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  1. gbdb4ever

    MNSSHP mystery Pooh and Minnie

    We were some of the "unfortunate" people who opened mystery boxes at the MNSSHP, only to get 7 each of Minnie and Pooh. I need to get the 2 Plutos to complete one set and have a duplicate for a Pluto collection. I will gladly trade for other pins outsde the set as well. Please PM me.
  2. gbdb4ever

    Monster University Mystery Set - Archie the Scare Pig

    We are wanting to trade for Pin 103308 Monster University Mystery Set - Archie the Scare Pig. We are participating in the Fish Extender gift exchange on a Disney cruise and would like to give each cabin a few pins of their favorite characters. This seems to be the only Archie pin that we have...
  3. gbdb4ever

    Speedwaystar has zapped us, too!!!

    After a horribly rainy, windy and bleak day filled with the weather folks telling us of potential tornado activity, we were feeling a bit stressed. Then, the mailman came and brought an unexpected boxed filled with yummy treats, a Roger Rabbit cozy, Jessica Rabbit pins and a Jessica hat. It...
  4. gbdb4ever

    DCL Star War Day At Sea pins

    Greg and I are going on one of the cruises that has the Star Wars pins (and other merchandise) available by RSP. I am not a huge Star Wars fan, other than merely watching the movies, though I may be looking to get a few of them for our grandson. My question is.. since they are LE 3000 and some...
  5. gbdb4ever

    Needing to downsize our traders!

    All pins are on their original card unless otherwise noted. Shipping will be $2.00 for the first pin and .50 for each additional pin. They will be mailed with tracking. All payments are requested to be made through PayPal. PLMK if you have any questions through PM. Thanks for looking!!! Pin...
  6. gbdb4ever

    PODMs - Tangled, BatB, LM, Aladdin, Mulan, etc.

    We have decided to sell the following PODMs from our collection and traders. All pins are on their original card. Prices include Paypal fees and are negotiable. Shipping will be $5.00 per pin and will include delivery confirmation. Insurance, if desired, will be calculated separately and added...
  7. gbdb4ever

    Entire Beloved Tales Collection

    We have decided to sell our entire Beloved Tales collection with a few exceptions (Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, Tangled, Enchanted).All pins are on their original card and in their original packaging except for the six listed in black. Prices include Paypal fees and are...
  8. gbdb4ever

    Closed due to lack of interest

    Greg and Debby’s Grab Bags Due to lack of interest we have added 4 more PODMs to the Grand Prize We have decided to pare down our traders and will be offering 100 grab bags for sale in a game format. One bag, chosen at random will contain all TEN PODMs pictured below: The other bags...
  9. gbdb4ever

    1000th POST on this FORUM

    We are so happy to have been members of the Forum since November 2010. We do not write as much as some, but, have enjoyed sharing the time with you all. We have made many friends and will hopefully make many more in the future. Thank you to everyone for being part of our lives !!!!! Happy...
  10. gbdb4ever

    My Version of the Elinor Pendant Design

    When I saw the gorgeous pin listed today on Pinpics, I knew I would never own it instead, I made my own version out of fabric. It is about 12 inches in diameter and will hopefully make a very nice pillow.
  11. gbdb4ever

    READER BEWARE: Another CONSPIRACY in the Pin Trading Community

    Yes, you read it correctly! Beware of conniving DPF members who have conspired together to create RAK attacks. Just when Debby was feeling a little down from our recent lack of LBEs, we received a large, rather heavy box from Carissa (RomancingTrain) in today's post. OMG! was all we could say...
  12. gbdb4ever

    Please help us get these for our Duffy Lover friend!!!

    A good friend of ours is a Duffy lover and has been unable to trade for the following pins: We are trying to please look at our list of traders to see if we might be able to make this happen. Thanks! Greg and Debby
  13. gbdb4ever

    **WINNERS REVEALED**The 13th Day After Christmas PIN GIVEAWAY!

    In the spirit of giving and to celebrate the New Year, Greg and I have decided to give away 13 pins!!! Why 13, you ask? Several honor of the upcoming 13 event happening in September at WDW, celebrating the New Year of 2013 and because it happens to be Greg's favorite number. The...
  14. gbdb4ever

    Pin 93385: DLR - Disney Pin Trading Night 2012 - Santa Duffy

    I am wanting to trade for a couple of these pins for friends who are Duffy collectors. If you happen to have one or more, and willing to trade, PLMK. My trade assist is currently turned off during the holidays, but, you can compare our lists....Thanks (in advance) for any help!! I look forward...
  15. gbdb4ever


    In our mail today we were surprised to find a package from one of our neighbors to the north. It was a RAK Attack from Isabel (pargani) and in the package were two pocket journals, two packages of hot chocolate mix, and two packages of chocolates (these disappeared real It really...
  16. gbdb4ever

    TLM PODM question - Ariel and Sebastian

    We got this cel in a trade and were wondering how common it was? Has anyone seen similar cels? There is one currently listed on the Bay and another completed listing, but we have not seen any others.
  17. gbdb4ever

    Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Card Set

    Up for auction is a Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Card Set (cards 1-60 only) PLUS All four booster pack game boards and playing tokens All auction rules apply! NOTE: Pins from our wants list take priority over all others! Auction ends November 30th at 9:00 PM CST
  18. gbdb4ever

    Please help us to share the Magic!!!!!!

    A dear member of DPF took his whole family to the WDW for Thanksgiving for the release of BatB PODM to share the experience with his 8 year old daughter who collects Belle. They ended up running all around through 4 parks, standing in line and got ZERO pins as they sold out each time just in...
  19. gbdb4ever

    82583- Piece of Disney Movie- Bambi

    I am trying to help a friend complete their PODM collection, so would love a scene with Bambi but am not going to be overly picky. I have PODM to trade of Aladdin, Mulan, Sword and the Stone and Tangled. Please help me to help my friend. Thanks..
  20. gbdb4ever

    Selling MOST of our Traders...UP pins are the first to go!!!

    WE WILL BE SELLING MOST OF OUR TRADERS BEGINNING WITH OUR UP PINS! The following are available with prices as listed: SOLD Pin 69309: Disney - Pixar's Up - Opening Day $75 Pin 69442: FX 2009 Series - Up $40 (no card) Pin 69825: Cast Member - Opening Day 2009 UP...