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  1. Merryweather

    Looking for Help & Info About Rare Pin

    Hello lovely folks of DPF! I have been out of pin circles for quite a while, but a collector reached out to me for help about a pin. I am completely clueless about it, so I wanted to check with members of our forum. The pin in question is not on Pinpics (yet), but similar pins are. The owner...
  2. Merryweather

    Prayers for Judy (Tiggermickey)

    Hello lovely people of DPF! Poor Judy had yet another visit to the hospital for kidney complications, and ended up having an emergency surgery yesterday. From what I understand, her blood pressure is dangerously low and her doctors are worried. Please keep Judy and her family in your prayers...
  3. Merryweather

    Thank You Pin Fairy Godmother

    I have been fairly out of sight lately, but for DPF's beloved Pin Fairy Godmother I wasn't out of mind. Barbara Jean surprised me with a very thoughtful Christmas zap. I got a wonderful package that made both my daughter & I jump with joy. Just look at our goodies: The Rapunzel pin is...
  4. Merryweather

    Thank You Brenna!

    Our trade started on FB, carried on via Pinpics and concluded on DPF. So, we covered many platforms of pin trading in one exchange. It was a multi pin trade with this wonderful young lady Brenna (aka Mad_for_Alice), and I got my package yesterday. Just the Si & Am marquee I traded for was...
  5. Merryweather

    Imagination Gala ~ Every Tear Set

    ** 10/14 - I am editing this due to the the confusion caused by my original post ** This set was supposed to be released during Imagination Gala, but Disney cancelled/postponed its release. This set is not released in US until now, neither do we know if it will ever get sold by Disney. But, a...
  6. Merryweather

    3 Fairies & Pegasus PTDs ~ Pretty Please :)

    I am looking for the PTDs released only moments ago. If you are selling 3 Fairies and/or Pegasus please PM me. Please and Thank You :)
  7. Merryweather

    Paypal "as Goods" Credit Card ~ Glitch?

    Ever since Paypal updated its user interface, I can not send payment as goods purchased using credit card option. I get a list of credit cards I registered with Paypal on the right side of my screen, but it does not let me select any of them. Is anyone else encountering the same problem?
  8. Merryweather

    Fox & Hound Friendship Day Pin: Authentic?

    I found this pin on a CM lanyard in Magic Kingdom. The CM who traded it to us was in one of those off the beaten path stores and the trade was early in the morning before CM lanyards get filled with scrappers. But, I know that "less-than-par" copies of this pin exist and I do not want to trade...
  9. Merryweather

    Pin 99143: DLP - Frozen pin with Anna and Olaf ~ Ends Wed 09/10 @ 9PM CST

    Hello DPF Peeps !! I asked Dancecats close my older auction when DPF had technical difficulties and I apologize for being back this late, but here it is .. finally .. for your bidding pleasure ;) These two pictures below show the actual pin I am auctioning. The pin is on original card...
  10. Merryweather

    Pin 99143: DLP - Frozen pin with Anna and Olaf ~ Ends Sun 08/17 @ 9PM CST

    It seems that these dog days of summer are putting the pin community to sleep. Everything seems to have slowed down and people are somewhat scattered. In an effort to liven up my trading, I present this DLP pin with sweet Anna her beloved sidekick Olaf for your bidding pleasure :) These two...
  11. Merryweather

    Pin 100743: WDW - Imagination Gala - Most Enchanted Object - Rose in Bell Jar

    I am looking for this pin If you have one you are willing to sell for $45-$60 range, please let me know. I will also have Pin 100747: WDW - Imagination Gala - Most Romantic Moment - Lady and the Tramp for trade if anyone is inrerested in doing a swap.
  12. Merryweather

    WDW CELEBRATING FIFTY YEARS Jumbo Boxed Ear Hat Pins:Figment,Dumbo,Alice, Small World

    I am on a grail quest and in need of cash. It pains me to part with these pins, but what needs to be done, needs to be done ;) These pins are all in their original boxes with the artist bio. They were never removed for display. Boxes have few creases here and there, but overall in good...
  13. Merryweather

    WDI Princess Plaque Pins: Jasmine, Mulan, Cinderella & Pocahontas

    Hello DPF :) I got the whole set in the second market, but I want only Aurora and Rapunzel. So, if anyone is interested, these other 4 are available to go to their new homes. Prices include PP fees and shipping within US. If you are interested in more than one pin, I will discount the...
  14. Merryweather

    Happy 59th Disneyland!

    ~ HAPPY 59th BIRTHDAY TO THE PARK THAT STARTED IT ALL ~ I am sure some DPF members are going today to join in the celebration. Have fun and post some pictures :)
  15. Merryweather

    Rare Pin ~ 4166: WDCC Belle Dreaming Of A Great Wide Somewhere ~ Ends Sun 07/20 @9PM

    Here comes the beatiful and adventure seeking Belle "dreaming about great wide somewhere" for your bidding pleasure :) These two pictures below show the actual pin I am auctioning. Please note that there is an unfortunate ding on the white area of her skirt. The pin is somewhat smaller...
  16. Merryweather

    To Jrdnsmom from Merryweather: A Big "Thank You" for my Merryweather

    God knows Janice had her share of difficulties and heart aches, but her kind and generous spirit is still reigning supreme. Last week, I got a message from Alex asking me to verify my address. Of course I knew that something was going on, but I what? Yesterday a nice square LBE arrived...
  17. Merryweather

    WINNER !! ~ Frozen Give Away in Honor of my Princess

    Update 07/20/14 Hi :) Many thanks to the participants. The winner is wintersorcerer. PM will be sent shortly. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When I was a new mom, a neighbor lady told me "Time flies when you are changing diapers", and it did. My daughter is about to become 9 yrs young in only 6 days. To...
  18. Merryweather

    Happy Birthday Judy (Tiggermickey)

    Good morning DPF !! Look who is 35 today !! Please join me in wishing Judy a wonderful birthday & a magical day she deserves :)
  19. Merryweather

    Question about Le Poste Tracking

    Update 07/17 : I was given a tracking number for Le Poste ( I think t is Le Poste at least). Where do I track it from? I'd appreciate it if anyone can help me :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After a long time of having my TA off on...
  20. Merryweather

    Disney Girls - Reveal/Conceal Esmeralda ~ Ends Sunday 07/13 @ 8 PM CST

    Here comes the beatiful and sassy Esmeralda R/C Girls pin for your bidding pleasure :) These two pictures below show the actual pin I am auctioning. Pin 81979: DLR - Disney Girls - Reveal/Conceal Mystery Collection Esmeralda T/W : 3/152 (count of traders includes me too) This auction...