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    Trading "Enchanted," "Tangled," "The Little Mermaid" & more! LEs, DSF, DAs, PTDs etc.

    Here are a few pins I am trading. Primarily looking for LE Ariel, Rapunzel & Maleficent pins, but will also consider some Disney tigers such as: Tigger, Shere Khan, Rajah etc. PM me if interested. Thanks PinPics - iLuvAriel922
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    ISO - In Search Of - Help me find some wanted pins :) Ariel & The Little Mermaid

    I am currently looking to purchase, trade or trade/purchase combo for any of these wanted pins on my ISO flyers. If you have any of these feel free to view my trades on PinPics - ILuvAriel922. Or PM me so we can discuss pricing. Thanks
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    Trade/Sale - Suspended

    Sale/Trade is suspended for the time being. If I have pins to trade or sell again they will be updated here first.
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    Some sales

    Some pins for sale:
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    Sale Over

    Sale Over
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    Sale Closed

    Sale Over
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    Trading some grails for harder wants - Tangled and The Little Mermaid Grails!

    Trading a couple of my Tangled and Little Mermaid pins for harder grail-type pins off my wants. The BT, Designer and Chair pins are not easy trades at all; the BT is definitely my best trader at the moment and one of my all-time favorite LM pins. I wouldn't be trading it if I wasn't fortunate...
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    Pin 85960: Disney Store Europe - Kiss The Girl ENDS 6/16/13 *LITTLE MERMAID GRAIL*

    TRADE AUCTION Pin 85960: Disney Store Europe - Kiss the Girl 85960 19 people trading/199 people wanting It's been a while since I've auctioned off anything. So in light of "The Little Mermaid" coming to Blu-ray and 3D for the first time this fall I will be auctioning off this Disney Store...
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    Trading some HTF find pins. Hoping to get some grails :/

    Here are some pins I'm hoping will get me some trades. Willing to trade multiples for pins on my signature. PM me if interested in anything.
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    Thx for letting me vent.
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    Flash Sale Over!

    Nothing for sale. Sale is OVER! Thread closed.
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    How do my trades and purchases get handled if I get banned??? Please HELP!

    I'm very concerned right now because I have recently set up a few trades and purchases on DPF; although I have thought I remained relatively quiet over the last several weeks, since I received my first 2 point infraction, I continue to get hit with these points one right after another for the...
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    Me do an auction? I think not!

    Was considering doing a trade auction..., but what for? Thread closed
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    Anyone know the PinPics ID for this DA Maleficent Pin? I can't find it

    Trying to find the PinPics ID for this pin below. Any help? Sorry if this thread is posted in the wrong area. I didn't know where to ask this question.
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    Anyone wanna trade Ariel for Rapunze Chair/Marqueel? I need help finding Grails :)

    Hey, This is one last attempt at trying to find some of my grails. I have received some really great offers for my Tangled 'Chair' pin, but I still haven't attained any of my grails. I would ultimately like to trade my Rapunzel pins for Ariel pins. Since the Rapunzel pins are my best traders, I...
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    Nothing for trade!

    Thread is closed and no more pins for trade from me :)
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    Trade Mix-Up on PinPics! I need Pin 49247 please help! Oops Here are the PICTURES!

    Please note that these are the actual pictures of my Little Mermaid Marquee that was offered in the trade for 49247 and it is beautiful! I apologize that I forgot to post them in the mists of writing my replies to the OP. I do not, nor have I ever, seen any evidence of 'doctoring' on this pin...
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    Trade Mix-Up on PinPics Yet Again! So mad right now. I need Pin 49247 please help!

    Hey everyone, I'm super disappointed right now. I recently agreed to make a trade with another user on PinPics. I haven't traded much directly through that site though because many times I get offered uneven trade requests. It's understandable though because I too have sent out these types of...
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    Update: Dsf tangled marquee pin le 300 traded

    Pin is gone/traded!