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  1. echan50

    Sold/Ended: DSSH Jungle Cruise Marquee

    Closing thread as marquee has sold out.
  2. echan50

    2021 Pin Discussion

    They're not holding onto the pin and releasing a new one every night? That's smart because you can pick up the whole set in a few days.
  3. echan50

    Wanted: WDI Haunted Mansion Mystery Pin Packs Still Available for Cast Members

    Cool! I will contact you once you complete your set . You may need these extras to complete your set.
  4. echan50

    Destination D Discussion Dudes

    I guess it was all of those DSSH online releases I was able to get in, not all but I got a few ;)
  5. echan50

    Destination D Discussion Dudes

    That was rough and they still have not updated the front page that the event tickets have sold out. I'm kind of bummed as I really wanted to watch the panels but that's karma for you.
  6. echan50

    Wanted: WDI Haunted Mansion Mystery Pin Packs Still Available for Cast Members

    Do you happen to have any extras that you would like to trade? I only purchased 3 packs so I wouldn't mind adding more to my set.
  7. echan50

    Sold/Ended: DSSH Jungle Cruise Marquee

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for help to help obtain a Jungle Cruise marquee from the Lost to the Jungle Mystery Pin Bundle. I will pay for your movie ticket, parking, the bundle, the marquee pin and shipping to me if you can help me out. Or I can trade other pins (PinPics ID: echan50) Please...
  8. echan50

    Sold/Ended: Auction? Puh-p-p-p-pleaze!

    Phoeey! So busy with work I totally forgot about this auction. Congrats @Fins4pins!
  9. echan50

    Sold/Ended: Auction? Puh-p-p-p-pleaze!

    Since I'm or was a Park Cruiser completest I have to get this in my collection/set. I'm going to bid something from your wants list: Pin 101886 DLR - The Nightmare Before Christmas In Disneyland Event - Mystery Set - Autopia ONLY Pin 101891 DLR - The Nightmare Before Christmas In Disneyland...
  10. echan50

    Trading: LUCA Happy Meal toys

    Sure thing! Please send a PM with your address.
  11. echan50

    Steakhouse 55, Disneyland Hotel Closed

    Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland Hotel and PCH Grill at the Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel are both closing. These were two places were I would have post-run Disney brunches at. It's a sad day for me as I visited this places so many times.
  12. echan50

    New Disney Movies Insiders Website - AND CODES! UPDATED 8/25/2021

    That is so cute! I'm glad Disney continued to work with 100% Soft to make emoji pins for the Marvel movies. Now I just have to figure out to get 600 points now to order set! LOL! :D
  13. echan50

    Trading: LUCA Happy Meal toys

    I have a Swimming Luca. Did you need? I can send to you with no trade involved.
  14. echan50

    PinPics Login is Fixed!

    Thank you MollyAnne! This is one small step to a big and a lot more changes. Looking forward to the new PinPics.
  15. echan50

    Sold/Ended: El Capitan Luca Concessions Pin

    Hello! If there's enough interest I would like one from the second set.
  16. echan50

    How do you clean cast member style lanyards and lanyard medals?

    Not sure if the medal can be removed from the lanyard or not but if it can I use shampoo for the lanyard. The lanyard is fibrous and shampoo can remove dirt and grease without multiple washings.
  17. echan50

    Pin Pics down

    I'm with @imp here: I can log in a few times and it behaves and stays me for my session. But a few times I have opened the page and I am already logged on with a different user. As the different user I can get "logged" off when I go to a different page. As everyone stated: I always recommend...
  18. echan50

    Mail Days Post

    Are they smaller than the original profiles? I noticed that the price did not increase but they seem smaller too.
  19. echan50

    Bay areaish area pin trading event

    I would be willing to drive from the Central Valley to Monterey for pin trading. I attended the last one hosted by @thedisneypinsibs and @grapesodapinclub at Fresno and it was great.
  20. echan50

    Pin Pics down

    I just launched the website, not even a chance to log in and it was already someone else's profile.