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  1. pins4twin

    Downtown Disney trip

    I will be making a trip to California next week and we plan to go to Downtown Disney, but not to any of the parks. Is it worthwhile to bring any hidden Mickey traders? Is there any pin trading in the Downtown Disney area? Also, if you had lunch reservations at Naples, Tortilla Joes, or Ballast...
  2. pins4twin

    A Big Thank You to firechief18

    I think they zapped me, but I can’t post there. I posted a week or so ago that I have not been able to get the passholder pins this year because I did not go to WDW this summer. @firechief18 offered to get them for me, and before you know it, the pins show up in my mailbox. When I offered to...
  3. pins4twin

    Wanted: WDW Annual Passholder pins

    I usually get to WDW sometime over the summer, so I buy them myself. This year no trip, so I am looking for the two latest pins. I need the one with Ariel and the new one with Peter Pan. Thanks for the help.
  4. pins4twin

    Scrapper Gold Frame Cats?

    I just traded for the WDI Lucifer Gold Frame pin. I traded some really nice pins to get it, but now I am concerned that it may be fake. Are there any key signs or indications that help identify the fake pins?
  5. pins4twin

    Windy City Pintraders meeting 7/24/21

    The Chicago based Windy City Pin Traders will be meeting again. The first meet, post-COVID will be Saturday 7/24/21, at Mr Beef and Pizza in Mount Prospect on Elmhurst road. Expected to start at 11 am. Sorry for the late notice. If this site works out, I will post info on future meet ups...
  6. pins4twin

    Wanted: Fairy Godmother Profile

    Looking to trade for the new Fairy Godmother Profile. I have other profiles to trade, as well as DEC & WDI. If anyone here was able to get one and is willing to trade, please contact me.
  7. pins4twin

    Wanted: MOG 4/30 Release. Cinderella’ Carriage

    Hi, I am looking for the Cinderella Carriage pin released at MOG today. Did any of the cast members on the forum get the pin today? Looking to buy or trade. Thanks
  8. pins4twin

    Wanted: Event Trading Card and Tiny Boxes

    Like everyone else, did not get enough Trading card and pin sets or tiny boxes. Looking for at least one Trading card and as many Tiny boxes as I can get. Willing to buy or trade. Thanks.
  9. pins4twin

    For Sale: Minnie Main Attraction Tea Pot Version.

    My Disney store just opened and I was able to get two sets. Selling a Minnie Plush and a set of pins. $75 includes shipping in US. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. pins4twin

    Sold/Ended: DSSH On the Go. Extra pins

    Got some of the On the Go pins from the online release. These are the extras. Asking $35, but that includes the shipping. Send a message if interested. Thanks. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. pins4twin

    Pinpics Question

    There is a pin on pinpics that only 4 people are trading. When I use the trade assistant, I only match with 2 of the traders. I, apparently, don’t have matches with the other two. Is there a way to find out who those other two traders are so that I can see what their wants are? Maybe I have...
  12. pins4twin

    Sold/Ended: Fairy Tails extras For Sale

    The parting gift set is $80 for the whole thing or $20 per pin. I have one unopened mystery box. $25 Best in Show lanyard medal. LE 100. Asking $100 or best offer. Will also trade. PM me if interested. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. pins4twin

    Sold/Ended: A Little Late to the Party, but Fairy Tails pins For Sale

    Most of you have your pins already, but if you are still looking for some, well here you go. Prices listed after the pics. Stitch Adoption $26 (SOLD) Pepita $26 SOLD Figaro. SOLD Stitch Flip. $28 (Sold) Basil and Toby. $28 Dalmatians SOLD Park Pets. $30 for each pin Just Saying. $30 for each...
  14. pins4twin

    Sold/Ended: Fairy Tails - Furry Friends Ticket

    My sister registered me for the event but had to go to class and decided to register later. By the time she got back online the event was sold out. We are looking for another ticket. If you know of anyone who has changed their mind about the event and wants to recoup their ticket cost, send...
  15. pins4twin

    Sold/Ended: Aladdin Gaming

    Bought an extra for a friend, but they don’t need it. Asking $25. U.S. only, includes shipping. PM me if interested.
  16. pins4twin

    Sold/Ended: WDI Mickey Thru the Years

    I am looking for 4-5 of the Mickey through the years pins released at the D23 event. Specifically, I am looking for Band Leader Mickey, Mickey Mouse Club, Mickey Shorts, Brave Little Tailor and Nifty Nineties. Please check out my pinpics, pins4twins, to see if I have anything you want. Would...
  17. pins4twin

    Sold/Ended: For Sale: DSSH Blocks and Hats. Sale Ended

    I ended up with some duplicates. PM if interested. Jiminy. Sold Timothy Sold Tinker Bell. Sold Peter Pan. SOLD Mulan. SOLD Lady and the Tramp. SOLD Pascal. SOLD Flit. SOLD Mighty Tiny Mice. SOLD Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. pins4twin

    Sold/Ended: Trading Hidden Mickeys from the pin event

    Here are the pins I am keeping and the ones I still need. The picture below shows the hidden mickeys I have for trade. Pm me if interested in trading. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. pins4twin

    Sold/Ended: Extra Animation Celebration pins

    I know that most of you got the pins you want from other sources, but I forgot to contact event services about extras, so now I have pins to sell. So, if anybody is still looking for a few pins this is what I have. Prices include shipping and please pm me if interested. Fantasia Lenticular...
  20. pins4twin

    Zapped! Zapped by Disneychildwithin

    I was away for a week and finally got my mail. Along with the Cinderella book pin, which was the trade, Lucy included stickers, a Cars journal, a Cinderella keychain, and a Minnie headband. She really knows how to Zap. I need to up my "Zap game". Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk