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  1. timeerkat

    Trading: Swap Box #1 Around the USA

    Awesome pulls, congrats!
  2. timeerkat

    2022 Pin Discussion

    Ah, so it's a rosehip tea!
  3. timeerkat

    Trading: Swap Box #1 Around the USA

    Yay! Looking forward to seeing what you pull!
  4. timeerkat

    Mail Days Post

    From the last week or so, got the final three comics and final three Magic in the Stars that complete those sets. I also got a package from @MerlinEmrys with the Marvel advent calendar Hawkeye pins and an awesome Rescue Rangers bolo!
  5. timeerkat

    US Members - Four Free COVID Tests

    I ordered two through CVS last week that arrived today. One expires October 17th and one expires November 11th.
  6. timeerkat

    US Members - Four Free COVID Tests

    For US members, the website site to order four free COVID tests per household is open. I know a lot of us have been affected by COVID or have had friends and family members affected, myself included. While I hope this program can be expanded in the future, something...
  7. timeerkat

    Our Transformation Story pins (bi-monthly and alternates between each coast): Limited Edition of 2,750.

    Another one could be Narissa from Enchanted, since she transforms into both an old woman and a dragon.
  8. timeerkat

    Trading: Swap Box #1 Around the USA

    Address sent!
  9. timeerkat

    Swap Box around the USA

    I would like to sign up, please. (After I just spent 12 hours last weekend sorting out all my traders. XD So now at least I know what all I have available!)
  10. timeerkat

    2022 Pin Discussion

    I REALLY want to like this, but the ellipsis after the first "m" is too distracting. It should be after the last m.
  11. timeerkat

    2022 Pin Discussion

    @LadyBarclay collects Kim, but she hasn't been around DPF in over a year. I hope everything is ok with her.
  12. timeerkat

    Best Pin Releases of 2021

    Shoutout to the Magic in the Stars series. It's very underrated but I think they did a fantastic job of blending in several icons of the birth month/zodiac sign without making the pin too busy. And they used a great range of characters, many of which are rare as far as pins go. My other...
  13. timeerkat

    Zapped! A Merry Sora Christmas

    I too was blessed with a amazing package from @SoraPandora ! It arrived in early November but it said to wait until Christmas to open, so I did. ;) First was both a Christmas card *and* a Halloween card! Plus the reassurance that the package was inspected by Sophie, who is an amazing...
  14. timeerkat

    2022 Pin Discussion

    So far the other previewed ones are Rapunzel and Snow White.
  15. timeerkat

    2022 Pin Discussion

    Aww, Timon is so cute! I like how they designed him on this one. It looks like the following characters are featured (starting top and moving clockwise) : - Spaceship Earth - Miguel - Milan - Mowgli and Baloo - Tiana (human) and Naveen (frog) - Simba - Aladdin and Jasmine - Quasimodo - Merida
  16. timeerkat

    2021 Pin Discussion

    I can wait to trade for the mystery box Timon, but I am SEVERELY tempted by the Bulbasaur cosplay bag. I'm trying to be better about how I spend my money this year, though, so I'll pass for now.
  17. timeerkat


    Happy New Year to all! Wishing nothing but the best for everyone heading into 2022.
  18. timeerkat

    2021 Pin Discussion

    Ooh, PJ and Hiss in the carriage!
  19. timeerkat

    New Disney Movies Insiders Website - AND CODES! UPDATED 1/1/2022

    Im not sure if they stay up until they sell out or if they are removed after a certain amount of time. I would assume the former, since there are till Luca and Raya rewards up after months.