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    This will be the thread where you can see updates on the new series we will get in the new year.

    Thanks Disney Pins Blog for the Info

    Disneyland® Resort
    • Disney Dream Destinations (Travel Posters)
    • Cuckoo for Disney Pins! (Cuckoo Clocks)
    • Quarterly Glitzy Gear (Gem Pendant)
    Walt Disney World® Resort
    • Magical Comics
    • Quarterly Toy (Action Figure)
    Shared Pin Releases (DLR & WDW):
    • Where Fantasy Grows: A Disney Terrarium Series
    • Magic in the Stars (Astrological)
    • Artfully Evil (Villains Portraits
    • Windows of Main Street U.S.A® Area (Bi-Monthly and alternates between each coast)
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    January Series Pins

    Where Fantasy Grows (Bambi)

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    Noooooooo. Why couldn’t it have released just a few days ago. Ugh.....
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    January Glitzy Gear Pin


    (So bland I almost forgot to record it.)
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    Cuckoo for Disney Pins! pin one is out.

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