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  1. Belle

    Hello from the UK

    Hi welcome to the forum, I see you are in West Yorkshire.. me too! :)
  2. Belle


    This is a really pretty pin :)
  3. Belle

    ☆ Belles Custom Signature Requests - Please post here ☆

    Hey guys and girls, I am free to take some request for signatures again if anyone is interested please check the first post and fill out the form. Lyndsy x
  4. Belle

    Re-introduction > Snow > Belle ^_^

    Hello, unfortunately all my traders were sold or given away :(
  5. Belle

    Re-introduction > Snow > Belle ^_^

    Hello, just a short post to re introduce myself back to the community. I'm Lyndsy some may remember me as Snow. Well I haven't been active in the pin trading community for a while personal circumstances had a hold of me for a while I was a little active on Facebook and Instagram for a bit and...
  6. Belle

    Need help naming my new craft!

    Mersnug or Mersnuggy :) (snug as in snug and warm)
  7. Belle

    please trade with me? lots of snow white for trade and other princess.

    anyone would like to trade? i have lots of snow white to trade. i am looking for pins in my wants. cinderella belle princess pins. pinpics is disneysnow
  8. Belle

    xx Beautiful Snow White in a Glistening Jumbo Locket Ends 14th May 9PM GMT. xx

    Auctioning- Pin # 72230 Disney Shopping Locket Series Snow White Pin does come with backer card I can provide pictures shortly. LE 300 Want: 35 Trade: 7 ~~~ Like Belle (ON HER OWN) Beauty and the Beast (ONLY) PINS FROM MY WANTS PRINCESS Good Traders Limited Edition Pins I do not like...
  9. Belle

    ☆ Belles Custom Signature Requests - Please post here ☆

    Hello members sorry I have been away for some time due to work commitment and family. Plus I have been focusing on health (i suffer with migraine and being infront of technology too much worsens this) I am still able to make signatures but I cannot promise you they will be completed within...
  10. Belle

    ☆ Belles Custom Signature Requests - Please post here ☆

    Thank you I will try get started tomorrow after work :)
  11. Belle

    Hallmark itty bittys

    I only have one Snow White :) I would love all the princess itty bittys.
  12. Belle

    Wearing my pins at work paid off today!

    Aw that is amazing, so cute :)
  13. Belle

    Updated traders. Would like to trade :)

    GirlonFire In reply to your PM please check my trades via pinpics username is disneysnow.
  14. Belle

    Updated traders. Would like to trade :)

    Thank you Kevin. PM replied :)
  15. Belle

    Updated traders. Would like to trade :)

    hi! i have updated my traders and would like to make some trades. if interested please reply here or pm.. :)
  16. Belle

    Belle & the Prince from the BatB Stained Glass Boxed Set!

    Hi can you check my pinpics trades? username is in signature :)