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  1. AgentR

    Fergus and Quasimodo PTD! And other PTDs!

    I am trading my Fergus and Quasimodo PTDs! I also have other PTDs for trade. Please PM me if you are interested in a trade! :)
  2. AgentR

    Trading Tangled and Frozen for My Mulan Wants!

    Hi all, I have some traders here that I can hopefully get my grails: Pin 39473: Disney Auctions - Sidekicks (Mulan & Mushu) Pin 48614: WDW - it's a small world - A Magical Transformation - Framed Set (Mulan only) Pin 97809: JDS - 15 Fabulous Years! - Fabulous Assorted Book Series - Mulan...
  3. AgentR

    Searching for Mulan pins!

    -Message Transmission Received- Greetings everybody! I know I have been inactive for a couple of months now. I have been going through many changes, and I had been working full-time, so I have not been able to really be active. To all of my friends and to the new people on here, Hello! :)...
  4. AgentR

    Thank-you!! Surprise RAK Attack!!!!

    So I went to the Anaheim Pin Party hosted by Darlene, Nena, David, and Amy. I was one of the early ones, and I sat in an awesome corner with a power source for my easily battery draining cell phone. I met and became tablemates with Norlando, and we were able to have an awesome time (especially...
  5. AgentR

    Frozen Parody

    So I wanted to share this video with y'all. I thought it was pretty funny. It is the Literal Version of Let it Go. Enjoy!
  6. AgentR

    Team RKB with a multi-combo TKO!!

    The OWCA has been keeping tabs on the different attacks going on around the world from the new addition to the war, Team Rasputin Knows Best. As I was analyzing the situation, the sirens started blaring. Our sensors picked up an attack coming from afar. We were prepared, and our defenses were...
  7. AgentR

    Zagfish!! I will make a sushi roll out of you!!!!

    This week has been pretty hectic with so much things at work going on, and seeing that Duke Alex abandoned his people added to the fire. I was coming home from work, feeling tired, and I saw an LBE waiting for me at home. I look at it, and I immediately made a loud UGHHHHH!!! It had a...
  8. AgentR

    I've been hit!!! No one is safe from this war!!!

    Yay for a recent zap post! So this year has been super busy. I am a part time employee, and I've been getting a full time workload. It was actually last week where I woke up one morning feeling so dizzy that I ended up missing a day of work, which led to a pile of work sat waiting for me when...
  9. AgentR

    A VERY late Thank-you for Cjvandever's game!

    I was staring at my board, and I remembered about Cjvandever's zap game that I had won. It was the game where we had to explain the most Enchanting time in our lives, and I shared about how spending time with my sister is always an enchanting time. I then realized that I had never posted about...
  10. AgentR

    Thank-you Mystery Zapper!

    When Rocke01 had her game, I was surprised that I was zapped not one, but two spots in her game! It was such a pleasant surprise! I was able to win the following: I got this wonderful Ariel Family Portrait pin. It looks so cool! I also got this cool Donald pin! I do not have a picture...
  11. AgentR

    A VERY late Thank-you to Catz!!

    A while ago, I had a trade with Catz (Kim) for some Christmas themed pins. I really love how the DLP Christmas pins, and we were able to do a trade. When I opened my package, I found a zap! It was such a wonderful Tigger pin! What she doesn't know is that Tigger is a meaningful character...
  12. AgentR

    WDI Valentine's Day: Stitch and Angel Ends 2/13/14 at 9:00 PM DCA Time

    AgentR's Auction WDI Valentine's Day 2014: Stitch and Angel Pin LE 250 Pin 99828: WDI – Happy Valentine’s Day – Stitch and Angel Pin PD102337: WDI – Happy Valentine’s Day – Stitch and Angel For auction is the recently released Stitch and Angel Valentine's Day pin released from WDI...
  13. AgentR

    PODM Auction: Valentine's Day Style! Ends 2/6/14

    AgentR's Valentine's Day Auction: Piece of Disney Movie (PODM) Lady and the Tramp Pin 87231: - Piece of Disney Movies - Walt Disney's Lady and the Tramp Pin PD71035: - Piece of Disney Movies - Walt Disney's Lady and Lady and the Tramp Hello DPF Community! I am auctioning off this...
  14. AgentR

    Frozen on Broadway!!!

    So I just read an article that said Frozen is going to Broadway! What do y'all think about the news? The original article is here:
  15. AgentR

    Thank-you, teddy_ruxpin!

    I wanted to thank Sabrina, teddy_ruxpin for this wonderful package filled with pins, candy, legos, and a sweet card! You are such an amazing friend. I love the pins, and the candy was very tasty! Thank-you so much! :)
  16. AgentR

    Happy Birthday, Zagales14!!! :)

    I wanted to let the DPF Community know that today is Alex's birthday! Zagales14 is one of many DPF members on here who have made DPF such a positive place. To my awesome bro, I hope you have a wonderful and awesome day today. You are such a cool, kind, and generous person, and I wish you...
  17. AgentR

    Turbo is so AWESOME!!!

    So Emma (Turbo) and I had started conversing during and after the Murder Mystery games. My character Cri-kee became awesome friends with her character King Candy. Recently, she messaged me telling me to keep an eye out on my mailbox. I did, and a few weeks ago I found a gift from Turbo/King...
  18. AgentR

    Thank-you MaryScribbles & MerlinEmrys a.k.a. Agents M&M!!!

    So I came home from a long day at work, and I was told that I had a package for me. I looked at the package, and I was super confused. The box was covered with Phineas and Ferb stickers and Hello Kitty duct tape. That added to my confusion. I recognized the names on the package to be the...
  19. AgentR

    Late Thank-you to Zagales14!

    Thank-you to my brother Alex for this pin. I never got to fully show appreciation for such a wonderful gift until now, and I apologize for that. It is just soooo awesome to see this pin. You and Bruna are such wonderful friends, and I am truly grateful to have gotten to know you.
  20. AgentR

    Thank-you to my wonderful friend teddy_ruxpin!!!

    So I had seen posts from teddy_ruxpin on DPF before, but I first started talking to her through trading on pinpics. I love trading pins by mail, and I think trading internationally is pretty fun and cool! So when I had the chance to trade with teddy_ruxpin in the beginning, I was excited! We...