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  1. Elysandrra

    Feeling Better; Thank You Everyone

    I am feeling a lot better about the loss of my precious little girl cat. Having her two sisters and mother to take care of and play with has really helped me move through the grief. I've never lost anyone before, and this little kitty was like a child to me, and absolutely a best friend. I've...
  2. Elysandrra

    Bummed about Guardians of the Galaxy

    I am so disappointed. I thought I saw a flyer months ago that showed Guardians of the Galaxy showing at El Capitan, but now looking at their line-up for August, I see the next movie is Frozen. I was really looking forward to getting some awesome pins of Rocket from the release. I am sad now...
  3. Elysandrra

    Beautiful Zap!!!

    Thank you so much Sara! My mother-in-law was home last night with me when my husband came in with the big fat envelope of happiness, and she was so excited! I had a hard time unwrapping the bubble wrap and she was screaming, "Open it!!!!" hehe. I love the pins! So sweet of you to send me...
  4. Elysandrra

    Happy Movie Night with Mom!

    My mom watched Brave with me for the first time last night, and she loved it! The whole time she kept saying "That's you, Chrissy!" Not just because of the wild, crazy hair, but also because of the way mother and daughter interacted. When Elinor threw Merida's bow into the fire, Mom...
  5. Elysandrra

    Looking for Aladdin Vinyl Keychains at Disneyland!

    Hi everyone! So I saw on the online Disney Store that they are selling Aladdin Vinylmation Keychains, and the last time I went to Disneyland I checked out the World of Disney store to see if they were being sold there, but I could not find any!! I was so bummed! I wanted to use my discount...
  6. Elysandrra

    Whoo Hoo My First Zap!

    YAY!!! This really made my night last night!!! Thank you so much Angela and Zack!!! I want to show you how it fits into my Christmas lanyard.... :goofy::meeko::tigger:Thank you so much anmicki!!!! :wavey:
  7. Elysandrra

    Pretty AiW Corkboard on Etsy

    I found this on Etsy! It's Alice in Wonderland themed!!! I love it! I am pretty sure you can contact the seller and ask her to make one of these beautiful boards for any Disney theme or movie...
  8. Elysandrra

    Want something off of DisneyUK site

    Argh! I wish I could post this in the Wanted/For Sale forum, but my permissions won't let me!!! I'm in LOVE with this pin of Minnie and Fifi! But, unfortunately, I don't live in Europe! Haha...
  9. Elysandrra

    Oooh, Spooky Mickey Ears!

    Hey check out the ears I got!!! Poison Apples from the Evil Queen in Snow White! I am so excited about new ears for Halloween!!! See, I am an ear collector... and I think I want Ursula Ears! :) :lol: Get Spooky for the Year of the Ear Available September 13, 2013, while supplies last...
  10. Elysandrra

    Excited for Friday at DSF!

    I am so excited about going to Disney Soda Fountain for the very first time on Friday!!! I love the colorful, fun pins they have for sale for The Little Mermaid, and I really hope I can get all four of them. My favorites are Little Mermaid and Friends, and Sebastian. Is anyone else going...
  11. Elysandrra

    Crazy Cat Lady Here!

    Hi everyone! My name is Chrissy, and I am a brand new collector! My very first pin was the Star Wars "Aren't You A Little Short for a Stormtrooper?" I bought on my very first trip to Disneyland with my husband, because it reminded me so much of us, and how the world must see us! My DH and I...