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  1. One_pin_started_it_all

    Trading: Encanto Mystery Pins - Open Thread

    I'm looking for: - Casita - Familia Have for trade: - Antonio - Luisa Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A526B met Tapatalk
  2. One_pin_started_it_all

    Mail Days Post

    Yesterday was a bit of a surprise mail day :) After I got my shipping notification from ShopDisney last week, they sent me a mail that my order would be delayed with a week. Imagine my surprise when my package got delivered yesterday. This time I was pretty lucky with the mystery boxes. I have...
  3. One_pin_started_it_all

    Mail Days Post

    These two pins arrived in the mail a few days ago. They are the ones Disneyland Paris released last month. I really love them. For an open pin I think they're pretty big and colorful with lots of detail. And of course the cute capybara. A great start to my new Encanto collection [emoji7] I only...
  4. One_pin_started_it_all

    DSSH Surprise Releases

    I'm looking for the complete Encanto set.
  5. One_pin_started_it_all

    Hi! I'm back!

    Thanks everyone! I already feel at home here.
  6. One_pin_started_it_all

    Mail Days Post

    Last mail day from ShopDisney EU. I finally had some luck with the mystery boxes. Last time I had lots of duplicates. I have one more ShopDisney package on the way with the new Cruella pins. On June 11th they'll release a Cars key I want, so I'll have to buy some more pins to get that.
  7. One_pin_started_it_all

    Hi! I'm back!

    Thanks for the warm welcome everybody!
  8. One_pin_started_it_all

    Hi! I'm back!

    Hello again! I'm a girl from the Netherlands and I was an active trader in the period 2008 - 2011 (not so active on this forum though), but life got in the way. Now that I'm pretty much settled down, I'm ready to start pin trading again. My PinPics ID is One_pin_started_it_all, but at the moment...
  9. One_pin_started_it_all

    I can't find this Pooh pin on Pinpics

    I can't find this Pooh pin on Pinpics: The art of the pin looks similar to Pin 9090: DS - Springtime Pooh (2 Pin Set) Pooh & Piglet. There's nothing on the back and it's a normal pin, not a brooch. The image on the pin is printed twice on the card (beneath the pin and in the upper right...
  10. One_pin_started_it_all

    Building up traders

    Erudolf, I would love to trade Pin 33702: Disney Auctions (P.I.N.S.) - Stitch Eating Candy for it. I'll send you a pm.
  11. One_pin_started_it_all

    Building up traders

    Hi everyone, This is my first thread here in the trading part of the forum. Exciting! I am going to the DLP Event at the end of March and I would like to build my traders up before I go. I have two extra DLP open edition Stitch pins left, which are: Pin 74426: DLRP - Mickey Ears Hat Series –...
  12. One_pin_started_it_all

    News from disneyland resort paris

    I'm going to Paris in March, so I will try to pick a few Tangled pins up.
  13. One_pin_started_it_all

    Pin 78544: DLRP - Star Wars Lanyard

    I can get it for you when I go to DLP at the end of March, if they still sell it. You have some pins I need so I think we can set up a trade if you want.
  14. One_pin_started_it_all

    What did you get in the "Pin it Forward"Swap?

    Instead of one pin, I got three of them: Pin 39553: DLRP - Goofy Shrug Pin 59902: AAA Vacations - Turtle Talk with Crush #2 Pin 74230: Jasmine and Jafar - Jasmine Only Thank you Tabbikat!
  15. One_pin_started_it_all

    Help finding pins on pinpics

    Your pin is: Pin 46072: It Was All Started With ... - Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse I used the words 'Mickey Walt it all started'. The other pins are: Pin 64582: DS - 4-Pc. Sleeping Beauty & Fairy Godmothers Set (Briar Rose Only) Searched for Briar Rose. Pin 74879: Mini-Pin Collection - Cute...
  16. One_pin_started_it_all

    Hello from a Dutch pintrader

    Thanks guys for the warm welcome. And Judy, I would trade again with you anytime too.
  17. One_pin_started_it_all

    Thank you for the friend request.

    Thank you for the friend request.
  18. One_pin_started_it_all

    Hello from a Dutch pintrader

    Hi everyone, Tiggermickey invited me to join this forum, so here I am. I was active on Dizpins as Marloes (my real name), but now I chose my Pinpics ID as a forumname. I'm a 22 year old girl from the Netherlands. I have visited Disneyland Paris several times, but have never been to the other...