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  1. Kerri780

    Any help appreciated *alot of pins*

    Hey DPF crew, I've been MIA for a little while! This might turn into a lengthy post but any help would be great. I have a few pins from when I traded in WDW during 2004-2009 and ones I bought off IG/FB when I got back into collecting. I've tried to cross reference on pinpics and FB groups but...
  2. Kerri780

    Sold/Ended: DLP Pick ups NO LE

    Hello everyone, I am going to Disneyland Paris the 3rd-7th of June and will offer pick ups to all DPFers. As the title suggests no LE's as I am going Monday-Friday I would be highly surprised if there is any left over from the previous weekend! Below I will attach some flyers so people can...
  3. Kerri780

    My first ever complete set! HKDL mystery set

    I have been collecting this set for a few months and I LOVE it, it is my favourite mystery set I've come across from all the parks, it's a great mix of characters, soooooooo glittery and the colours POP. My horrible home lighting and rubbish camera have not done this set justice
  4. Kerri780

    Zapped! Moreeee candyyy!

    Here is what I received from @timeerkat as part of our candy swap:eek: Thank you again I love it all! I have show way less control than Tessa and have already demolished a it hence some open packs and some empty boxes in the pic ;) WOW you guys have such good stuff in the US, I must move for...
  5. Kerri780

    Sold/Ended: Trading, HKDL pins!

    Hey, opened my second box of these today and got all duplicates!! SOOOO annoying and expensive! Is anyone else collecting this set and would like to trade? Also there is a few random traders left on my board too! :)
  6. Kerri780

    Sold/Ended: ISO Adventure is out there mystery pins

    Hello, I am only after the three pins circled to complete my set! I'm quite new to trading so don't have many traders but I'm willing to attempt trading if not to buy! I love this set and I'm eager to complete it! Also I'm in the UK so please bear that in mind :)
  7. Kerri780

    Zapped! I've been zapped!

    So excited! I've had the pleasure of doing my first ever trade with the lovely @Badockins and he sent me an extra pin! We agreed 3 pins and I told him to surprise my between Piglet for my WTP collection or Star Wars for a secret gift I'm making my brother in law and he sent both! So kind and...
  8. Kerri780

    Help with identifying a pin please!

    Hey, I recently dusted my old collection off and when looking through them found a pin that looks a little odd! I visited both Disney resorts between 10-15 years ago on numerous occasions and brought a few pins but don't remember doing much trading however, I must have due to this pin I've...
  9. Kerri780

    Probably a stupid question! Ebay mystery lots!

    Hey everyone, I have been watching loads of the mystery unboxings on youtube as I love them! I normally watch DisneyKittee but in the suggested there was a link for a video regarding someone who brought big lots of mystery bags- about 4/5 bags for $40 and same with booster packs. My question...
  10. Kerri780

    My very old pin collection!

    Hey Everyone, I recently joined here and put my introduction post on etc, but I retrieved my pins yesterday from the loft of my parents house and gave them a little clean as I've recently got back into it! I went to WDW DLR between the years of 2004-2009 so thats when these pins were purchased...
  11. Kerri780

    Hello everybody!

    Hey everyone, I have never traded pins before but I visited WDW 3 times as a teenager (Very eager to go back!!) and purchased a couple of lanyards worth of pins during 2004,2005 and 2009 on my trips. I've recently been getting into collecting the Mickey ~Memories set and this has reunited my...