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    Zapped! A very Catty Zap from Rick

    I made an ISO post for this cute Aristocats Food and Wine pin and I got a PM saying that @Rick195275 was going to zap me! Also included is this great Yzma Cat Lady Keychain that I'm going to add to my keys. I love the pin. It is different than all of the others because they are eating and I...
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    What to do with my Aristocats Anniversary pins?

    I need to make a new Aristocats board and I am trying to decide if I should include my 50th anniversary pins or should I put them all together in another frame. I have most of the anniversary pins and I have the super size pin and I am deciding if I even want to keep it. What have you done...
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    My Olaf Collection - starring the new Cursive Cutie!

    Thanks to @summerskin for trading.
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    Sold/Ended: ISO Olaf Cursive Cutie

    My PinPics is momin.ator if PinPics is working. Would love to set up a trade.
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    Revenge of the 5th

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    For Sale: Bradford Exchange - Disney Puzzle Pin Collection Creates Mickey Mouse Silhouette

    Update on shipping: Now June 5, 2021. Ugh. I have a spreadsheet and will try to get info posted here.
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    Completed Game: DPF 10th Anniversary Giveaway #17 - FINAL GIVEAWAY - Randomizer's Have Been Run!

    DPF 10th Anniversary Giveaway #16 I hope everyone enjoys. The rules are simple: 1. You must be a member of DPF. 2. You must be willing to send me your address, so I can send you a prize! 3. I thought it would be fun to end it like it started so... Who would you like to Zap? Is...
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    Sold/Ended: Collection for Sale - Tinker Bell

    One of my friends is getting out of pins. I offered to help sell her pins. We are starting with her Tinker Bell collection (the whole collection). Around 150 pins, nothing newer than 2008, several from as far back as 2000. A lot of the older more desirable pins. 9 Disney Auctions Pins...
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    Zapped! Thank You - Stratasfan and Sis/Connies_Hobby/Chubs191/slbrabham

    I owe a big thank you to for all of the nice zaps from these Pin Friends. From @stratasfan and @bingandnelsonfan - A great Pick me up and a very late Thank You! Awesome Mickey Crocheted Coaster from @Connies_Hobby and Awesome Teacup from @chubs191 Cup and other items from @chubs191 's...
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    Zapped! Thank You - A Sweet Zap from a Sweet Person

    teddy_ruxpin in England is such a sweet friend. She sent me a gift. It has been a few weeks since it arrived and I apologize for not getting this posted sooner! Thank you so much for the awesome gift Sabrina! I love it! Look at all the awesome stuff!
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    Needing Photos of Tiny Kingdom - WDW/DLR Series 1 and 2

    I am hoping to add these pins to PTDB (Pin Trading Data Base). When I start, I am going to add cropped pictures from the box, but they will be way too blurry and way too small so it would be great to add actual photos of the pins. Also, if I mess up an ID of the pin, I would appreciate input...
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    Sold/Ended: Close to cost sale - updated Dec 7

    I have a bunch of pins "I don't need". So I am selling them to reclaim my cost and create more space for pins "I want." :) All pins have been stored since they were received. All prices include domestic US retail ground shipping. I am also open to trades. I am willing to ship Internationally -...
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    Zapped! Twice Zapped is Twice Warmed - Littlebird and Tonka Toy

    I was minding my own business the other night when my husband dropped a LBE in front of me. I recognized the address in Wisconsin. I yelled to my daughter, I've been zapped! I opened the envelope and two pins from my wants were enclosed. Oh yay the Olaf notebook pin! It is so cute! and the...
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    Zapped! Swedish Candy Box and Extra Surprises!

    Our box arrived from Sweden full of cool Swedish candy. If you can see the little labels on everything, Elin wrote a detailed explanation of each candy. We have already tried the Swedish licorice and it is very interesting! We also received awesome Mickey tiaras and handmade bracelets...
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    Zapped! Zapped by sassypants87 - Totally awesome magnets!

    I made a trade with sassypants87 on PinPics and she sent these cool magnets that she made. I love them and they are now on my fridge. Thank you sassypants87! They are cupcake magnets. I am also going to post this photo on the crafts thread. :)
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    Update! Thanks to Merlin the space has been filled!

    I have had this for awhile and finally actually moved the pins into it. I collect Aristocats, Robin Hood, Fox & the Hound,
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    Sold/Ended: Close to Cost Sale - Updated 10/26

    I have a bunch of pins "I don't need". So I am selling them to reclaim my cost and create more space for pins "I want." :) All pins have been stored since they were received. All prices include domestic US retail ground shipping. I am willing to ship Internationally - PM me for cost...
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    Took a Chance and Look what I got!

    I took a chance and got really lucky! These pins were on ebay. Two, two, two DA Aristocats pins. And they are so wonderful! I am so excited!!!!!!