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    2022 Pin Discussion

  2. pretty_Omi

    Shipping Pin Packages: Paypal is gone? Other Online Shipping Options?

    Link works fine for me. I noticed last year tho, when using the link I did used to get a little alert telling me that Paypal would be changing to Shipstation after July 1st, 2021. I also have this link bookmarked, so I just use it and don't go through the official Paypal shipping. I also use...
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    Hot Cash/Lunch Money Mega Thread - LUNCH MONEY REDEEMING NOW 1/6-1/16

    Lunch Money is currently redeeming 1/6-1/16
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    2022 Pin Discussion

    @Spr175psu your boy
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    New Disney Movies Insiders Website - AND CODES! UPDATED 1/1/2022

    No, this is not the usual for the program. They have been doing a lot more smaller events all year where you can gain codes tho admittedly! December was always the big month, because they've always done some sort of promo where you can get daily codes, and one big code for the weekends. As...
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    Open Game: On the 12th Day of Giftmas

    I'd like #25. Loungefly Jumbo Rescuers Down Under LE 1000! I believe @Mcgilligan is up next for main prize pick
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    2021 Pin Discussion

    Did someone forget to design the holiday pins and they let someone who knew how to use MSPaint design these? How uninspired…
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    2021 Pin Discussion

    No, with Funko, they just get to take the licensing and then has their own teams design the products. That’s why they also don’t have to adhere to the stricter design bible the in house merch team generally has to, and why a lot of their stuff has been more unique for the most part. Yep, this...
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    Completed Game: 12(ish) Days of Holiday Giveaways

    Whoa! So sorry to hear little one isn't doing well, wish her a speedy recovery!
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    Completed Game: 12(ish) Days of Holiday Giveaways

    My favorite holiday tradition is watching my favorite Christmas movies!
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    2021 Pin Discussion

    I can't help but wonder if whoever on their art team was influenced by a friend of mine's art style... (@sophieeaves on twitter) She's done Aristokitties, but couldn't find those easily. Her execution is WAY cuter tho :P
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    Hot Cash/Lunch Money Mega Thread - LUNCH MONEY REDEEMING NOW 1/6-1/16

    I've found this to be the norm. You either get all your codes right at the get go, or they show up a week into it. That's usually when they send you some freebie codes to entice you to spend if you didn't actually earn any too.
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    For Sale: Heroes vs. Villains House Sigil Box Set Co-op

    Thanks for thinking of me, but I'm not able to be spending on pins from the event. Going to try to trade for them eventually ^^
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    Kittens! Kittens! Kittens! - krand1276's Foster Thread

    So a pro-tip for your own resident kitties: Go get a bottle of L-Lysine tablets, over the counter ones for people. Lysine is a main component for treating kitties with respiratory infections. The tablets are pretty soft typically, and should smash easily into a powder with a backside of a spoon...
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    Trade Auction: Pretend You Were There WDW Oct 1st ends 10/12 9PM EST

    I'll bid: Pin# 131898 Wreck It Ralph 2 - Mystery - Vanellope and Snow White and Pin# 62512 DLR - Mickey's Pin Odyssey 2008 - Decals Collection - Tinker Which were on WDWAurora's wants list
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    Saving DPF

    I’ll come forward and say I stand behind everything @Tokaji has come here, and elsewhere, and said on behalf of other members
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    #10 - Stitch Crashes Disney (Pocahontas)

    I'm sorry, he's the worst looking one next to Lady and the Tramp (meatball chicken pox). This one is like vomit colored...
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    Hot Cash/Lunch Money Mega Thread - LUNCH MONEY REDEEMING NOW 1/6-1/16

    Just noting, Lunch Money has ended already, but Hot Cash is still going
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    2021 Pin Discussion

    D23 Expo is the big huge event that occurs at the Anaheim Convention Center. It's held during the summer, and is every other year, and is typically on the odd years, but the next one will be 2022 due to COVID rearranging (curious to see if they'll now be on even years, or if they'll push for...
  20. pretty_Omi

    Disney Happy Meal Toys!

    :eek: You got Simba! I got a Happy Meal today for lunch for fun, I got Mad Hatter!