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  1. leopardpolkadotspots

    I'm back :)

    Hi guys happy new year to you all. I took a break from pin trading for a couple of years to concentrate on my college, career and personal life. Now that all three are on track, I have made a return. A few of you may remember me? Im trying to remember but I have this feeling that is forum...
  2. leopardpolkadotspots

    GSF DSF Best Song: Aladdin and Lion King

    Looking for the new release of Aladdin and lion king best new song pins from DSF gsf. looking to trade, please check out traders or can buy if reasonable. Must be able to post to UK. Thanks :)
  3. leopardpolkadotspots

    Megara PTD please

    I am looking for the new PTD Megara Pin please. Can pay or trade, check my traders! Can also help with pins from the uk. Please help my small Megara collection grow! thanks :)
  4. leopardpolkadotspots

    JDS Lady and the Tramp 50th anniversary box set

    Anyone know how much its worth? JDS 50th anniversary box set of lady and tramp with their puppies. Le 600 with 2 trading and 81 wanting #38966 Any help is appreciated. Looking to sell set but need advice on price.
  5. leopardpolkadotspots

    Eau de Magique Jasmine Perfume Bottle Pin Needed

    Looking for jasmine eau de magique perfume bottle disney pin, Pin 102144 Trade or sell don't mind either way. please PM me if you have her for trade or for sale. thanks :)
  6. leopardpolkadotspots

    DSSH Lion king 20th Anniversary please!

    Fallen in love with the new DSSH LK 20th Anniversary Pin and there is an extra space next to my LK collection for it. does anyone want to trade with me please? I have some great traders!please PM me, thank you
  7. leopardpolkadotspots

    Looking for Rajah PTD Pin Please : Pin 101039

    Hello PP 101039 If anyone has a Rajah PTD pin for sale/trade, please please PM me & lets work something out. Thank you. Sophia - based in UK
  8. leopardpolkadotspots

    Pin 88892: - Piece of Disney Movies - Aladdin, Tangled, Lion King, BatB, Snow White

    Hi Looking for any scenes from the following PODM: Aladdin Lion King Tangled BatB Snow White Got some great traders- mostly all Japanese pins. Please PM me if you have anything. Thank you.
  9. leopardpolkadotspots

    Jasmine Feb Calendar

    Looking for the new GSF/DSF pin featuring jasmine on a calendar for this month. Please look through my traders. If you have one to sell, please let me know. thanks!
  10. leopardpolkadotspots

    The new WDI princess pins

    Hi Does anyone know where I can see the photos of the WDI princess pins that a member has added to pinpics? There aren't any pics on pinpics but there must be some on the internet somewhere? please post below the pics. I can't wait to see the new princesses / any new pins from WDI.
  11. leopardpolkadotspots

    Disney Polaroid pins?

    Just seen on a certain site some disney Polaroid pins. Have not seen anyone posting about the release or info on pinpics. Anyone know anything about them? so far there is a Jafar, Genie, Chip and Dale, Queen of hearts, King Louis, Smee and Lilo. anyone know who else is in the set?
  12. leopardpolkadotspots

    Anyone collect Esmeralda? I can't find this Japanese pin on pinpics.

    Just got this beautiful Esmeralda pin from Japan. It may go up on trades although I'm not sure atm as I quite like it myself. Would anyone be interested in it if I put it up for trade? Can't seem to find it on pinpics, can anyone help? It looks like it is in a set with these silhouette pins...
  13. leopardpolkadotspots

    D23 Expo Designer Couples Pin Set

    Hello, like everyone I would really, really, really love the new D23 designer couples pin set. Unfortunately I live in the UK and have not got much hope of obtaining this stunning set. Just let me know your price or if you want to part trade and part cash. I will pay more than retail for them...
  14. leopardpolkadotspots

    Simba PTD please

    Hello, can anyone help me get the new PTD pin, Simba? What I can offer you: pins on my trades or can purchase it. Hope someone can help. I love Simba and all the lions from LK. LK was actually the first major pin collection I started collecting before Jasmine. Please pm me if you can help...
  15. leopardpolkadotspots

    DLP Dreams Rapunzel

    Does anyone have an extra DLP Dreams Rapunzel? I missed out on getting one when it was released - it got taken out of my sisters basket when she went to pay for it at the checkout :( anyone have an extra they would like to trade to me please? Thanks for reading :)
  16. leopardpolkadotspots

    Ariel and Eric M&P in the Sea Value

    Anyone know what the value of this pin is 13587: M & P - Ariel & Eric Mint on card. I am thinking of auctioning one but not sure.
  17. leopardpolkadotspots

    Princess Jasmine Sparkle Dress Pin #68906

    I am after this pin Pin 68906: Sparkle Princess - Jasmine but it has to be the variant where Jasmine has the sparkle skirt only. The top is plain. Can anyone help? Buy or trade - preferably trade. Also looking for any wants on pinpics id sjpins - hope someone can help as I am down to my last 40...
  18. leopardpolkadotspots

    WDW 2009 Princess Jasmine Heart Hinged Locket - My Grail <3

    So as you are all probably aware, I love Princess Jasmine and have been collecting pins of her for about 5-6 years now. My collection is very big and I am down to the last 40 pins (including buttons) until I can officially say 'I own them all'. Last year, I came across some WDW pins that had not...
  19. leopardpolkadotspots

    Anyone heard from rubyslipperedgoddess ??

    She hasn't been active for a month now. i won a reveal conceal pin from her auction in February and still have not received it. The worrying thing is is that it is still on her traders :( I sent her a set of four rare Alice pins from Japan and she received those ages ago. I've sent loads of pms...
  20. leopardpolkadotspots

    Regarding Japan Lion King Pin #90160 - Japanese Translater Please?!

    I have pin 90160 Simba Standing on Pride Rock Platinum Edition Filmstrip (Lion King) as shown in this photograph here >> I have been searching for more information regarding this pin and have just come across this banner from JDS. I know that there are a couple Japanese traders and wondered if...