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  1. crushedbubbles

    17" Blue Aurora

    Note: I do not have the doll yet in hand. Waiting for the shipping email. Anyways, I sorta did an impulse buy and depending on if I can live without her when I get her in person, I might decide to trade her for HTF Ariel pins or something on my Pinpics wants list. Anyways, if you have any...
  2. crushedbubbles

    DSF Tangled Chair

    Selling my Tangled Chair pin for $350 shipped with tracking/insurance. I can send pictures upon request. My pin's posts are a bit wobbly, but not bad. Also, Flynn and the background are not the same color (counterfeits have his face the same color as the background). Anyways, please PM me if...
  3. crushedbubbles

    So apparently, it's my 2nd anniversary with DPF!

    So, I am looking at my profile page, and it just so happens that as of yesterday, I joined DPF 2 years ago! Wow does time fly by. I really enjoy DPF and remember many good times (some bad, but I try not to focus on that). Anyways, I want to thank all the lovely people I have met from this site...
  4. crushedbubbles

    Vanellope Summer Pin!

    Hi everyone! Looking for the Vanellope summer series DSF pin that came out recently. Looking to buy only at this moment. Hoping for around $30-40 but will look at other offers. Thanks in advance :) Erika
  5. crushedbubbles

    Rapunzel Stained Glass DSF

    Selling the pin above for $65 shipped as goods with tracking! I have the original packaging and card. :) Thanks!
  6. crushedbubbles

    DSUK Tangled Pin

    I have this pin for sale for $85 shipped with tracking. Please PM me if interested! Erika
  7. crushedbubbles

    Wreck-it Ralph Pins (WDI Sorcerer Hats)

    Hi everyone! Was considering doing a co-op for the Wreck-it ralph pins. There are a few sets on eBay for $250 and I am hoping to get Felix and Ralph. Would anyone consider doing a co-op with me? Just looking to gauge interest. Each pin would be $50 plus $2.50 to ship (to pay for the...
  8. crushedbubbles

    Looking for Sour Bill WDI Pin

    Hi everyone! Looking for the Sour Bill sorcerer hat pin. Also, if you have others for sale, let me know please :) Thanks! :)
  9. crushedbubbles

    DSSH - Ariel Surprise Pin (Storybook)

    [/URL][/IMG] I have the above pin for trade! I don't have a pinpics, but am interested in Ariel, Tangled, Wreck-it Ralph, and Small World pins! And Hanukkah :) Thanks!
  10. crushedbubbles

    A Big Decision to Make

    I don't usually post here, but I have been having some anxiety issues with pins lately. So, I have an obsession with pins. Sometimes I feel like I can't live without them. However, lately, I have seen way too many Scrappers/Factory Rejects/Counterfeits for me to even deal with. Someone...
  11. crushedbubbles

    DLP Small World Anniversary and Rapunzel Mother's Day

    Hi everyone! I am looking for the new Rapunzel & Small world pins coming to Disneyland Paris in May. The small world one comes out the 10th of May, the same day as the Frozen one. The Rapunzel is a lot later in the month. I am look for both and would be interested in buying by chance...
  12. crushedbubbles

    Tangled PODMs: Kingdom Dance & Gondola

    [/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG] Looking for the two scenes above to buy! Also, I might be able to trade, but I have very very little. Let me know if you have either of these! Thanks!
  13. crushedbubbles

    Wreck-it Ralph WDI Pressed Penny Pins

    Hi everyone! I have the WiR Pressed Penny Pins for trade! I am only missing KC from the set, as it is sold. Just looking for anything on my wants and I will also look at your trades too :) I'm also looking for the Funny Business Rapunzel/Mothers day pin too! Please PM me with any...
  14. crushedbubbles

    A Special Happy Birthday to Kristin (disneycrazee)!

    Hi Kristin! It's your big day! Happy Birthday! Have Lots and Lots of Cake!! Just make sure you don't crash/or Wreck a Brick wall because of all the cake! LOL But best of all, be yourself! Because you are awesome that way! So, Have the Best Birthday Ever! <3
  15. crushedbubbles

    Super Super Late Thank You

    Hey guys :) So, a lot of great things have happened lately. I was having a semi-bad day on Monday, but three things came when I got home! First, I opened this really huge box from none other than TheOtherSteve (Steve). I was so excited to open it...and here is what I found: I can't...
  16. crushedbubbles

    DSF King Candy/Sugar Rush Pins for Trade

    Hi everyone! So, I have found it to be really difficult to keep up with Wreck-it Ralph, so I am considering trading my King Candy pins since he is my least favorite character of them all (LOL). I also have some Sugar Rush Pins I will probably get rid of also. Here are the pins I have for...
  17. crushedbubbles

    Guess who's birthday it is today!!

    It's Jenna's! bugcatcherjenna! Happy Birthday Jenna! Hope it is as magical as you are!! -Erika
  18. crushedbubbles

    Premiere Birthstone Series Question

    Hi everyone. So, I recently acquired this pin, but I am afraid something is wrong with it. [/URL][/IMG] However, if you look on pinpics, it says that they were released in 2003, but my backstamp has 2005. Also, the pin is supposed to have a darker emerald birthstone, not the lighter one...
  19. crushedbubbles

    A Few Pins :)

    Hey everyone! So I have a pin that I am wanting that is for sale for $25. The catch is I am not allowed to buy pins in the month of January, so to compensate, I am selling a couple to buy the pin.. Shipping is already included in the price along with paypal fees. :) Pin 98000: DSF - Pin...
  20. crushedbubbles

    Have a Jafar PTD for trade... Looking for Oliver PTD or on Wants

    Title says it all :) looking for anything on my wants or the new Oliver PTD. Please PM if interested :) Thanks!