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  1. work2pin

    Sold/Ended: Small World Mystery Crocodile with umbrella chaser pin

    If you have one for sale or trade, please PM me. The last one I need!!
  2. work2pin

    2014 Epcot Pin Event Details Posted

    Yippee! Really glad they went back to the old format. We will be going! We also have 2 kids and 2 friends that would love to be sponsored to go, so if you cannot make it but want to control the RSP and get the free gifts, PM me and I can let you know how it works. They just want to go to...
  3. work2pin

    2014 EPCOT Pin Event!

    OK, so this is killing me! Anyone heard anything from any reliable sources on the dates for the pin event next year? I have Disney Vacation Club points that I want to use to book a room for the event, but can't really do that until they announce the dates! I know for a while it was the Friday...
  4. work2pin

    RSP's are In!!!!!

    6 RSPs with the #20 framed set a slot #1... No success... Got everything else. Trying to look on the bright side, saving $400!
  5. work2pin

    RSP Villain TRADIN' POST!!

    Six RSPs no success on the #20 countdown framed set. If you happened to get it and would be willing to part with it, I would trade a LOT to get it!
  6. work2pin

    WDW - Reflections Of Evil

    Yes, they could have avoided all of the angst and just have the club 13 portion on Thursday, leaving the pin event alone.... You would think if they are really separate events, then the RSPs would be separate, at least you would be getting something extra for all the extra money you are paying.
  7. work2pin

    WDW - Reflections Of Evil

    Yes, it is very disappointing! We have family going and now the only real way that this is affordable is to see if there are some sponsors out there willing to share the cost! Since the family only wants to go to trade, I am looking for sponsors to share the costs! I probably have 3-4 slots...
  8. work2pin

    WDW - Reflections Of Evil

    Yes, very disappointing! Will there be fewer pin trading boards on Friday to accomodate the vinyl trading?? I will now have 4 people that want to be sponsored for either Friday or Saturday. PM me if you want to sponsor someone!
  9. work2pin

    DL - Enchanted Tiki Room 50th Anniversary Event

    There are actually 3 rounds of RSPs, so you can request up to 3 of any item. There is no guarantee that you will receive them, they could run out if enough people want to buy them in the first round. Because it is LE 500, there is usually a pretty good chance that you can get two if you really...
  10. work2pin

    DL - Enchanted Tiki Room 50th Anniversary Event

    Yes, I am going to the event, but I can't put the passholder lanyard (RSP #1) on my RSP because my annual pass is for WDW not DLR... Looking for someone with a DLR annual pass that can add it to their RSP for me.... The catalogue says you must have a Disneyland annual pass for the lanyard...
  11. work2pin

    DL - Enchanted Tiki Room 50th Anniversary Event

    Hi! Is there anyone going to the Tiki event that could add item #1 to their RSP for me? I am going to the event since I will be out in CA, but I only have a WDW annual pass! I can pick it up from you at the event and paypal you the money! I would be happy to return the favor for anyone needing...
  12. work2pin

    Epcot R/C - Horizons condition?

    I will be there on Saturday looking for a full set so I will try EPCOT. Does EPCOT have the new PWP pins? I want to make sure that I buy them where they have the new PWP pins...
  13. work2pin

    Disneyland® Paris Pin Trading Night March 2013

    I won't be there until March 13... Do you think the LE pins (St Patrick's Day, Tiana) will be sold out by then??
  14. work2pin

    Tried my hand at selling on eBay...*sigh*

    That is truely crazy! I would not allow them to pick and choose. All or nothing! Have them send them all back! They should pay the return shipping!
  15. work2pin

    Weight loss challenge! (STARTS THIS SUNDAY!!!)

    I went today too! Every little step helps! It really is a sensible way to get the weight off. My problem is exercise (when I am not snacking too much). I am just going to need to move more.....
  16. work2pin

    Disneyland® Paris Pin Trading Night March 2013

    Anyone know what the March pin releases and dates are?
  17. work2pin

    Weight loss challenge! (STARTS THIS SUNDAY!!!)

    OK PM sent. I have already been working on this! A little extra motivation never hurts! JoAnne
  18. work2pin

    BRAND NEW DLR Completer Pins! Ends 2/24 @ 11:59 DLR Time! (Oogie / Ursula)

    Pin 91233: WDW - 2012 Hidden Mickey Series - Duffy's Hats - Sorcerer CHASER and Pin 91234: WDW - 2012 Hidden Mickey Series - Duffy's Hats - Adventureland
  19. work2pin

    DLP February 2013 Pins are up!

    Thanks for the info! I am hoping that they have some of the Ariel St. Patrick's Day pins when I am there!
  20. work2pin

    Disney Parks, DSF, and UK New Releases [Updated Pending]

    I love the Ariel pin too! I am hoping it is released when I am there in March. It will be our first trip to DLP! Anyone know what specific locations the LE pins are at?