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  1. LeisaV

    Hero’s vs. Villians House Sigils fail…..

    I received my pins today - I was really excited about getting them. I splurged on the House Sigils set and when I opened my set, I have two Lady Tremain and no Cruela in the set. I don’t even know who to call to fix this, or if they can….ugh! Then, to top off my grumpy Disney night, I am going...
  2. LeisaV

    Any survey for Fairy Tails?

    Did anyone get any type of survey for the Fairy Tails Event? We had a fabulous time, but I would like to give some constructive criticism feedback.
  3. LeisaV

    Threat on I-Pad with forum

    In the last few weeks I have been unable to use an Apple I-Pad on this Forum. I states there's a threat and it wont allow the i-pad to go into the forum and I am super bummed... I am on a windows product now - it says theres a threat but it blocked the threat. Is there anything that can be...
  4. LeisaV

    I'm a freak / needed plastic bins to protect pins from Hurricane Irma!

    Other people at Lowes and Home Depot...where's your plywood, fans, water.... me: where are your plastic bins? I need to protect my pin collection! im bringing them into the closet with the family if (when) thing get bad :o anyone else as crazy as me?
  5. LeisaV

    When do we pay for Love is Adventure RSP Pins?

    I thought we had to pay today?
  6. LeisaV

    Pin trading T-shirts?

    I wanted to make shirts for my husband and I for the Love is an adventure pin trading event....does anyone have any ideas? I was going to put first time pin trading on the back but my husband said no, the sharks will attack us! Any ideas will be appreciated.
  7. LeisaV

    Is the DL Father's Day release the same as WDW?

    I keep seeing new releases for stuff in California but I don't see releases for Florida.... hoping to get up there next week. :wiggle:
  8. LeisaV

    Are storybook steeds at both DL AND WDW?

    I've seen a bunch of the horses from posts in California but wondering if they're for sale in Florida too...
  9. LeisaV

    I was hardly able to get pins in AK

    My hubby and I went for the Pandora pre-opening. Everyone was so nice but hardly any pins left. I was able to get the passholder songstress. There were only two other open edition pins available...not many CM's had lanyards on. I did get to trade the bumble bee and the traffic cone. I was a...
  10. LeisaV

    Where to buy the best pins in animal kingdom?

    I'll be taking a short trip to animal kingdom to go to Pandora and have a few questions: where can I buy the best pins...biggest selection? where are the best trades? where can I buy a big pin case in the park? also, I was interested in the new jungle cruise pin and I heard it's only available...
  11. LeisaV

    What do your DIsney trade books look like?

    I'm trying to prepare a book for my first event and I saw some on eBay but I'm not sure if that's what I'm looking for. What's your favorite way to display? Give me photos!