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  1. Kerri780

    Zapped! The Maleficent grail I didn't know I needed!

    What a gorgeous pin, congrats :)
  2. Kerri780

    Disney Store Cast Member Watch

    No idea or info on it but that is an awesome watch! Great find :)
  3. Kerri780

    Any help appreciated *alot of pins*

    Thank you both for your replies. If possible, advice on whether they are scrappers/fake and comparisons would be lovely. I found the Hawaiian stitch & Snow white on pinpics but neither of them had a counterfit warning so I wasnt sure where to go from there!
  4. Kerri780

    Any help appreciated *alot of pins*

    Hey DPF crew, I've been MIA for a little while! This might turn into a lengthy post but any help would be great. I have a few pins from when I traded in WDW during 2004-2009 and ones I bought off IG/FB when I got back into collecting. I've tried to cross reference on pinpics and FB groups but...
  5. Kerri780

    Thank you :)

    Thank you :)
  6. Kerri780

    For Sale: Update: *10/30 DTD Pin/Merchandise Pick UPs

    Ahhh I'm always so late to this! Can you please get me x2 pumpkin mystery if still there on Wednesday :)
  7. Kerri780


    Ohh yes please x2 boxes if/when available!
  8. Kerri780

    Sold/Ended: WDW Sporadic Pickups: At Cost Lotto - 9/17 Drop

    Thank you, glad to see you back even if it is sporadic <3
  9. Kerri780

    Sold/Ended: WDW Sporadic Pickups: At Cost Lotto - 9/17 Drop

    Is it too late to ask for x2 pumpkin mystery boxes please? I've been MIA for a few weeks! :D
  10. Kerri780

    For Sale: $3 $4 and $5 pin sale! Princess, Villain, Fab 5, Park and more!

    Is the Remy with salt still available please? :)
  11. Kerri780

    Zapped! A gift of Magic!

    Congratulations :)
  12. Kerri780

    Sold/Ended: Tea Time!!! Auction ends: Saturday, Feb 15 12:00pm PST

    This pin is so beautiful but I have nothing! Good luck with your auction!
  13. Kerri780

    Zapped! Best Disneyland surprises ever :)

    Awesome zaps and generosity! I hope you had a fabulous trip
  14. Kerri780

    Thank you!

    Thank you!
  15. Kerri780

    Sold/Ended: Preparing for Grails Sale!

    Hello, could I get the alice teacup from the hkdl mystery set please :)
  16. Kerri780

    Completed Game: Free game for Christmas! Tell me your favorite Christmas toys!

    This was the best toy ever... Harry Potter slime chamber! I can still remember opening it, the smell of the slime. Probably my only childhood xmas I can still remember
  17. Kerri780

    2019 Disney Wisdom Series - #12 Fairy Godmother

    Does anyone know if there is going to be a similar release in 2020?
  18. Kerri780

    Zapped! The artist has become the art-ee (?)

    All of these are incredible, meaning I have the drawing capabilities of a 5yr old! Very much in awe!