2015 DLR Hidden Mickey Pins - Silver Chaser Confusion

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by hopemax, Sep 11, 2018.

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  1. hopemax

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    There may have been discussion about this at time, I took a quick look but didn't immediately find anything. My Dad and I are trying to clean up our Hidden Mickey pins for the last few years, and we've run into some confusion regarding the 2015 Disneyland HM chasers.

    Wave A had 4 groups of pins: Neckties, Disney Food, Disney Ducks and Silhouettes
    Wave B had the typical 5: Teacups, Daughters of Triton, Mardi Gras, Diamond Attractions, Diamond Characters.

    Based on these groupings there should be 9 chasers.

    HOWEVER (this is where the confusion starts)

    The backs of all but one of the chasers say X of 10

    both of our Ludwig von Drake chasers say 2 of 5

    Normally, I would assume that would mean they were fakes, but given the other confusion, who knows.

    So Disneyland people with complete, authentic sets...

    How many chasers do you have?
    What does your Ludwig say?

    Note to our pin site developers (and pin adders), this is the type of information that SHOULD be standard in a pin's description but this information is missing from both Pinpics and pintradingdb.com.
  2. TheMickeyMouseRules

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    Hmmm, curious. I have this pin. Not home right now but I will take a look when I have a moment.
  3. momin.ator

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    My two Pretzel Chasers say 4 of 10.
    Both of my Daughters of Triton Chasers say 10 of 10
    My Simba Chaser says 5 of 10
    My Wendy Diamond Chaser says 9 of 10
    My Spaceship Earth Diamond Chaser says 8 of 10 (x2)
    Stitch Mardi gras says 7 of 10 (x2)

    Hope this helps and is what you were wanting. That is strange that they are numbered X of 10.
    I looked at the 2015 Flyers and only 9 silver chasers are pictured.
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  4. DLRich

    DLRich DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    My Ludwig also says 2 of 5. I am quite confident in its authenticity. I traded for it myself in Disneyland soon after that wave came out.
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