2021 Pin (and other items) Resolutions!

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Spr175psu, Dec 18, 2020.

  1. Spr175psu

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    It's that time of year to start thinking about my pin resolutions for the upcoming year. This has been really helpful in keeping me focused and engaged in the past and not veering off course too much.

    So here's my list in no particular order:

    1) Complete my daughter's Little Mermaid marquee set (currently have 4 out of 6)
    2) Obtain my daughter's #1 Ultimate Grail (Ariel Designer LE 150)
    3) Finally get the Mr. Toad Haunted Mansion Big Fig
    4) Maintain Mr. Toad, Gaston, and Emperor's New Groove collections
    5) Complete my daughter's 2nd Ariel board and start a 3rd board
    6) Continue to work on my wife's Chip & Dale collection and start 2nd board
    7) Build on secondary collections: Tron, Storybookland Canal Boats, Tiki Birds
    8) Build on my daughter's and wife's secondary collections: Jasmine (daughter) & Daisy (wife)
    9) Complete 1 monthly/bi-monthly/quarterly set
    10) Build up traders and do more trading

    I'm sure a few more will come up but these are the ones that come to mind.

    Anyone else have thought about their pin resolutions for the upcoming year??
  2. tiffychann

    tiffychann Well-Known Member

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    I miss doing trades in person and feel like I've been going through a trading dry spell because of the lack of opportunities to do that here in CA. I hoped to go to Florida for one of their in person trade events this year, but with COVID numbers on the rise especially in November and December, did not want to put others at risk by going. I'm probably near the bottom of the priority list to get vaccinated, so that really makes travel plans uncertain for me. So for next year, with in-person trading still looking very unlikely in the next few months in CA, and if the trends in cases are going down, I'll try to plan a weekend in Orlando that includes a trade event. I like to optimize my time there so I'll try to do more than just trading in order to justify the 5 hour one way flight.
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  3. starry_solo

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    To stop buying pins?! LOL, I actually did pretty good this year, didn't start buying until this past quarter :)

    So, I really need to organize the pins, cut down on collections, trade or sell off the extra pins we have, and actually finish the Excel spreadsheet to track the collection!
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  4. SoraPandora

    SoraPandora Figaro Fan

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    My resolutions for this year:

    I’d like to get rid of some pins, through a mix of trading, selling and zapping. Ideally, I’d love for all my traders (including fantasy and non-Disney pins) to fit in one small pin bag by the end of this year, and to streamline my collection of keepers as well.

    Other, non-pin related resolutions:

    Spend less time online!

    Be more mindful about what I spend my money on. (I have bipolar disorder, and it comes with a bad shopping problem. I do a lot of impulse buying, and I NEED to stop it. I recently read a book that advised using the 24 hour rule... If I’m thinking about buying something, wait 24 hours and see if the urge is still there. If I adhere to this rule, my eBay pin buying may be almost a thing of the past!)

    Be more creative. This actually goes hand in hand with the money thing - I spend a lot of money on gifts, as well as artsy things that I could probably make myself. (Although I strongly believe in supporting small shops, there’s no harm in getting crafty myself once in a while! And if I made gifts for next year’s holidays instead of buying them, I’d be saving SO MUCH, even with the added cost of art supplies in mind.)

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  5. Jabberwocky

    Jabberwocky Cheshirefied DPF Charter Member

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    1. Keep up with new Wonderland releases - this will be challenging as 2021 is an anniversary year for the film (70th!) and anniversary years tend to be hell...a expensive :D

    2. Hopefully get at least ONE of my three missing older pins (Walt with Characters, Alice CM Trivia Dangle and authentic Queen of Hearts park pack pin), but maybe TWO if I'm dreaming big?

    3. Stay narrowly focused on my Marvel secondary collection and pare down more if possible. My definite keepers are Loki and Skottie Young pins - but I seem to have also developed a symbols & icons grouping, some HKDL Marvel pins (which are AWESOME), plus am currently a GOTG: Mission Breakout! completist, along with some other miscellaneous Marvel that seem to be staying in my keepers for now rather than in my Marvel trade bag but I don't want the misc. group getting too much bigger!
    And yet, I'm still looking to trade for a few more Marvel pins over the next year including any Skotties I don't have plus:
    Pin 96519 DSF - Iron Man 3 - Stark Industries (Surprise Release)
    Pin 98940 DSF - Thor: The Dark World - Thor Logo
    Pin 114602 DSSH - Captain America Civil War - Team Cap Poster
    Pin 100406 Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    Asgard pin from the 2020 D23 gift pin set
    and maybe:
    Pin 118144 DS - Captain America 75th Anniversary - Shield 10 Pin Set
    Pin 125299 DSSH - Doctor Strange - Sanctum Sanctorum Window Emblem

    4. Update my lists - the info is there, but not well organized/updated for last year and this year - really need to update all completely.

    5. Consider tracking down some of the super jumbos I don't have that somehow fell to the wayside of 'I'll get them at some point':
    Pin 43418 WDW - Happiest Celebration On Earth - Cinderella Castle (Super Jumbo) #2 **this one is the priority rather than the other two**
    Pin 40627 DLR - Magical Milestones - 50th Anniversary Park Attractions (Super Jumbo/3D)
    Pin 76476 DLR - Dateline: Disneyland 1955 - Super Jumbo Pin - Disneyland Park Map
    (but unless I stumble over them, they're not going to be high priority in 2021 while I'm dealing with the $$$$anniversary pins$$$$.

    6. Win the lottery to pay for all the pins I want. (This really should be #1 but there's the little problem that I don't actually play the lottery and I understand one needs to do so in order to win it. lol)
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  6. Lizard1515

    Lizard1515 BATB, PATF, Cinderella, and Disney Dog collector.

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    I’m gonna keep it pretty simple, I just want to purchase my mom’s PODM grail for her.

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  7. SoraPandora

    SoraPandora Figaro Fan

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    That is so sweet!

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  8. momin.ator

    momin.ator Well-Known Member

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    What is her grail PODM?
  9. Lizard1515

    Lizard1515 BATB, PATF, Cinderella, and Disney Dog collector.

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    Thank you! We really got into trading and collecting months after hers was released so she never got a shot at it.

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  10. Lizard1515

    Lizard1515 BATB, PATF, Cinderella, and Disney Dog collector.

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    She’s always wanted a Dumbo PODM with some portion of the baby mine scene. She almost won it in a PODM white elephant style game here on the forum years ago, but lost it last minute.

    I’ve also gotten super close on purchasing it at a decent price a couple of times. I know I can get it I just have to be patient. Haha :)

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  11. TinyTink

    TinyTink Africa-The Real Animal Kingdom DPF Charter Member

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    Me too, Me TOO...the part about winning the lottery ;-)
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  12. slbrabham

    slbrabham Well-Known Member

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    Good luck!
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  13. Lizard1515

    Lizard1515 BATB, PATF, Cinderella, and Disney Dog collector.

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  14. Connies_Hobby

    Connies_Hobby Well-Known Member

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    Very specific. I love how you think. Sending you a truck load of PIXIE DUST to fill each and everyone!
  15. shooting4ownhand

    shooting4ownhand Well-Known Member

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    Organize and display my pins. Decide which pins will become traders and really get back into the hobby. I've just been buying some pins here and there but not really doing any serious collecting. I really miss collecting pins.
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  16. chubs191

    chubs191 Beautiful Tomorrow Admirer

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    I am playing with the idea of trading for any pins from the parks after the holiday is over, unless it's Tiny Kingdoms. I'll keep my resolutions from last year: no buying traders unless they're super cheap or will grow exponentially in popularity, no ebay unless it's at cost or less. I also need to get wayyy more picky and not pull the trigger on my keepers. But that's more of a nitpick and less of a resolution.

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  17. Propita

    Propita Member

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    Sell off more of my old pins. Look them up on pinpics under "TRADE."

    I'm "propita" there.

    Most are from the 80s and 90s, but some are more recent.
  18. timeerkat

    timeerkat Your Friend Who Likes To Play

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    My goals are:

    - No new pin collections; continue to pare down collections I already have
    - Transfer pins from temporary holder boards to more permanent boards and actually hang them all up in my new place after I move. I only have about half my boards up on my wall at my current place and that was an improvement from the previous place.
    - Tangentially, get a display case for the keys I'm keeping and display that, too.
    - Tangentially, frame and hang some of my stored artwork (if I have wall space after pin boards and key case, LOL)
    - Cut down on purchasing park releases; try to do more trading for those.
    - Cut down on impulse purchasing and purchasing pins just to be traders (exceptions for things like DSF releases that I got for cost and could be really good traders) - attend fewer live sales, lessen time on ebay, and cut down on purchasing from sales posts unless it's a pin I don't have yet for an established collection
    - Try and get at least one pin I'm still missing from my Robin Hood collection
    - Set a monthly budget and stick to it. If I come across something that's more than what's left in the monthly budget, sell pins or other merch to make up the difference.

    I have a bunch of Tiki pins available... *eyebrow waggle*
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  19. momin.ator

    momin.ator Well-Known Member

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    My daughter collects spoons. I think a spoon display case would work for the keys.
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  20. Pecosace

    Pecosace Well-Known Member

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    I would like to focus more on current collections rather than expanding and getting too overwhelmed and trying to chase after such a wide variety of pins. I would also like to spend less money than I have in the past year and either trade for pins to get them circulating around or have a monthly budget. And not to get pins that I think would be good traders and end up just taking up room. Ideally I would like to try and track down more Splash Mountain pins and expand that collection! It's going to be a good year!
  21. Wander Trico

    Wander Trico Member

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    Hmmm, I guess my goal for pins is....
    When I buy a pin, make sure it's not fake.

    Bad experiences when I first got into disney pins make me kind of paranoid and I rarely buy anymore.
    But when I do add a genuine pin to my collection, feels nice. =)
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  22. slbrabham

    slbrabham Well-Known Member

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    2021 Pin Goals

    1.) Buy fewer traders
    2.) No new collections or series
    3.) Down size my traders
    4.) Attend a pin event
    5.) Sort my pins better
  23. Poohlady5

    Poohlady5 DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    My goals
    - create my own spread sheet of my collection. just in case something happens to PP
    - go through my Haunted Mansion pins and downsize.
    - sort through my Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent pins and start displaying them. And then find free space to actually hang them
    - buy less traders and reduce the traders on hand. I don’t attend meets anymore and I let my DLR AP pass expire when the cost went to a bazillion dollars. I have become more of a buyer than a trader these last couple of years.
    - focus on a couple of higher end pins to buy. I postponed large purchases last year because. Well 2020.
    - put on my big girl panties and go back to selling on EBay to make $$ for pin goals

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