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  1. bcol

    The Little Mermaid's Samuel E. Wright dies: Voice of Sebastian who sang Disney favorite Under The Sea passes away at 74

    Officials from his hometown of Montgomery, New York announced sad news on Facebook He sang two of the 1989 film's tracks in Kiss the Girl and Under the Sea Wright had worked with Disney on subsequent Little Mermaid projects Iconic: Wright famously provided the vocals for two of the 1989...
  2. bcol

    Zapped! It’s just not right!

    I was still looking for that package that I may or may not have bought, and pulled in behind the USPS truck for my highlight of everyday (sad, isn’t it?) My Mushu watertower pin that I may have bought had come, but a much bigger and heavier envelope was also in my mailbox. I honestly didn’t...
  3. bcol

    Zapped! LittleBird Strikes Again! AND AGAIN with summerskin’s help.

    WHY, WHY, WHY do you do this? Is it just to make me feel bad? Well you did it. So here I am minding my own business, waiting for the postman on Friday, (he only rang once) because I was waiting for a pin I may or may not have bought, and here comes this package from Fond-du Lac. Wisconsin is the...
  4. bcol

    Zapped! Sarah @Slbrabham, She can do anything!

    I made a trade with Sarah to get a little closer to my puzzle set. I went to the Post Office on Monday to mail hers out and when I got home, her package to me was in my mailbox! Was it that Louisiana hocus-pocus going on? Maybe. I guess she may have had my address before the weekend but it was...
  5. bcol

    Fairy Tails Mystery box information?

    Good Morning! We are leaving this afternoon from NJ on our flight to the Tails event so I am as usual, a little behind. I will be picking up my bought pins on Friday at the show and was wondering if someone could let me know what the mystery pin are so I can focus/not focus on them if there...
  6. bcol

    Zapped! KATHERINE (is) THE GREAT(est)

    I too received a package in the mail the other day from @krand1276. I thought the mailman was getting a little sloppy when I saw that my letters were pushed out the back door of my mailbox. He was not. There was this huge box (priority by the way) crammed in the front. This is what I found...
  7. bcol

    Zapped! Wait, wait, WHAT?

    I received a package in the mail yesterday’s from Shaya @Spr175psu that I did not expect or deserve at all. #things to cross off my pin list. Thank you so much for the wonderful zap, zap, zap. I had just about given up trying to get theses beautiful pins. See you in a few weeks. Sent from...
  8. bcol

    Sold/Ended: Can I even say this?

    Don’t judge me but I am looking for a few Concubines. I know it’s only Thursday but I wanted to be in the front of the line. If anyone has a spare up for sale or trade, I would be up for it. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. bcol

    Zapped! Murmurs in the Mulan Army.

    I am going in reverse order with my posts because I am a slackers and put this off way too long. I got a package from Littlebird QUITE a while ago that I did not expect. We have been pin friends for quite a few years and traded back and forth as good Comrades should. Here is a previous note from...
  10. bcol

    Zapped! Merlin Messed up my Order!

    I received my package from Merlin a few days ago and was excited to see what I got in my WIR2p mystery box [emoji1696]Mulan [emoji1696]and I don’t care. I didn’t get what I hoped for but in the envelope was a bit of extra weight. You would think, being the Professor he is, that putting an...
  11. bcol

    I Faded before I Traded, I Snoozed and Losed(lost) hey, it rhymes...

    I had planned on attending the CJPT even this weekend, and am so disappointed that I will not be there. It looked like we were going to have some new traders attending and was hoping to finally meet you guys as well as seeing the "regulars". I had a little surgery on Wednesday and a bit slower...
  12. bcol

    Zapped! I am a fan of Anne!

    So I made a trade with TheMickeyMouseRules (Anne) for this Mulan Ping pin and got these cute stickers and badge as a surprise zap! Thank you for the great trade and goodies! Being part of the DPF family surely helped this trade along. [emoji39] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. bcol

    Zapped! Summerskin sent a Zap I didn’t know I needed!

    I received a package on Friday that I thought was a long awaited FP pin ( like 7 months, so you know how that can go ), I open it. Seems like a lot of packing, it wasn’t only bubble wrap but also goodies, a note, and a wonderful zap from Amanda (summerskin). There was a Bruce the shark pin that...
  14. bcol

    Box Lunch Money for free! Expires today.

    I have been overspending (Y/N?)at the Box Lunch store in my area. I admit I was holding out, hoping the Disney Princess Dress Blind Box would show up again. They did not in NJ or online. Here’s the thing, I have a bunch of coupons for $15 off of $30 that expire tonight and want to throw it out...
  15. bcol

    Zapped! Come out of hiding John Smith!

    Mark (AvatarAng1), was nice enough to volunteer his services to get me the second Art of Mulan 20th anniversary pin set. Only one could be ordered per person and I needed another to keep up my “toofer” set. It came in the mail a few days ago, I ripped open the box and promptly hid Mulan with my...
  16. bcol

    Shadow boxes

    I stopped by my local Hobby Lobby yesterday and found many shadow boxes and frames on clearance. It looks like I will finally get some pins presentable with what I got. These are two different sizes and I cleaned them out getting three of each. They were at 90% off! So the $69 ones were $7 and...
  17. bcol

    So I saw this thing......

    I was looking around on Facebook the other night and this “for sale” thing pops up in front of me. I had never paid too much attention to “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” stuff but I couldn’t pass this up I like people’s ideas of their pin boards but this was put out by Disney in 1987! And it still...
  18. bcol

    RAKed! YOU GUYS! I got RAK'ed and that's a fact Jack!

    I just don't know what to say. Somehow I was picked to be RAK'ed this month. I want to say I don't know why, but I really do, with that I will say it was totally underserved. Let me explain. May is the most difficult month for me and the first week is the worst, but somehow you guys just knew. I...
  19. bcol

    NASA got it wrong!

    I was looking through news posts today and I found this article of the asteroid Psysche. What a missed opportunity. .
  20. bcol

    Soon-Tek Oh, Voice of Mulan’s Father and Asian-American Theater Pioneer, Dies at 85

    Just wanted to post this. Fa Zhou will forever be one of my favorite Disney characters. RIP Soon-Tek Oh Soon-Tek Oh, Voice of Mulan’s Father and Asian-American Theater Pioneer, Dies at 85