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  1. work2pin

    Sold/Ended: Small World Mystery Crocodile with umbrella chaser pin

    If you have one for sale or trade, please PM me. The last one I need!!
  2. work2pin

    2014 EPCOT Pin Event!

    OK, so this is killing me! Anyone heard anything from any reliable sources on the dates for the pin event next year? I have Disney Vacation Club points that I want to use to book a room for the event, but can't really do that until they announce the dates! I know for a while it was the Friday...
  3. work2pin

    Where are they selling this cast pin?

    Hi! Does anyone know where they are selling the 91412: DCA - Cast Exclusive - 2012 California State - Hollywood Backlot - Chip & Dale Pin? Are they at Company D or somewhere else??
  4. work2pin

    DLR DTD Pin Traders hours?

    Anyone know what time DLR DTD Pin Traders opens? I was thinking of trying to go by tomorrow, but don't remember when they open....
  5. work2pin

    Next Year's Pin Event?

    Anyone heard a date for next year's WDW pin event? I thought maybe they would announce at the Room for One More or 10/1 events....
  6. work2pin

    Best places at DLR for Piece of Movie pins?

    As luck would have it, I have a business meeting after lunch in LA on 10/13, the day the Fantasia pins are going to be released. If I do make it down to DLR in the morning, what is the best place to snag some good ones? Is going into a park the best strategy? I would imagine that DTD is a...
  7. work2pin

    Florida Project Mystery pins!

    I got an email allowing me to add 4 boxes of item #22 - Mystery Collection Character Buttons ($19.95 per box of 2 pins) to my RSP. If anyone is looking for them, send me a PM. At cost plus tax and shipping. I need to call to add them by August 25th. My husband also has an RSP, so we can get...
  8. work2pin

    WANTED!! Disney Cruiser!

    I am looking for some help from upcoming (or recent) disney cruisers! I started collecting the DCL pin of the month pins for 2011. These are the pins that have a disney character sitting on an anchor. Here is the Donald pin from April: Anyway, if you are going on an upcoming cruise or...
  9. work2pin

    Wanted! Snow White Piece of Movie!

    OK, so I was seriously not going to collect this set, but then I got the Alice pin and a Peter Pan with Wendy and Tink was being returned while I was buying pins in DTD... Then there was Gus Gus and Jack on the Cinderella pin... and before you know it I have them all except Snow White...
  10. work2pin

    SciFi Academy RSP

    I have two RSPs for the SciFi Academy. If anyone would like me to add their requests to my RSP, please let me know. (Don't ask for mystery boxes!!) I don't want many pins from the event so I am willing to help others out. Shipping is usually $2.00 per pin and tax in CA is 8.75%. Payment via...
  11. work2pin

    Vinylmation Jr. Good Luck/Bad Luck??

    Is anyone else collecting these crazy vinylmation jr. pins?? Today I opened a package and I got a pin that I don't think is a chaser. Pinpics says the chasers are the white pin with the fortune cookie and the black pin with the spilled salt shaker... Maybe it is an error pin? Or a super...
  12. work2pin

    Alice Event Mystery boxes!

    I am in group 1 and am looking to trade my extra logo pin, watch pin, cheshire pin or eat me drink me pin for a mystery box! Let me know if you are interested!
  13. work2pin

    Keep on Tradin' pins! Need to Keep on Tradin'!!

    I have a bunch of duplicates and am interested in trading for Keep on Tradin' pins I don't have! You can see what I have for trade and what I want on pinpics. PM me or post here if you want to trade! JoAnne (work2pin)
  14. work2pin

    Counterfeit Cheshire pin!

    Beware! There is a pin for sale on ebay, location is China. Many people (including me!) have this pin on their holy grail list! Pin 6138: Disney Auctions - Alice in Wonderland 50th Ann. Series (Cheshire Cat) Very sad!
  15. work2pin

    DLR Hidden Mickey PWP Completer pins?

    Does anyone know if they have the new PWP pins at DLR, and where they are? My sister is going to DLR and I want to make sure that she gets the new ones. A friend had told me that they were sold out??
  16. work2pin

    Hello Everybody!!

    Yipee! A new pin forum! Look forward to moving on from "that other pin board that must not be named"! Hoping the DS sneak peekers make it over here as well!! JoAnne