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  1. Suzziesue

    Unexpected and Delightful Zap!!!

    I got a couple of packages in the mail today. I was expecting two so I opened them both and was surprised to see that one was a ZAP!!! My goodness what a wonderful thing for Ninpin ( Sue ) to do. Chip and Dale are so darned cute and their pins always put a smile on my face. Thank you Sue for...
  2. Suzziesue

    I need your opinions

    Hi all. I need your opinions on a situation I have. A person sent me a Pinpics trade request and I responded saying I would make the trade. I did not hear back from them which is not unusual at all. That happens to me all the time. Some time later, I received a pin in the mail and assumed...
  3. Suzziesue

    ***mystery zapper***

    I got an envelope in the mail today from Hong Kong. I didn't make any trades or purchases. Here is what I got. This awesome Mickey pin from my wants list. I wish I knew who my mystery zapper is. Reveal yourself so I can give you a great BIG thank you. What a wonderful surprise!!
  4. Suzziesue

    Looking for these Chip and Dale Pins

    Hi all. I have these 4 pins but haven't been able to find the matching Chip or Dale pin to go with it. If anyone has them for trade, let me know. Thank you so much!!!!! :)
  5. Suzziesue

    Docfish ZAPS again!!

    David and Amy are the sweetest people. Always trying to find fun and cute pins to zap everyone. I made a trade with David and he sent these adorable Mickey ProPins as a zap. Perfect for my Mickey collection. I just recently counted and I have over 600 pins in my Mickey collection. Thank you so...
  6. Suzziesue

    Cute Minnie Zap From Warzy!!

    I got a package in the mail today from Warzy ( Bill ) and along with the pin I expected was an adorable Minnie zap!! It very cute!! Thank you Bill for putting a big smile on my face!! You are awesome.
  7. Suzziesue

    I got zapped by Just1more!!!!!

    I made a trade with the very nice Just1more (Michael) and he included the very cute "Happy Everything" pin as a zap. It's adorable!!! I love it. Thanks so much Michael for helping me add to my Mickey collection.
  8. Suzziesue

    ***Marie Paris Pin***

    I am trading this adorable Marie Paris pin. (Pinpics #33912). Right now, I am only looking for the Tokyo game pins. I am wanting all characters but would really love to get some of the matching Chip and Dale pins. How many game pins will you trade to me for this beauty of a pin? Make me an...
  9. Suzziesue

    ***Looking For Family Portrait Pin***

    Hi all. I am looking for this pin. The only one I did not get in the Family Portrait set. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you !! :)
  10. Suzziesue

    2 Days Of some nice pins.

    I went to the Disneyland 60th celebration which was awesome. Left Disneyland at 2:00 am Saturday morning, went home and slept. Got up several hours later and got to the MyDPins event at 11:30 am. Whew! I am tired. I got in a lot of nice trades though.
  11. Suzziesue

    ZAP ZAP from Tbird.......Thank you!

    I made a trade with the very nice Tbird (Tony) and he included the two pins on the left as a ZAP. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Tony helped me get some Sedesma pins I wanted and of course some Mickeys. The Ariel pin is so cute. Thanks again Tony for the wonderful trade. You made my day.
  12. Suzziesue

    Suggestions for Pinpics.......Add yours

    I use Pinpics almost daily and when the new version came out, I forced myself to use it knowing the other version would go away. There are some good things going on in Pinpics but I have a few suggestions that I would like to offer. Add your suggestions. No negative comments please. Make this...
  13. Suzziesue

    Looking for Tokyo Game Pins

    Hi everyone. I am looking for the Tokyo game pins. I think they are all adorable. I am assuming that most are being traded by people overseas. In order for it to be worth my while, I would have to trade for several at a time because of shipping costs. I have no contacts in Japan. Any help will...
  14. Suzziesue

    ***Looking for Sedesma pins***

    Hi all. I am wanting to start a small, less costly collection so I am looking for Sedesma pins. I want all characters. Send me a message if you have any for trade. See below for my Pinpics ID. Thanks! :lgm:
  15. Suzziesue

    Chip and Dale - CUTE Pins

    Got these in the mail today. I am so excited that I finally have these pins in my collection. I had to share.
  16. Suzziesue

    Sweet Trade With Sorapandora!!!!!!!!!! :)

    I made a trade with the birthday girl Sara (Sorapandora) and along with my VERY cute Chip and Dale pin, I got some yummy Hello Kitty cupcake mints, some adorable cupcake stickers and a beautiful cupcake notepad. I feel like I am the birthday girl. Thank you Sara for all the sweet extras and my...
  17. Suzziesue

    Chip and Dale Tsum Tsums

    My daughter Erin (Purplerose), gave me an early Mother's Day gift. These giant Chip and Dale Tsum Tsums. They are so soft and squishy. I love them. Thanks Erin!!!!!!!!
  18. Suzziesue

    Docfish Party-Thanks for all the GREAT trades!!

    I went to the Docfish2u trading party yesterday. I had an amazing trade day. A big thank you to those who traded with me and zapped me. You are the greatest!!
  19. Suzziesue

    Docfish2u Trading Party Zaps

    I went to the Docfish2u trading party yesterday and as always, it was so much fun!! It was good to see everyone. I enjoyed trading and chatting with all of these wonderful people. I was was also zapped by several people. What an amazing day. I can't thank you all enough for your kindness...
  20. Suzziesue

    Jessica Rabbit 2013 Calenders...PRICE REDUCED

    Jessica Rabbit 2013 Calenders. I have all 12 months. $240.00. . Shipping is $4.00. Thanks for looking.