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  1. pretty_Omi

    Hot Cash/Lunch Money Mega Thread - LUNCH MONEY REDEEMING NOW 1/6-1/16

    Howdy! I felt motivated to create a super thread, so that I can help our group keep updated whenever these promos are running! Firstly, you may be asking, what is Hot Cash, or Lunch Money? These are special coupons earned and distributed by Hot Topic and Box Lunch stores respectively (Box Lunch...
  2. pretty_Omi

    Zapped! A very belated Zap post

    Two days before Thanksgiving I received a very lovely package from our beloved @summerskin. I was having a not so great day (week), and the timing couldn't have been better. Somehow she just knows! I always love all the stickers and candies! My Nana loved her newest Ursula pin, that Pegasus is...
  3. pretty_Omi

    Zapped! A tiny foxy zap!!

    So a few weeks ago, someone on FB was selling a bunch of Japan pins. I've been needing this one little foxy from a Mary Poppins Returns set you see, and I've been having no luck trading for it without having to buy/trade for the whole set. Well this seller had it at a very price! I commented...
  4. pretty_Omi

    Sold/Ended: Omi's Clear My Debt Sale! Updated 8/27

    Hello, greeting and salutations! I bring you many fine pins for sale! Some of these are my traders, but some of these have been pulled from my very own collections! I've decided I'd rather pay off all of my credit cards than have a book full of traders. Plus I'm going to be looking at buying a...
  5. pretty_Omi

    For Sale: Fantasy pins for sale!

    I’ve got some great fantasy pins for sale! Prices on photos, and please add $4 for shipping up to 5 pins, more than that and I’ll have to calculate it. US addresses only!
  6. pretty_Omi

    No more park releases sold at DTD in CA

    Like the title says, news is all over the Facebook groups that they are not selling LE pin releases at the DTD Pin Trader shop, nor World of Disney. They will be for sale IN Disneyland and DCA parks only. No confirmable word on whether this is permanent or a temporary change. So far this has...
  7. pretty_Omi

    Kickstarter for Disney history book

    There's only about 36 hours left on this Kickstarter I just came across, for a book about the original Cast Members of Disneyland! David Koenig is fairly well known from his contributions to many parks fan blogs, and has written many books about Disney history. The 55ers: The Pioneers Who...
  8. pretty_Omi

    Zapped! Oh I Just Can't Wait to be Zapped~

    So a couple months ago, D23 sold tickets for one of their special anniversary screenings, and this time it was for my other favorite movie, The Lion King!! Sadly, while in the middle of trying to complete the checkout process, I was informed the event sold out :( A week before the screening...
  9. pretty_Omi

    Sold/Ended: Emperor's New Groove pins

    Hey gang! So I have a friend who's been low key collecting pins, and he's coming to visit and go to Disneyland next month. He collects Emperor's New Groove, so I've been trying to snag some cool pins to gift him! Right now I'm specifically looking for these: Pin 128456 Loungefly - Kuzco And...
  10. pretty_Omi

    Sold/Ended: Donations needed for April DPF Pin Party!

    Hello and salutations to all my fellow forum members! You may be familiar with the pin parties that Amy and David have been hosting on So Cal each spring over the years, well sadly this is supposed to be their last event. I want to send us out with a bang, and so I have decided to host a FREE...
  11. pretty_Omi

    Disneyland PTN - Tonight! 2/21/19 Sleeping Beauty Theme

    This event is tonight! (whoops, I didn't think to make a thread sooner) Myself, @Connies_Hobby, @PixiePost and @snwwht85 will be there, and should all be found at the same table! I forgot to bring any of my DPF buttons or badges whoops, but I'm usually easy to find, come say hi!
  12. pretty_Omi

    Disneyland After Dark: Heroes Assemble

    The latest "after hours" party at Disneyland is coming, and this one is Marvel themed! They are doing it for two nights in a row, and tickets went on sale TODAY if you're an Annual Passholder, with the rest going on sale on Thursday. I got tickets for the first night, April 30th! I'm already...
  13. pretty_Omi

    Zapped! Hopemax got me too!!

    I was on vacation in Arizona for two weeks, so I had a pile of mail to come home to! I knew what everything was except for a package from Colorado, but based on other posts I had a hunch ;) That hunch was right, I got a lovely package from @hopemax! I got an adorable Bambi notepad, a pretty...
  14. pretty_Omi

    Sold/Ended: ISO Mim Fox

    I need a pink fox! I have these for trade Right now I’m only looking for the Fox pin. Once I get her, the others will be up for trade for other things. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. pretty_Omi

    Zapped! Tis the season!

    To be zapped! So as @Tokaji mentioned on his own post, he and I have been saving up for a couple months to work out a really nice trade. Since we mailed at Christmas time, it's no surprise that we zapped each other a little extra! A bounty of wrapped goods! Here it is unwrapped! The Might...
  16. pretty_Omi

    Shop Disney Toys for Tots Promotion

    So it appears that Shop Disney is offering a way to donate to Toys for Tots directly from their online store. This is nice and convenient for anyone looking to give a little extra, but maybe is strapped for time, or lack of knowing where to donate. It's a specific section with 6 toys (1 doll, 3...
  17. pretty_Omi

    Disneyland suspending APs of personal shoppers and flippers

    Disneyland is quietly revoking annual passes of guests who buy and resell souvenirs – Orange County Register Anyone who does pickups should be extra careful, or even possibly have to stop doing the service :(
  18. pretty_Omi

    Zapped! This is not the Secret Santa you were looking for...

    So I'm in the forum's yearly Secret Santa exchange, so we all get super stoked when a mystery box shows up on our doorsteps... (Mickey button used to protect the innocent :p ) Oh man look at all these neatly wrapped items... Oops, good thing I had some forethought and opened this totally...
  19. pretty_Omi

    Zapped! There's a new ZAP master in town

    @Disneychildwithin and @NutMeg better watch out, we got a new serial zapper in town... I'm sure everyone has been noticing, while she hasn't been around for very long, @summerskin is just full of amazing generosity! I recently attended the Pinsgiving event in her honor, picking up the pins and...