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  1. bcol

    Hi there!

    Happy to have you here!
  2. bcol

    For Sale: shopDisney pin advent calendar co-op

    I would like Mulan
  3. bcol

    Destination D23 Pins

    I will be looking for the Mulan also!
  4. bcol

    Sold/Ended: Heroes vs. Villains Near-Cost Pickups -- REQUESTS OPEN THROUGH MONDAY 10/18

    If you break up the set, I would like House Sigil -Li and Fa:
  5. bcol

    For Sale: Heroes Vs. Villains Co-op

    I got everything I wanted except for a second Sigli but I only wanted it for the Mulan so I'm good. If anyone missed out on anything they wanted I may have what you need. I am cancelling 23 pins that I ordered to back up AJK and have a few days before I make a decision. Summerskin, I'm not...
  6. bcol

    Star Wars Rebels: Kanan Jarrus Needle-Felted Doll

    What a great job! You sure put the hours in on this project and it paid off. Congrats!
  7. bcol

    Update on Dad

    Sending prayers and thoughts.
  8. bcol

    Set completed!

    Congratulations on finding all of them. I love this set of blind box pins. I want to frame mine and just got some HM wallpaper material for a background.
  9. bcol

    Birthday card appeal please for October 28th !

    Address please.
  10. bcol

    For Sale: Heroes Vs. Villains Co-op

    Take care of yourself and feel better!
  11. bcol

    Welcome baby Sockgnome!

    Welcome Rowen, and congratulations to you guys! It's a new beautiful start to add to your other beautiful starts in life. I know you will all do well. There's a lot of new stuff to deal with but it all gets a little easier when they they turn 19 :) (that's a little Jersey humor)
  12. bcol

    DPF Member Cheat Sheet 3.0

    Bcol - (Bruce) PinPics - mupins PTDB - mupins New Jersey (central, shore)
  13. bcol

    Good Vibes Request

    Pixie dust and prayers. Glad to see he's home. It's just a little less stress
  14. bcol

    For Sale: INVOICES SENT - Heroes vs Villains Cooppalooza

    I also got the epic ticket today so I would like to remove my name from your lists. If the spots are not taken, I would be happy to purchase them. Thank you so much Aaron, YOU are epic too!
  15. bcol

    For Sale: INVOICES SENT - Heroes vs Villains Cooppalooza

    I would like the #50 House Sigils Box Set $235 ($30 each) 1g-Li & Fa) Please. and if you run a co-op for this one #52 Face to Face Box Set $120 ($31 each)
  16. bcol

    Mail Days Post

    Did you snag the keys too?
  17. bcol

    Hi there!

  18. bcol


    Good to have you here. Welcome!