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  1. disneygirl333

    Beauty and the beast cast pin

    Hi all! By a strange turn of events ( and my annoying brother) I now have a duplicate of this pin! Pin PD75587: Cast Exclusive - Grand Opening 2012 - Be Our Guest Restaurant And it is for trade :) Please let me know if you are interested!
  2. disneygirl333 Jessica Rabbit!

    Hi all! I'm just going to put a pin up for a (hopefully) quick sale! I have this pin: Pin PD52646: - Jessica Postcard Series Pin And I am looking for $16 plus shipping. It has a scratch on the black pavement part of the pin and I will add photos here shortly. I do not...
  3. disneygirl333

    Mary Poppins sing a long marquee!!! And possible frozen sing a long?

    Hi all! I'm looking for the surprise sing a long mary poppins marquee that was released today! And if they decide to to a sing a long frozen marquee.... I NEEDS IT. :eek: I have no idea if they'll do that, but I thought I'd ask. Please pm me if you have one! thank you!
  4. disneygirl333

    Frozen, WIR, Enchanted

    Hi all! I'm looking to get some frozen pins for my collection! :) So far I have the AMC Olaf pin, and the Anna and Elsa Snowflake. :D please check my traders or just let me know what you have. Thank you! I am also looking to get some pins for my wreck it Ralph collection!
  5. disneygirl333

    Some of our super Talented members are on redbubble!!!

    Hey guys!!! I know there are not a lot of options for adults or teens in terms of disney shirts and apparel, and well a few of our super artistic talented members have designs on redbubble! I've already got some shirts from our very own AgentofAnarchy ( Mary-Lou) and I can't wait to get...
  6. disneygirl333

    Pin PD25724: Disney Auctions (P.I.N.S.) - Belle Name

    Hi all! I am looking to trade : Pin PD25724: Disney Auctions (P.I.N.S.) - Belle Name for some frozen pins! Please let me know what you have and if you'd like to trade! Thank you! :)
  7. disneygirl333

    Frozen <3

    Yes, like just about everyone out there I absolutely love Frozen! So far I've seen it 14 times! ;) I pre-ordered the soundtrack and listen to it everyday! Let it go has become my new favorite song, especially when I'm "mad or scared or stressed" ;) . My favorite Character is Elsa since I...
  8. disneygirl333

    Sweet mother of monkey milk! Isn't this amazing?

    Oh my goodness, so back around my birthday (in April) I was talking to Kristin (disneycrazee) about her AH-MAZING pin bags and how I love them. She said she would make me one for my birthday! well a lot has happened since then, but today it's heeerrre!! Anna and Elsa love it too! by Lost...
  9. disneygirl333

    Do you wanna build a snowman?

    Hey guys! I couldn't resist taking these photos! I hope you enjoy! "So you wanna build a snowman?" "So you wanna build a snowman?" by Lost Princess of Atlantica, on Flickr "look at that, we built a snowman!" "Look at that, we built a snowman!" by Lost Princess of Atlantica, on Flickr...
  10. disneygirl333

    New Sales thread! DA Belle , Jessica rabbit and more!

    Hey all! here's my sale to help get this little cutie's vet visit paid! Ella! by Lost Princess of Atlantica, on Flickr :hsd: I thought I'd organize my sale a bit better. Here we go: First up: $14 plus shipping Pin 91835 Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives - the Reagan Library -...
  11. disneygirl333

    Calling doll seamstresses! Trade?

    Hi all! I just thought I'd post here to see if anyone would like to make a trade? I would absolutely love a Pink dress for my LE 17" Ariel doll just like the one from the movie! If any talented members out there can sew and would like to make a dress for my doll I'd love to trade and work with...
  12. disneygirl333

    Shipping question

    Hi all just a quick question... Has anyone ever sent a small pin from the U.S to Belgium? If so, what were the shipping costs? I've been trying to find information online... Thank you for looking!
  13. disneygirl333

    Limited edition Disney dolls! (Gothel, Tiana, Calhoun...)

    Hi all! I collect dolls, and especially disney dolls and here are my most wanteds! Right now my priority is the 17" Mother Gothel doll! She is my holy grail of LE dolls :) If you have one please let me know! 1.) She doesn't have to be NIB or anything, she is my most wanted disney doll, I...
  14. disneygirl333

    DSF Jessica as Ursula, New Little mermaid marquee !!

    Hi all! I just got the news about the little mermaid DSF release an I would dearly love a marquee for my favorite movie!! I just love it! Please let me know if you'd be willing to help!! :) I would also ​love the new Jessica Rabbit as Ursula pin!!!! :x:
  15. disneygirl333

    Thank you so much!

    I just wanted to give a big thank you to Hollie (fireheadfred) and Meg! (MegglesM) From Hollie I recieved a beleated birthday present: A card with this amazing drawing of my two favorite princesses: Ariel and Rapunzel Belated birthday presents from Hollie! by Lost Princess of Atlantica, on...
  16. disneygirl333

    OR TRADE : Your own Custom disney shoes!!

    Hi everyone! I just recently started decorating canvas shoes with disney characters and I was wondering if there would be any interest in trading for a pair or possibly buying one? I don't have all the details worked out as far as shoes used ( some people may want Vans or Keds or Toms etc.) you...
  17. disneygirl333

    Your latest art projects?

    Hi everyone! I'm curious to see what you artists are working on! :) Here are some of the things I am working on: Vanellope :) Wreck it ralph! :) by Lost Princess of Atlantica, on Flickr Custom disney shoes: Untitled by Lost Princess of Atlantica, on Flickr Wreck it ralph! :) by Lost...
  18. disneygirl333

    D23 Pat Carroll Autograph and Sephora Ariel hair clip!

    Hi all! I am looking for this blue starfishhair clip! I'd be happy to trade for it! :) It was given out at d23 when you got your nails done or when you got a makeover from sephora. also if anyone could get anything autographed by Pat Carroll.... I'd be over the moon!! thank you for...
  19. disneygirl333

    WANTED: Disney Designer fairytale collection co-op d23 expo??

    Hi everyone! So as you may have heard, there will be a pin set for the upcoming disney fairytale designer couples collection. It is said that it will be a d23 expo exclusive. If anyone who is attending the expo would be willing to help arrange a co-op for the pins, I would be eternally grateful...
  20. disneygirl333

    New Designer DFDC Pin set!

    Hi everyone! Like everyone else and their mother I would love to have the new Disney Fairytale Designer Collection pins! image by Lost Princess of Atlantica, on Flickr Now we know they exist, but there is the possibility of them being d23 expo exclusives! :cry: :anxious: Being on the other...