fail to amaze me! I'm not entering, but I do want to play because who doesn't love HP?! I've taken more Sorting quizzes then I can count. I've been Sorted on Pottermore three times. The first time was for Beta...
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    Cant post in trading forum

    What @Ksnuggles said is accurate and it bears repeating. We have a known compatibility issue when members attempt to create threads in the marketplace using Tapatalk. If it can be fixed, @Cicada will have to do it. In the meantime, the best (temporary, we hope) workaround is what @maiarebecca...
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    DPF Member Cheat Sheet 3.0

    Thanks so much @Mcgilligan Is this what you wanted @stratasfan @GroguFan ?
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    From Louisiana after Ida

    Prayers and pixie dust to all who have been affected by the storm. All of you are in our thoughts. Thanks for checking in and letting us know that you're doing as okay as possible under the circumstances - and please continue to do so.
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    Gwen Puppy's Portrait Session

    Those pictures are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your darling fur baby with us!
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    DPF Member Cheat Sheet 3.0

    I was, and am, more than happy to restart and maintain the list. I think it's a great resource for the community. Both you and your sister have been added; I don't know how to find and join Pinventory, unfortunately, but I'm hoping someone here does. When you do figure it out, please post again...
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    DPF 'Pin Databases' Status Update

    Please don't brag; I wish I could have missed it.
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    DPF Member Cheat Sheet 3.0

    Updated! :)
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    DPF Member Cheat Sheet 3.0

    Everyone has been added up to this point. If at any time any part of your entry changes, please notify me by making a new post in this thread. Please do not go back and edit your original post as I almost certainly will not see it.
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    DPF Member Cheat Sheet 3.0

    Reserved (just in case)
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    DPF Member Cheat Sheet 3.0

    Reserved (just in case)