#2 - Stitch Crashes Disney Monthly Series (LATT)

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by DisneyJ, Dec 18, 2020.

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    I assume this would be the correct place to post this, was just on eBay looking for pricing for a stitch pin and came across a listing for the lion king stitch crashes pin for sale. Not sure if I can post eBay links so I won’t but it’s showing at least a couple available and more sold already. I’m thinking someone got their hands on some they decided weren’t up to par.... but they are on backer cards from the looks of it too.
    Nevermind looks like it’s being offered as a presale? 6 sold and 2 more available though. Hmmm
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    Found it. There’s only one listing out there - and did you see the estimated delivery? Mid-April. Reads to me like someone trying to make a quick buck off people who don’t know it’s not on ShopDisney yet and that they can try to get it later on their own. Seriously - haven’t even seen how fast the Lady and the Tramp Crash goes when it is released to general public next week.
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    Reminder for today’s release
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    Couldn't get a magicband... but that was the bottom of my wants. Did gain a pin and plush... now to cross fingers they ship (and ship in a way that does not cause loss or damage.)
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    This one is just terrifying.
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