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  1. PinTraderSam

    Shipping from Europe

    Hello, does anyone have any pin friends from Europe who you have traded with? I know some people trade with people from Paris. I am looking to purchase some Ralph Lauren clothes that’s only in stock in EU. I can pay for shipping and whatever extra money or pins for the troubles. Sent from my...
  2. PinTraderSam

    For Sale: Disney Pins for Sale

    Shipping $4+paypal fee. Prices listed on picture.
  3. PinTraderSam

    First Disney World Trip

    The wife and I are thinking of going next year possibly early in the year for my birthday. Figuring out the logistics. This will be our first time and I know many here frequently go to Disney World. Got any tips, advice? Money saving practices? Which resort? Thanks is advance! Sent from my...
  4. PinTraderSam

    Trading: AP LE 150 Coco Sugar Skull Surprise Release from DSSH

    Looking to trade this for Profiles Beloved Tales Multiple lower value pins from WDI/DEC/DSSH (looking for Oogie DT)
  5. PinTraderSam

    Wanted: Unable to post in Sales/Wanted or Trading thread

    Don’t have enough permission to post in these threads for some reason but I’m looking for this pin if anyone has? Pin 15536 The Search for Imagination Pin Event - Dream (Snow White) It’s Snow White in rags holding a bucket. To trade for or purchase depending on price. Sent from my iPhone...
  6. PinTraderSam

    For Sale: Pins for Sale Most below eBay

    Selling off pins to get rid of them and lower my debt! Trying to be lower than eBay but not lose a lot of value $150 for the Brooch Shipping would be $4 unless purchasing a lot then would have to be calculated or possibly waived. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. PinTraderSam

    Sold/Ended: Bid Pin(s) on Other Bidders' Wants List to win! End 06/06

    Hello! I reached my goal in obtaining a grail pin, and as promised am providing this auction! This will be run the same as any other auction, bidding pins, but will have a catch! You can bid pins from ANY PARTICIPANTS Want’s list and winning will mean giving them those pins! That means I can...
  8. PinTraderSam

    For Sale: Pins for Sale

    WILL RUN A FUN AUCTION IF GOAL IS REACHED. Trying to buy a pin off someone without spending out of pocket. Also trying to get rid of my pins. Shipping is $4 and open to reasonable offers on some pins. Goal is $100! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. PinTraderSam

    Sold/Ended: Disney Pins for Sale

    Shipping is $3. Open to reasonable offers especially if buying multiple pins. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. PinTraderSam

    Sold/Ended: Black Friday Sale (All prices lowered!)

    Selling my remaining traders, only trading for recent Beast ptd, Sid Dark Tales and LE 100 Dumbo Mother’s Day pins. Rest selling with shipping at $4 domestic until it weighs more in cost) Payment through paypal as goods unless you know me and feel comfortable paying as friends.
  11. PinTraderSam

    Sold/Ended: Selling most of my collection

    I tried to stay below eBay best I could. Feel free to challenge my prices with eBay and I’ll see if I can match. Open to reasonable offers especially on bulkier purchases or higher priced. Shipping is $4 unless buying many then will be calculated. G/S PayPal fee not included $10 and under...
  12. PinTraderSam

    Pin Board Help

    Last time I made a pin board the pins were too heavy. I had cork and cardboard behind a frame but it wasn’t flat, it bulged. How do I make one that’s flat and doesn’t sag off the wall due to the weight of the pins if it’s a big frame?
  13. PinTraderSam

    DSF WDI Merida

    Looking for Merida pins to trade with a Merida collector. Merida cutie, Oscar, postcard, show me what you’ve got.
  14. PinTraderSam

    Help Cleaning Free-D

    I need help removing black pin bag stains off free-d elements. I've tried magic eraser, pencil eraser, and dish soap all suggested from past threads. I want to avoid using sandpaper or nail file. I haven't tried baking soda yet, but if there are any other tried and true solutions, that would...
  15. PinTraderSam

    Sold/Ended: D23 Exclusive The Art of Mark Henn Lithograph signed by him at D23

    You are bidding on a lithograph signed by supervising animator on basically every heroine related Disney film ever. His works are included on the lithograph itself. Mainly interested in pins but I believe it has to be open to any item. So any item Winnie the Pooh related or Dumbo related for...
  16. PinTraderSam

    Sold/Ended: New Toy Story 4 Paris Pins

    Looking to trade for all 3 Toy Story 4 LE 500 pins.
  17. PinTraderSam

    Sold/Ended: New DEC Toy Story Cluster

    Looking to trade for new DEC Toy Story and Toy Story 2.
  18. PinTraderSam

    Pin 77507 - Mother's Day Dumbo Set

    Like all grail pins, there is a story behind each. This specific set is my most wanted due to my wife heavily relating to Jumbo after giving birth. Our baby had complications and had to be taken away to the neonatal intensive care and we could not take him home for 2 months. She says that Dumbo...
  19. PinTraderSam

    Sold/Ended: DSSH Jumbo Mother’s Day Pin

    Looking to trade for the new surprise pin. Have new wdi pins. Or willing to buy at $60
  20. PinTraderSam


    Looking just to trade for these profiles.