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  1. Blurkishgirl

    I don’t collect these....I simply need intervention.

    Every time I go to a pin release I get mesmerized, I hope someone collects tiki room, also I got 2 extra LK’s. I mainly collect BATB, WIR, Dumbo, & Up, but since my entire family collects I will look at anything. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Blurkishgirl

    Simply a long day!

    I will spare you all of the details but sometimes it's hard to want to pin trade, especially when people try to take advantage of you. It's supposed to be fun...right??? I started trading/collecting to have fun with my children (and because I like shiny things). I'm simply glad to be home and...
  3. Blurkishgirl

    Zapped! Zapped by Tornado Titan

    Ang got his secret santa box and I received this wonderful Zootopia surprise! Tornado Titan thank you very much for thinking of me, you truly made my day more magical! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  4. Blurkishgirl

    Feeling under the weather

    I guess I've been running on empty for awhile since the's finally caught up to me via the common cold but I'm happy to have this little guy dispensing some hot tea! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  5. Blurkishgirl

    Happy 19th Birthday Ang

    I couldn't pass up saying Happy Birthday to Mark here, he thinks of most of you as family! Not sure where the time as gone but it's been a fun 19 years! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  6. Blurkishgirl

    Signature Help

    Mark told me about signatures, and now I want one lol. Any help would be very appreciated. :) -Tina Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  7. Blurkishgirl

    I'm Ang's mom or "madre".

    Hi Everyone! I've pin a pin trader for about 2 years now, but a Disney fan as long as I can remember. My family and I moved to Southern California 2 years ago and got our annual passes and got bitten by the pin bug. I love that we can trade as a family and love meeting new people. I've had the...