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  1. Xanaduhaz

    Sold/Ended: Music to my ears beauty and the beast

    Looking for the beauty and the beast music to my ears pin who is willing to send to the UK Sent from my G8341 using Tapatalk
  2. Xanaduhaz

    How does lineberty work at Disneyland Paris getting pins?

    I am going to Disneyland Paris on Wednesday 11th of September to 15th of September. On the Saturday there are some limited editions being released in the parks, how does it work? What are the chances of a very anxious autistic girl getting one especially one is lion king and another is carousel...
  3. Xanaduhaz

    Sold/Ended: ISO looking whats my name? Badge mystery moana

    Looking for the whole set or new mystery boxes. I am in the UK so I know there will be extra shipping. Willing to buy or trade. My pinpics is Xanaduhaz. Sent from my G8341 using Tapatalk
  4. Xanaduhaz

    RAKed! I never thought in a million years I would be nominated

    So as some of you may know the last couple of months haven't been the best namely breaking my ankle on a dream trip to Walt Disney World. I had saved and paid it off throughout the year only to break my ankle three days into a two week holiday. I was devastated and it had an impact on my mental...
  5. Xanaduhaz

    Zapped! LittleBird generously zapped me

    So we were working out a trade that was going to be finalised after my trip to WDW. However, I broke my ankle three days into the holiday and it really negatively the trip as I couldn't walk and I was so stressed and homesick. So she asked for my address and a few days after coming back from...
  6. Xanaduhaz

    Sold/Ended: Frozen Disney Dreams - ends 15th July 8pm BST

    Up for Auctions is the Frozen Disney Dreams pin PinPics- 106676 DLP - Disney Dreams - Frozen LE 600 Wanting - 163 Trading - 65 My PInpics is Xanaduhaz, I have a long list of wants- Lion King Atlantis Emperor's New Groove Si and Am Brother Bear Basil the Great Mouse Detective and...
  7. Xanaduhaz

    UK, do you pay extra for tracking abroad?

    I have never used tracking and just got proof of postage, I have never had a problem. Traders have always been happy with proof of postage and it has always reached its destination. However, I did a recent trade where I pretty much got called a fraudulent trader and they threatened to get the...
  8. Xanaduhaz

    How do you price your pins

    So have never sold pins before but I have someone who is interested in buying some. I have tried looking what is currently on ebay but most of the pins she wants I can't find on ebay? I want to get a fair price both for the person who is interested and me Sent from my G8341 using Tapatalk
  9. Xanaduhaz

    DSSH villainous frames series

    I have been looking on ebay and have noticed that these pins are now going for ridiculously cheap from a seller that has been accused of selling fakes but has 1000s of positive views so I am not sure. Just thoughts I would let you guys know as I know how sort after these pins where. I am hoping...
  10. Xanaduhaz

    I am headed to WDW September 28-October 12

    I can't believe it, its actually happening. So never been to America before or WDW. I need all your tips and advice as well as would love to get to know and meet any of you guys there? I am super excited and is a dream come true!
  11. Xanaduhaz

    Zapped! Zapped by slbrabham!

    So this wonderful person did a massive multi-pin trade, not only that she zapped me with TWO pins. The last month or so has been really rocky with my health so this put a massive smile on my face. The hot air balloon is so much nicer in person as well love them both!
  12. Xanaduhaz

    Date Nite at Disneyland Park Mystery Collection

    Finally got pins in hand to complete this collection, the sword and the stone pin alluded me for so long! The photo doesn't do these pins justice. So happy, I love collections like these as I can't collect everything Disney so gives me an opportunity to have other films and characters in my...
  13. Xanaduhaz

    Sold/Ended: Disney Park Pack - Pin Edition - Monthly Subscriptions - Limited Edition

    This is a HUGE ask but was wondering if I could pay someone to buy the subscription as I am in the UK, I would of course pay for shipping and any additional costs to you. I am just after some interesting new pins and good traders. I can pay a month in advance fr your financial security.
  14. Xanaduhaz

    What sites do you use to upload images on to DPF?

    Hi guys, it has been a while and since I last updated my signature photobucket doesn't upload images for free, what sites do you use, I know for still images postimage has been suggested but what about for gifs in signatures etc?
  15. Xanaduhaz

    Zapped! Zapped by my close friend Ninpin

    I got a wonderful zap about a month ago from my wonderful friend Ninpin, I think she was hinting that I need to get back into the pin trading game again!! She is also a fabulous artist and has drawn me a wonderful picture of simba, made my day.
  16. Xanaduhaz

    Beautiful DS Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass pin Ends 1st September

    Up for Auction is recently released pin 117362 Want 69 Trade 21 The auction will end Thursday 1st September 10pm BST My main pin collections: Lion King Atlantis Brother Bear BatB Bell Jar/Rose Emperor's New Groove Basil the Great Mouse Detective Siamese Cats Anything else from my wants...
  17. Xanaduhaz

    I got zapped!!

    So I won one of MomeRathsOutgrabe's auctions which I may have completely forgot about since posting the pins so the parcel was a nice surprise in itself. But not only was there the pin I won but also a Date Nite at Disneyland Cinderella and a cute Rafiki Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom Card. I...
  18. Xanaduhaz

    Cute Minnie Zap

    Just completed a trade with poohstiks26 and she added a few little extras to the package including park maps to WDW (I have never been so they are wonderful to look through) some stickers and finally a cute Minnie pin which will be perfect for my friend.
  19. Xanaduhaz

    Are DLP PTE and PTN's being scrapped or counterfitted?

    I have two Dr. Facilier PTN however there are subtle differences between them. One the left I believe to be a genuine one and I think the one on the left maybe not. There is a difference in the blues on the ribbon The soldering (is that what is called?) is messier on the right one...
  20. Xanaduhaz

    Zapped by Sorapandora

    A while back Sara said she had two pins from my wants that she had sat aside for me and this week they arrived. I am going through a rough point at the moment and this was a real pick me up. I love the two Si and Am pins that collection is slowly growing. Thank you so much Sorapandora