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  1. jprincess

    Sold/Ended: ISO POH Flying Fish

    ISO POH Flying Fish Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. jprincess

    Sold/Ended: ISO Dumbo Acme for trade

    I am looking to trade for the dumbo acme. Preferably acme for acme. Thanks. Comment and PM. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. jprincess

    Sold/Ended: Trading DEC Halloween Pins

    I have several recent DEC Halloween pins I am potentially willing to trade. Please PM and comment. ISO: Ariel/Eric Flynn/Rapunzel Jumbo small world Piece of history (rare ones) Piece of Disney Movie DSF Wedding Pins Piece of Movie Jumbos in general Pinpics: jprincess (hasn’t been...
  4. jprincess

    Sold/Ended: ISO Tangled Wedding Trade

    ISO tangled wedding pin for trade. Here are four of my newest employee center traders. Please comment and PM. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. jprincess

    Sold/Ended: Split PTN Little Mermaid set

    Would anyone be interested in splitting the Pin Trading Night Little Mermaid set? I am wanting to keep Ariel wedding Flounder. I have successfully purchased my ticket for the WDW event. It’s the only pin I am wanting from the event. So please let me know if you are interested in any of the...
  6. jprincess

    Sold/Ended: ISO DSF Tangled Wedding

    Looking for the DSF tangled wedding pin that released a few months ago online. Thanks for any info on how to trade for one. :)
  7. jprincess

    Zapped! Zapppp! :)

    Thank you @TheMickeyMouseRules for such an awesome deal on the jumbo and for the Rapunzel zap! I was beyond excited to see I had some pin mail today! Even though I have several from this mystery pin series I was missing the Rapunzel courage one. What a fun zap! :D Sent from my iPhone...
  8. jprincess

    Zapped! Tangled Grad ZAP

    Thank you @ItzaPinfan for such a sweet graduation zap surprise! The postcard fits my graduation cap PERFECTLY! I absolutely cannot wait to hang it up. Cute Disney designer lipstick! (AHHH so excited. I’ve never had one before) Cute Disney egg stickers! (Perfect because I missed the egg hunt...
  9. jprincess


    Hello, I am trying to find Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights pins. There are I believe 2 jumbos I am missing and I am also interested in other LE or open edition pins. I am in the process of gathering pins so I can make a shadow box with one of the farewell sweaters. Please help me making this...
  10. jprincess

    Sold/Ended: ISO JUMBO ALICE

    I am looking to trade for the jumbo Alice that was released today. (Photo not mine) Please comment and PM if you have this pin available for a potential trade. -Julie :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. jprincess

    Sold/Ended: ASAP TRADE 4 PODH

    Hello I am trying to make a quick trade for a piece of history pin. @watzshakinbacon and I are trying to coordinate a trade. She has agreed to allow me to use 1 of her pins below to try to obtain one of my ISO POH history pins. ISO PODH -Disneyland sleeping beauty castle PODH (aurora) -WDW toy...
  12. jprincess


    Hello, I have had several people drop out of my pickup list. Therefore I have a decent selection of pins that no longer have homes. If you would like purchase any please comment and pm ASAP. Below are the pins I still have available for pre-sale purchase. My listed Pin cost+ 6.5% tax+PayPal...
  13. jprincess

    Sold/Ended: HAVE FIGARO

    Hello I would like to potentially set up a pre-trade for the art of animation event. ISO: JUMBOS (especially), WDW POH, piece of movie, WDI pins. Feel free to send traders. Comment and PM.
  14. jprincess

    ISO Ariel/Eric boat

    I am looking for the recent acme Ariel/Eric in the boat over moonlight. I would prefer to trade. Comment and PM please. Thanks. Here’s a picture (not my photo):
  15. jprincess

    Sold/Ended: WDW Animation pins anyone?

    Hi Everyone! Great news! RSP RESULTS ARE IN: I will bold your name if I was able to get your pin(s) on my RSP list. If you no longer want a pin please let me know ASAP. I will PM you if I was able to get a pin for you. Please be ready to pay. You will have 72 HOURS to pay. If you do not...
  16. jprincess

    Little Mermaid/Tangled Board Complete

    My Little Mermaid/Tangled board is complete! If I decide to collect anymore of either I might have to make an individual board for each. But for now I’m happy with my collection. Ariel-If you zoom in I tried to tell the story of the Little Mermaid with pins! Each row I tried to include pins...
  17. jprincess

    Zapped! Zapped by Watzshakinbacon

    Erin zapped me a Christmas gift! It was a wonderful package. Thanks so much!!!!! :) Everything was wonderful. <3 -Aladdin DSF (very cute. It’s practically jumbo size!) -twitter pin (yayyyy bird!) -nasa pin -candy -card -Aurora trade Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. jprincess

    Sold/Ended: HAVE ALICE PTD let’s trade!

    Hello! I have the new Alice PTD available for trade. I am specifically looking for jumbo pins or pins I could use to get a nice jumbo. Also ISO Bing bong PTD Sorcerer hat POH Small world POH WDW Toy story mania WDW POH
  19. jprincess

    Zapped! Zapped by Watzshakinbacon

    Congrats on winning the game Erin! :) Today I was surprised to find a package from Erin in the mail. Here was this adorable zap! I'm glad it helped you win the game! This zap seriously made my day!!!!! Thanks so much watzshakinbacon. :)
  20. jprincess

    Zapped! Zapped by Timeerkat!

    Thank you so much Timeerkat for the zap! I have been wanting this pin for months now. So I'm so happy I finally have it. What perfect timing. Been a lot of stress over the hurricane-and this pin was perfect. I have found myself going through a lot of different feelings as the storm approaches...