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  1. beeatingu

    Sold/Ended: Disney Auctions LE 100 princess carousel Snow White

    yup title says it, selling this ONE pin $1100 shipped, may take offers as well if serious buyer comes along
  2. beeatingu

    Sold/Ended: Blue Sleeping Beauty Gomes/ Square SB Gomes

    selling the pair of these: Blue Sleeping Beauty Gomes $2200 Square Gold SB Gomes: $325
  3. beeatingu

    Sold/Ended: Pins for sale: Gomes, Disney Auctions, Disney Shopping Sleeping Beauty Snow White

    Hello! I have been out of the pin game for a while but have a couple pins I'm selling just to pay my school bills so here hey are: Also open to offers Square Gold Sleeping Beauty Gomes: $300 Snow White Disney Auctions LE 100 Princess Carousel $1400 Sleeping Beauty Disney Auctions LE 100...
  4. beeatingu

    Pin 37140 Disney Auctions - Art Nouveau Jumbo - Aurora TRADING GOMES AND DPS

    hello, this is the last pin in my Aurora collection that I am looking for at the moment Pin 37140 Disney Auctions - Art Nouveau Jumbo - Aurora I have Pin 85998 Disney Store - Disney Princess Designer Collection - Cinderella only Pin 85993 Disney Store - Disney Princess Designer Collection...
  5. beeatingu

    Entire collection for sale, designers, le 100s htf princess wall-e etc

    Selling pins and will update daily. Selling collection that I will add daily.Which when I do list, I will totally write the priceWilling to do payment plansBetter Lucan? ALL SHIPPING IS 3 DOLLARS
  6. beeatingu

    Pins from our Collection, HTF PRINCESS,DSF Disney Auctions

    Selling our harder to find pins. Thanks! All shipping is 3.00 Pin 30652: Disney Auctions - Hep Cat (Figaro) ---------- 100 Pin 27602: Snow White from DA Christmas Princess Train --------100 Pin 30903: Disney Auctions -Top Dogs (Jumbo) -----------225 Pin 94282: DLP - Princess Symbol...
  7. beeatingu

    Public Apology, especially to those I owe

    Hello my fellow DPFs, I do not know where to begin, I feel so supported with all the people who has defended me both on here and FB, I am also so sad because people do not tell people the whole situation, first off, let me start by saying I AM NOT A THIEF, and I always am on top of things...
  8. beeatingu

    PTD Hades and PTD Gaston

    Hi I'm looking for these for my personal collection! Please check my traders, thanks!
  9. beeatingu

    this is what you get when you're banned (:<

    this is the queen of the banned's loot from when I was banished so lets all get banned!
  10. beeatingu

    Calling ALL Southern Californians! SATURDAY JUNE 22

    When? June 22nd Saturday Time: 4 PM PLEASE bring a food dish/ drink or 3 dollars! (: Please PM for details/ address or any other questions! We have decided to do this every other month alternating with the Disneyland PTNs. So future months would be: June August October December Leave your...
  11. beeatingu

    Happy Birthday Merryweather!!!

    Let's all say happy birthday to Selen the 21 year old Selen!!!! We love you and I will post a funny cat picture later!!!!
  12. beeatingu

    Vhtf princess pins! (: Tangled Opening DayAriel belle jasmine snow cinderella

    Welcome! This sales thread is for some VHTF Princess pins! (: - 125 -150 -130 -150 -175 -50 Tangled Opening Day Castmember: 300 FEEL FREE TO PM ME! THANKS FOR LOOKING! :)
  13. beeatingu

    VHTF Pin 27452: Disney Auctions - Christmas Pin Princess Train Set LE 100 6 pins!

    HELLO EVERYONE I AM SELLING Pin 27452: Disney Auctions - Christmas Pin Princess Train Set (Aurora, Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White, Belle) 1,000 DOLLARS OBO I know this seems steep but this is a great set. If anyone is interested in a co op or a purchase, I may take offers, Thanks...
  14. beeatingu

    Stolen Pins, You SUCK LOSER

    yup thats right stolen pins. who ever you are.... Not sure if it was at the park, possibly the event at MY house. Please everyone check around your bags for your pins! LOL Includes several marquees and a BT. I dont expect to get them back but please everyone check your trader bags for any...
  15. beeatingu

    DSF Marquees, Beloved Tales, Kingdom Hearts Tangled, OZ pins, LE 100 stained glass

    Selling some pins to raise money for car! woo hoo DSF Tron Legacy Marquee-260 Tangled Thrill rides: 150 UP Beloved Tales- 250 sold DSF Finley Monkey- 27 DSF OZ- CHINA GIRL-130 DSF OZ- OZ -17 SOLD Designer Villain Ursula-125 SOLD DSF Rapunzel Event Logo- 60 Stained glass LE 100 Cinderella-80 Pin...
  16. beeatingu

    TRADING: PTD Kevin ONLY looking for Designer Villain Ursula

    HI GUYS! Our cousin has picked up this pin: PTD KEVIN AND HE IS ONLY LOOKING FOR: Pin 92498: - Designer Villains Pin Set - Ursula Only He is almost done with the set! Help him out guys! pm or post here if interested!
  17. beeatingu

    DSF Beloved Tales BOLT (: APRIL bts

    Selling a set of Beloved Tales! From the month of April Co OP Includes: Enchanted Wall-e Bolt Princess and the frog Asking: $325 According to mybabykelly, 81 a pin (: Includes shipping. Pm or post here if intetested. Please DO NOT complain about prices. Thanks! (:
  18. beeatingu

    DSF April Beloved Tales

    Hello allb me and Sebe are trading our extra set of Beloved tales from April Looking for: Harder to get Sleeping Beauty, Phillip Maleficent pins Hercules pins Nightmare Gomes (7 more to go!) And our last Wall-e pin the marquee. Pm or post here! (: Thanks guys! Y^__^Y
  19. beeatingu

    Designer Princess Pins ALL 10!

    Designer Princess Pins!! (: We are selling our designer princesses! If you have a complaint about a price please pm me, don't complain on the thread! this is the break down based on recent eBay sales: Rapunzel: 650 SOLD Ariel: 550 SOLD Belle:350 SOLD Snow White: 250 Jasmine: 200 SOLD...
  20. beeatingu

    RSVP Calling all Southern Californians April 6th!!

    Hello Everyone! We have a thread but this is the official "RSVP THREAD!" I want to get a head count of how many tables and chairs I'll be needing! (: It is 3 dollars a person (food) OR you could bring a small dish or soda! Event begins at 4pm! We live in Pico Rivera Pm me for details and I...