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  1. echan50

    Sold/Ended: DSSH Jungle Cruise Marquee

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for help to help obtain a Jungle Cruise marquee from the Lost to the Jungle Mystery Pin Bundle. I will pay for your movie ticket, parking, the bundle, the marquee pin and shipping to me if you can help me out. Or I can trade other pins (PinPics ID: echan50) Please...
  2. echan50

    Disney Drinks Mystery Set

    Hello Everyone, Is anyone looking to trade Delicious Drinks mystery set? I recently got 2 packs and did not have a lot luck of getting diverse pins. I have for trade: Sleeping Beauty's Rose Water Judy Hops's Hop N Pop Goofy's Gwarsh (x2) Gaston's Burly Brawny Bubbly (x2) Moana's Ta-He-Ti...
  3. echan50

    Sold/Ended: 2018 Pixar Fest Passholder Jumbo (Pin 127740 DLR)

    Hello Everyone, A friend who was a little late to the news is looking for the Annual Passholder Jumbo Pixar Fest pin. She had no clue how fast pins are selling out these days. I am looking to help trade for her. My PinPics ID is echan50 and my traders are up to date. Feel free to send a PM...
  4. echan50

    How long do you wait until getting a moderator involved?

    Hello Everyone, I am seeking some advice. I sent out a PinPics request which was agreed to and exchanged shipping info on Oct 17. I sent out my pin and informed the trader of the tracking number on Oct 19 and the package was received on Oct 21. I have not heard anything from the trader after...
  5. echan50

    eBay Question: Buyer and Seller Protection Policies

    Hello All, I recently had to ask for a refund on eBay as the item sent was damaged and not noted in the item description. I started a claim and waited until my funds were returned (which took about 4 business days). During my wait I was sent a message to print a label and return the item...
  6. echan50

    Time Zones: A Tale of a Trade Failure

    Yesterday morning I woke up and check my mail and I got a PinPics trade request from France for the PP# 100625 DLP - Pin Trading Night with the Brave Cub for my Monsters University marquee. I responded to the request saying I accept and did not hear back for the person until this morning. He...
  7. echan50

    2014 Chinese Zodiac Mystery Pins

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking to trade my extra doubles 2014 Chinese Zodiac Mystery Pins to help complete the set. I have the following pins to trade: 1 set of Pluto and Ms. Sheep 1 set of Kaa and Babe the Blue Ox I am looking for: 2 sets of White Rabbit and Abu pair Mickey and Chicken...
  8. echan50

    Custom Lanyard Help & Question

    Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone who makes the custom lanyards knows if fabric can be used instead of ribbon? I found some Haunted Mansion related fabric and wanted to add that to a lanyard for me and a present for another HM fan. Please let me know and I would like to work with you...
  9. echan50

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  10. echan50

    Delay in Pin Releases???

    Did anyone notice that the pins listed on are delayed? For example the Rapunzel Good Luck/Bad Luck release will be moved from Dec 12, 2013 to Jan 09, 2014. Both Pieces of Disney History pins are being released in February 2014. I thought the POH series...
  11. echan50

    Looking for Finding Nemo Seagulls Pins

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking to put together a Christmas gift for someone and he's looking to collect the Finding Nemo seagulls. I've found on PinPics 3 pins: Pin 55422: WDI - Disneyland Paris - Crush's Coaster - 4 Pin Set (Seagulls Only) Pin 90859: Disney Confections Mystery Pin Collection -...
  12. echan50

    Club 33 New Logo?

    Hello Everyone, My friends recently got to go to Club 33 and they picked up a pin for me since they know I'm a collector. They told me they went a little crazy and got the mouse ears and bunch of stuff themselves as they were told the logo would be changing. They were told by the wait staff...
  13. echan50

    Disney UK Oct 24 Release Star Command Pin

    Hello!, I was wondering if anyone could help me purchase the Disney UK Oct 24 release of the Star Command pin. I'm looking to purchase 2 pins (one for me and the other for my friend, who I hope doesn't see this so I can surprise her :) ). I will pay additional fees for helping me. Thank you, Eva
  14. echan50

    6 More Marquees To Go

    Hello Everyone!, I am trying to help out my dear friend razorclam finish off her marquee collection. She has been helping me with my collection too and it's time for me to pay her back. I finally figured out which ones she is missing and I would like to trade and/or purchase the pins for her. I...
  15. echan50

    Do Movies Make the Pins?

    While putting together a post for the "Is Frozen the Next Tangled" thread, I realized my question was more off topic for that thread and I should askin a seperate thread. I was thinking about how some pins were really hot before the movie was released (ie Brave, Iron Man 3 (maybe?)) and then...
  16. echan50

    What Phone App Has Ruined Your Life?

    I know some of us use smart phones to kill time while waiting in line for the next pin release. We play games, text, surf the web, and/or watch videos. But there are few of those apps that have taken over our lives :anxious: Is it Anger Birds?, Twitter?, Facebook? or YouTube? Or iMaps on the...
  17. echan50

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Discussion Thread

    Did anybody catch the series premerie? Any thoughts of a spin off coming to TV? Are you hooked on it? I missed the first 20 minutes of it so I don't know if I'm ready to write up my review of it just yet. I'll try to catch the whole episode on the web this weekend.
  18. echan50

    Pin 72141: WDI Hitchhiking Headless Knight

    Hello Everyone, I am looking to buy/trade for Pin 72141: WDI Hitchhiking Headless Knight . Please send PM or reply to this thread. He's the last one I need to get my 999 haunts :hsd: Thank you!
  19. echan50

    Pin 72141: WDI Hitchhiking Headless Knight - looking to trade for

    Hello Everyone! I just need one more ghost from the WDI Hitchhiking series: Pin 72141: WDI Hitchhiking Headless Knight. Please take a look at my trades list. I will be updating the list this weekend to make it current. I also have the SDCC Once Upon A Time pins of the hook and globe and a...
  20. echan50

    Trouble with PinPics Request?

    Hello Everyone, I am after a Haunted Mansion pin and have used the PinPics auto-trader to send out request twice (once last week and once this week) and noticed both times I did not get the email from PinPics telling me who and how many requests were sent out. Is anyone else having this...